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Any student who is looking to master the art of Reiki healing has a tough task ahead of him, but the rewards and the fruits of his or her labour are great indeed. Like any discipline, there is much to learn and much to master. Real practitioners of Reiki are those who are constantly learning, and of course, the teachings of the Master Usui delineate that learning is one of the key components of mastering this method of natural healing. One of the things that we have to learn is that universal energy has been there for many, many millennia, and we as humans, have very little understanding of how they work. What we can do is use these energies to do good, recognise that there are positive and negative energies, understand how to differentiate from the two and use our bodies as vehicles to transport these energies and bend them to the shape where we can help to heal others. This is the basis of Alternative Medicine of Reiki healing.

One of the first mysteries that we have to clear up is the use of Chakras and how they work in Reiki. Now, there are many cultures and civilizations that use these words to describe points on the bodies as places where energies can be used to heal. One of the main ones that pop into mind is of course Buddhism and Hinduism, and the reason behind this is simple. The teachings of Reiki and its foundations are built upon the very meditative beliefs of these two cultures, and the master of Reiki, Usui, was in fact, in meditation when he first discovered the power of the spiritual energy and how it could be used for healing. Now, disregarding the origins,

Chakras are simply a way to tell us that there are points on the human form that are like silos where energy is transferred and flow through. It could be any word or any form –the word does not matter. It is the belief and the power pegged behind them that drives their meaning. They may differ from culture to culture but the uses are quite the same. These Chakras start from the head all the way to the base, and are divided into seven distinct areas.

The important thing that you have to note is that these are where the hand positions, the important method behind Reiki, are placed to deliver healing. However, it would be interesting to know that Chakras were further developed when Reiki came to the West. Japanese Reiki simply focused on the head and neck area as main positions to treat blockages or negative energy, then slowly moving down to the rest of the body to clear up other areas. Western Reiki is much more specific and targeted, and use those Chakras as identifying markers to treat specific diseases. While the methods and the teachings are a little different, they delivery is the same. Disease and discomfort within the body exude a type of negative energy, and this is where Reiki comes into play.

The Science Behind The Mystery Of Reiki Healing

The science behind Reiki healing itself is quite simple. There are no complicated equipment or medication that need to be administered, and sometimes, all a practitioner needs is a table and a calm environment to deliver their treatment. There are of course some tools that we can use to augment the healing process but they are not completely necessary. The hands are the primary surgeon’s tools if you may, and all other therapy will include touching, looking, light tapping and occasionally, blowing.

If we looked at how the master Usui did it, he simply placed his hand on the affected area, looked at it, blew on it and massaged it before moving on. He used the power of universal energies to remove the discomfort and pain. One thing you must know that Reiki is not an instant relief mechanism, nor is it a replacement for any treatment that is being recommended to you at any stage. Reiki healing is seen as a supplement – a non-intrusive, relaxing method of healing that promotes well-being and a sense of balance within the human body. It looks to remove all the negative energy and promote a concise and uninterrupted flow of spiritual energy in all parts of the body.

This is the mystery of Reiki healing, and if we look at it carefully, it really is no mystery of all. When we feel pain anywhere, the first thing we do is to place our hands on the affected area of the body, massage it, rest our palms on it – until it goes away. We take that same basic principle and propel it using discipline, focus and belief.  We do this on a daily basis, in fact, we live in a world of swirling energies that are constantly in motion, and whether we know it or not, we interact with them whenever we step into the world. Just because we cannot see them, does not mean that they do not exist.

This can be said of the same of spirituality or even emotions. Emotional pain is not real, but it transcends the physical realm and we feel pain in our bodies and in our hearts. Doctors all over the world have attributed mental disease as the primary cause of many physical symptoms, and we all know that the mind is a powerful thing. Just imagine that the universal life force has the same potent power – if not more – the KI that Reiki teacher; has the power to heal and to change the balance of the human body.

If there ever was a mystery behind Reiki healing, this would be it, and it remains a mystery to many of the Master today simply because of its every changing nature and the fact that Reiki is a life long journey of learning that must be taken a day at a time. True masters know that attaining the highest levels of Reiki is a humble admittance that one can never truly learn everything in a single life time.

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