Social Media Graphics Toybox

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Product Description:


LEARN Photoshop and/or Free Online Graphics Software, While Having FUN
The Included Graphics GUARANTEE Beautiful Results for You AND Your Clients!

Why This Graphics Pack?

Custom Training Included

The graphic shortcuts and training that make you look like a pro
All images perfectly sized for the most popular social media sites
Unique graphics every time
Consistency and brand recognition with every post
How Is It That OTHER People With 0 Design Experience Are Churning Out Awesome Custom Graphics?
Let me get my crystal ball and tell you what I see. You know that sharing images creates super engagement. You also know that it’s so much work, it’s confusing and intimidating, and in the end, it won’t look anything like what you want to share. Is that right? Hah! I’m not a fortune teller. I’ve designed graphics for almost 10 years and I know what my clients go through.

Social Media Graphics Toybox Social Media Graphics Toybox2

Guess What. I Work With People Like You EVERY Day


I have no reason to hide it, I’m a professional graphic designer and I make good money in custom graphics. But I know that I have the power to make these services more affordable to YOU. So I put on my thinking cap and invested some time and elbow grease, knowing I could find a solution. It was right there all along, and I couldn’t believe it took me so long to see it.

Social Media Graphics Toybox


I Love My Clients Because They Stood Behind Me When I Decided to USE the Projects I Created for Them to Make YOUR Graphic Needs More Affordable and Fullfillable
It took me a long time to compile the needs of my friends and clients – but I did it and I’m confident that our baby – the Social Media Graphics Toybox – is the right solution to those who struggle with watching their coleagues and competitors seemingly pull beautiful graphics from thin air. It’s truly a graphics pack made for marketers by marketers. Even if you’re not a graphic designer, just read on and see why you don’t have to experience one moment of anxiety about using anything included here.
I believe in a BEAUTIFUL, FRIENDLY internet
I live a part of my life on the internet too, just like most of us, and I believe it doesn’t have to look like this.
When we physically speak to our neighbor or a client, we hear their voice, or see their faces. It feels good, familiar, trust-worthy. But online…all we see is text and sometimes, somewhere a profile picture. Our social media profile is not the beautifully, artisanally designed storybook it can and should be. And guess what, you CAN make it that way.
What sets this product apart is the Guidance You Get With It’s Usage.



The norm in graphics and image sharing these days is to over-saturate the marketing world with cheap templates and icons. They’re given to customers along with promises of gains and profit, but something is missing. The missing factor is a bridge between purchase, and profit, and that’s guidance. With this pack, instead of shooting in the dark, you’re assisted by a graphics expert with years of experience, to squeeze real revenue out of EVERY graphic you use from this set.
Photoshop Tutorials (Photoshop is Optional)
  • Video 1: Photoshop Basics and Creating Quote Graphics Part 1 (JPG vs PNG)
  • Video 2: Creating A Quote Graphics Part 2
  • Video 3: Creating A Quote Graphic Part 3 and More Tips
  • Video 4: Creating an Announcement Graphic and Plenty More Tips Part 1
  • Video 5: Creating an Announcement Graphic Part 2
  • Video 6: Using Multi-Frames to Create Guest Intros Part 1
  • Video 7: Using Multi-Frames to Create Guest Intros (and photo editing) Part 2
  • Video 8: Bonus: Changing the Colors of Your Graphic Elements (while Building Another Quote Graphic)
Canva Tutorials (Free Comprehensive Online Software)
  • Video 1: Getting Started With Canva and Creating a Quote Graphic Part 1
  • Video 2: Creating A Quote Graphics Part 2
  • Video 3: Creating An Announcement Graphic Part 1
  • Video 4: Completing Your Announcement Graphic Part 2
  • Video 5: Ultra Cool Tip For Changing the Colors of Your Graphic Elements
  • Video 6: Using Multi-Frames From Your Toybox Part 1
  • Video 7: Using Multi-Frames From Your Toybox Part 2
  • Video 8: Using Multi-Frames From Your Toybox Part 3
  • Video 9: Using Multi-Frames Extra: Some Variations On Our Graphic
  • Cropping in Canva
  • Photo Editing in Canva
Really? Photoshop is Optional?
Learn and use It only if you want to. This graphics pack is built to work with one of the simplest, most revolutionary (I don’t use that word lightly) AND FREE software out there for non-designers. It’s called Canva and it will turn your graphics nightmare into playtime.

Social Media Graphics Toybox 3

Canva Provides Awesome Graphics Too, But Be Careful – There’s a Catch
It’s an awesome program that even provides some graphic elements itself. Canva creators are very generous – but check their terms of use. Their free and paid elements are not permitted for commercial use. Not to mention that while they provide great stand alone templates, sets of templates that are different but adhere to one theme are not yet available. Please support them when you can, but be careful what you use and how you use it!

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