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Discover How You Can Build Fan Page Communities That Pay You Over Time, without spending a dime on ads, only by using Content Marketing!


Dear Facebook marketer,

Making fan pages is easy, but most pages are in life support.

Just like you know all too well in Google, CONTENT IS KING of Facebook as well.

That’s why it’s so hard to get your money-making posts in the newsfeed.

Facebook wants to be this way so it can sell ads to run your promos and not via organic reach. Organic reach is meant for engaging content. This also prevents the low quality fan pages getting free exposure in their fans news feeds.

To achieve real long term success you need a proven blueprint that works over and over in any niche and for any type of fan pages.

You need a NEW type of Facebook “Content marketing” and the strategy used by Qilio simply WORKS:

  • To grow your fan page with free and viral exposure
  • To drive targeted traffic to your offers from your fan pages
  • Build your list and siphon leads off of your fan pages

You finally don’t need to constantly be running ads on Facebook.

You will spend less money on Facebook Ads.

With great content, you ads get more free exposure resulting in lower CPC. So engaging content is a MUST for every fan page.

DO NOT EVEN THINK about scraping other fan pages content using auto bots. You will only end up with copyright claims and get your fan pages banned from Facebook

Simply sharing posts from your competitors will only boost their Edgerank and reduce their marketing costs.

Qilio 4

Without tools to identify your best-performing posts and to cater posts to the specific interests and preferences of your fan base Facebook becomes a HUGE money-suck.

At the drop of a hat, you need to know your:

  • Which post you need to boost and buy ads for?
  • Best performing post type?
  • Most liked/shared/commented posts for last week / last month?
  • The most favorite post type for your fan page?
  • Best Posting times for maximum engagement?

You will save time because you can focus your efforts on your best performing posts. You can target your ads spending on the most popular posts, so you know your money is going where it counts.

This is what it takes to run authority fan pages

1. Research Content:

Do your research for engaging content that your fans would like, share and comment. Bookmark various News Feed sources and monitor Google trends.

Create all possible content types status updates, images, links, videos. Create content for all possible devices mobiles, tables and desktops. Make sure your content appears properly for mobile and tablet users, the way it appears for desktop users news feeds.

Facebook on Edgerank

The more engaging your content, the lower the impact of Edgerank should have on your reach going forward.

Edgerank is optimized to show users the posts they are most likely to engage with, where engagement is defined as clicking, liking, commenting, or sharing the post – or in the case of offers, claiming the offer.

Low quality scraped posts will only cause negative effects for your fan page

Stop scraping content from others fan pages. This not only leaves your page with low quality content, but also:

  • Gets your fan page taken down by Facebook under copyright claims
  • Your fans know the content lifted from other pages and lose interest, which is a BIG negative indicator.

2. Create attractive images:

A recent Facebook survey says: Content with images get 94% more views than those without

A recent experiment from MOZ proved that a page that posted mostly photos than status updates saw increase in organic reach after Facebook’s recent Edgerank algorithm update.

3. Create a posting schedule:

Facebook edge rank algorithm has a freshness indicator, meaning you may see your posts reach fall significantly if there is not enough content produced.

4. Track Performance:

Analyze your post insights and identify the best performing post types and monetize your best performing posts. Sponsor your best performing posts for maximum benefits. Know the favorite post type for your fan page and the best performing posting times.

Facebook offers hoards of data in the name of fan page insights, but it is a painstaking task to know the most important parameters like the like/share/comment and other details for each and ever post in an easy to consume format. Ideally you will need to prepare a worker file with all the important parameters for your fan posts so as to compare data and derive conclusions


You need an end to end system that creates, automates, and tracks your page posts performance


Research and Create Posts

Track posts performance and analytics

Qilio Will:

  • Research and create highly engaging content that gets likes and shared
  • Manage feeds and content for each and every fan page you manage
  • Find share worthy content using keywords
  • Get upto date trending topics and news posts
  • Provide “ready to go” post templates
  • Create professional looking image posts
  • Schedule months worth of original content for all your fan pages
  • Get detailed like, share and engagement percentage for each posts

So YOU Can Start Seeing Results Like This:


How Marketers, online entrepreneurs, and offline consultants can leverage the software:


Start creating unique content for your fan pages to drive more customers to your offers

FB ad buyers:

Create highly engaging and click pulling posts that increase virality and brings down your ad costs

Niche Fan page owners:

Create months’ worth content for all your niche fan pages within minutes without scraping other fan pages and being taken down by Facebook

Offline Marketers:

Offer fan page management services. Manage all your clients fan pages and cut down outsourcing costs

The software was created as a result of countless hours of research based on teachings from top Facebook marketers and beta tested for over 3 months

**Charter Membership To Qilio Will Be STRICTLY Limited To 500 Users*


1. Content Creation Module

  • Easy feed management – Group RSS feeds for every fan page
  • Built in content library for fresh niche specific and share worthy content
  • Top trending keywords via Google trends.
  • Click to search content for trending keywords
  • Over 20 “fill in the blank” post templates based on proven, successful content ideas that experts use on their fan pages to get more likes, shares and fans
  • Google Blog search and Google News search to search share-able content using keywords.

2. Most Awesome Image Editor

  • Create engaging social images that gets shared
  • Add text, backgrounds, crop and other tools
  • In build public domain images search feature
  • Ready to use library of viral images, coupon templates and promotional materials

3. Keywords and Hashtags Module

  • Create your own keywords and hashtags library for quickly adding to your page and page posts
  • Manage Hashtags and Keywords for your fan page
  • Get fresh content ready to be posted based on your fan page keywords with no research needed

4. Scheduled Posts Module

  • Schedule a months’ worth of quality content posts to your fan pages easily
  • Manage all scheduled posts from from one place, reschedule and delete scheduled posts
  • Automate content scheduling for all your fan pages from one place
  • Download reports in CSV format

5. Post Analytics Module

  • Get all the essential insights about your page performance in one place
  • Like, share, comment and other engagement indicators of each of your fan page posts
  • Even includes valuable negative indicator data like number of unlikes/hide your post actions
  • Sorting based on likes, shares, comments and engagement percentage
  • Color coding to indicate most engaging and least engaging posts
  • Dashboard for managing post analytics for all of your fan pages you own and manage

A Quick rundown of the most important features of Qilio

1. Built in RSS feed reader to group feeds for each of your fan pages

2. Content library for evergreen niche specific content, and keyword relevant news topics

3. 20+ ready-made post templates with call to actions to promote your offers

4. 15 Top Google trending topics in real time

5. Smileys and special objects library to spruce up your posts

6. Powerful image editor section to create image posts. Image editor tools like crop, rotate, add various filter effects, blur

7. Image Background library for all popular image posts like quotes, coupons, memes and call to action image library

8. Selected images to use from public domain image sources, search using keywords from public domain sites, attach image to the editor using the URL of image

9. Video posts module to create video post types. Select from latest online channels video feeds or search using keywords. Option to add your YouTube channels

10. Hashtags and keywords maintenance module for all your fan pages

11. Post schedule maintenance module to manage all your fan pages scheduled posts – reschedule, view the scheduled posts and delete scheduled posts.

12. Post analytics module to view the likes, shares, comments and other engagement and negative indicator data for your posts. Inbuild logic to identify viral posts

13. Download CSV reports of all for scheduled posts and post analytics modules

and many more…

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