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Product Description:

Rankings Institute V2

Andrew & Alex have helped website owners generate millions of free visitors, and millions of dollars from the search engines, and behind this page, they are waiting to help you.

Here’s what you get as part of your Rankings Institute Private Club Membership

– Full 8 Week web class & coaching program starting on February 3rd, designed to get you up and running with new, free traffic and sales from the search engines as quickly as possible.

– Membership to the Rankings Institute Private Club where you can interact with high level search engine marketers from around the world, getting advice and collaborating for maximum results.

– Done For You Link Building Package: Real, highest value backlinks built by our team, to any website you choose, completely free.

– And More !….

It’s an 8 week coaching program by Andrew Hansen and Alex Miller, focusing on post-Panda and Penguin SEO techniques to increase rankings, traffic, and conversions.

What Qualifies These Guys To Teach SEO?

SEO is a difficult skill to master, and Google is becoming more and more strict. One wrong move could make your site disappear from the rankings completely, so I’m wary of following just anybody’s advice on this subject. Let’s take a look at what makes these guys qualified to teach us SEO.

Who Is Andrew Hansen?

Andrew is a 27 year old Super Affiliate who began working online 8 years ago. He started out as a poor student, living with his parents while trying to earn an income online. Like most of us, he bought expensive courses, got scammed by “gurus”, and after the first year had lost more money than he had made.

When things finally “clicked” for him, he built his business to 7 figures a year within 5 years. He also coached others to 5 figures a month using only free traffic methods.

Andrew has a great reputation in the internet marketing industry, and is known for producing high quality products. His latest course (before The Rankings Institute) was Forever Affiliate, which I bought and reviewed on this blog. I was so impressed with that course, and learnt so much from it, that I was very eager to find out what more I could learn from him.

Who Is Alex Miller?

For the Rankings Institute training program, Andrew is partnering with Alex Miller – an SEO expert and consultant to SEO agencies. That means he teaches professionals what they’re doing wrong – he’s basically the Sherlock Holmes of SEO ;)

Alex has helped his clients generate literally millions of dollars from free search engine traffic in the last 3 years. He has also created and promoted more than 400 of his own websites in some of the most competitive markets in the world – like credit cards, weight loss, etc. – markets where the rest of us wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of ranking.

Alex has also fixed hundreds of sites that were penalized by the Panda and Penguin updates, and in this coaching program he will teach us how to do the same – and also what to do so that we don’t get penalized in the first place!

What Is Included In The Rankings Institute?

So what is included in this training program?

  • An 8 week coaching program with almost 100 step-by-step training videos.
  • Live weekly coaching calls: We’ll get 2-3 hours each week to show Andrew and Alex our sites, ask them questions, and get instant feedback. They’ll watch our progress and push us through each step so we can’t fail. It’s a small group so privacy is high.
  • High powered, fast acting link building package worth over $120 – FREE for each member.

Module 1 – Killer Keyword Research

Module 1 is the “Keyword/Profitability Audit”. The goal of this module is to identify the most profitable keyphrases in your market that you can feasibly rank for in Google. This module has 12 videos and is over 3.5 hours long.

Module 2 – Creating Sites That Google Loves

Module 2 has 11 videos and is over 3 hours long – it covers on-site SEO which you can apply to new sites as well as existing sites.

There’s a lot of technical stuff, but Alex shows us how to do everything step-by-step in the videos. He has fixed 200-300+ sites penalized by Panda and helped them rank at the top of the SERPS again, so he really knows his stuff.

Module 3 – Turning Your Site Into A Conversion Monster

Module 3 has 8 videos that are about 1hour 45mins long in total, and teaches what modifications to make on our sites to increase our conversions, and how to get visitors to buy more from our sites.

Module 4 – Fast Traffic Techniques

  • How to start generating free targeted visitors in under a week.
  • How to own page 1 of your most profitable keywords by ranking multiple pages.
  • How to do all backlinking and promotion from one convenient location.
  • How to diversify your free traffic so you have visitors coming from many sources at once and don’t just rely on one.
  • The web 2.0 sites most people don’t know about, that can rank in days.

Module 5 – New School, High Powered Link Building

  • Philosophy of dominant link building: How to rank for more keyphrases with less work.
  • How to get traffic with a small number of backlinks.
  • How to do link building and promote many sites totally hands off.
  • Step by step link building plan to make any site rank: Copy these 5 steps.
  • How to build links that Google loves.
  • How to get private high powered backlinks that most people will never have access to.

Module 6 – Ongoing Hands Off Link Building

  • How to analyze and proceed link building based only on where profit is coming from.
  • Step by step strategy for putting ongoing link building on auto-pilot.
  • How to build 3 kinds of “super links” your competitors won’t even bother with.
  • How to use data to uncover “hidden” keywords that are bringing you traffic, to scale up and keep profiting.
  • How to easily link to multiple websites and grow multiple profit streams at once – without all the hassle.

Module 7 – How To Scale Search & Keep Growing

  • How to expand traffic in your most profitable keyword segments.
  • How to take over keyword areas that your competitors currently own.
  • How to boost sales without even getting new visitors.
  • Underground techniques for knowing exactly which keywords are bringing you sales, and ramping up your traffic for them.
  • How to keep finding and capitalizing on new keyword segments before your competitors do.

Module 8 – Ninja Module

  • We can’t even talk about what happens in Module 8…

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