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Product Description:

Former Broke Youth Pastor Spills the Beans on
How His Simple 8 Step Method Took Him
From the Poorhouse to the Penthouse And

How You Can Get Payments of $1,952.43,$5,773.67
or even $15,913.78Deposited into Your Bank in Days

Give Me Minutes of Your Time and Let Me Tell YOU Exactly How I’m Selling Products 

Like Tshirts, Affiliate Products and 
Building Emails Lists off the Facebook Newsfeed
My name is Jeff Mills, you might of seen me around in the “industry” over the last 13 years… Occasionally I’ll fly out and speak at a big marketing conference around the world but other than that – I’ve been quietly making a great living online from the comfort of my home…actually… my closet office!
It all started when I was still “employed” as a Youth Pastor… If you have any family or friends doing ministry work you’ll know firsthand we’re not doing it for the money – we’re doing what we do because we genuinely care about other people’s spiritual well-being – and in the process trying to help them try to find a better way to live…we also try to help their financial well-being too!
How I got started…

So, with that being said – I started attending marketing conferences myself. I thought what I was learning was mind blowing and couldn’t believe how easily people were making money online. So being the kind of person I am – I started promoting these events and seminars because I personally knew the impact it had on me and knew it could also help others create a better finical future for themselves as well…

Before you knew it – I was being honored at all these events for placing in all the top “winner’s circles” beating the these “gurus” in the affiliate game promoting marketing events. And I have to be honest – I was completely floored when I would hear my name announced after these big Internet Marketing Legends placing in a higher place than them… I even got a couple of trophies too!LOL… You can see them in the video above.
You Can Make Money from Home and I Can Help You!
So, you might be wondering why I’m telling you all of this… And that’s because I want you to know I’m a natural promoter that loves helping other people…
Fast forward over a decade later and I’m still going strong! Actually business is better now than it has ever been! And I just couldn’t continue stay hidden away making a fortune for myself…

I had to show other people what I was doing that 

Generated Over $269,000 in a matter of MONTHS!!!
I created Social Profit Academy to HELP People!
My Easy To Follow 8 Steps was designed to help anyone achieve HUGE results marketing on Facebook with Paid Ads! You’re not getting some “black hat” method that comes and goes. I provide 3 bullet proof courses all combined to create the BEST FB Marketing Course that has ever hit the market!

Again, it’s in my nature – helping other people…

The bigger reason why I wanted to come out of my comfortable money making closet was to blow the lid off of the other “gurus” that are claiming to make money in a space that I’ve mastered while they’re teaching out dated methods… I just think that is ethically wrong!
With that being said I want to show YOU exactly how myself, my buddies, and my students are generating hundreds of thousands of dollars selling products we don’t ever even touch, … it’s all done digitally online!
Here Is How You Make Money With the Internet…

I am making a fortune by using the world’s most effective marketing platform as to date… And that’s with Facebook PPC (Pay Per Click) Ads.

And I know what you might be thinking… “Oh no, not another Get Rich with ‘Facebook Marketing’ Product”…
But trust me, this one is different! I GUARANTEE no one has taught these methods. Heck, these are the ONLY methods that are currently working! And everyone I’ve shown it to said, “Jeff, you’ve got a winner, I wish I knew this stuff a few months back!”
I find products to promote from places like TeeSpring, Deal Guardian, ClickBank, JVZoo, ShareaSale, eBay, Amazon, and a few other places, and I market the products over the Facebook newsfeed to it’s audience of over 1 Billion people.
For example… I’ll make a tshirt with TeeSpring, and sell it for $22.99 and when I sell 1 shirt, I make a commission of $12.89. Usually, my cost to sell that shirt is between $4 and $8, so my ad spend is always returned back to me and I get a nice profit as well. When I find a shirt that is producing 100’s of sales, I can make $1000’s in profit, just off 1 shirt. And using Teespring, I never touch the shirt. I don’t have to print it, ship it, handle it or even make it. They handle everything and pay me my profits in a matter of days once my campaigns end.
It’s very easy to do, and I actually outsource 90% of the work to others and I’ll show you how to do this too!
What The “Guru’s” Aren’t Saying…

I bet the other “gurus” didn’t tell you Facebook changed their marketing algorithms several weeks ago. And that they completely redesigned the ads manager platform and the power editor! So, most of the FB training products that have been launching or that were launched in 2014 are completely outdated – and they don’t work like they used to… No more scraping IDs. No more gaming Facebook.

That’s the 100% truth – and that’s exactly the reason why I created “Social Profit Academy”.
These are the exact methods I am using right now that are working… I have been effectively using FB ads going on about a year now. And in that process I’ve helped a lot of other people make a FORTUNE with my easy to follow ‘8 Step Process’

Here don’t take my word on it…

See what Curtis Dawson and Rob Harrington said!

Social-Profit-Academy-Jeff-Mills2 Social-Profit-Academy-Jeff-Mills3

You see Curtis has generated nearly $100,000 using my easy to follow 8 Step Process…
Shoot over $22,000 of that income was generated in one month! Rob has now crossed over $17,000 in commissions using My 8 Step System!

My ‘Social Profit Academy’ 8 Step Methods work…

So you might be wondering what I’m selling. And to be honest I’m selling a lot of products / services
through Facebook Ads.

I’m selling:

  • T-Shirts
  • Digital Information Products, Courses & Educational Products / Services
  • Tangible Affiliate Products / Services (through Ebay) like Jackets, jewelry, sports memorabilia, hats, sweaters, etc…
  • Tickets to Live Workshops and Live Marketing Events  
  • CPA offers
  • Webinar Registrations and building Email Databases
I make money through many income streams utilizing Facebook Newsfeed marketing.
But there is one major bread winner
and that has been T-Shirts!

(I Even Reveal My EXACT Campaigns to YOU!)

Check out one of my recent T-shirt accounts + Affiliate income using Facebook Newsfeed Ads!


This might sound a bit overwhelming to some people…
Again its ONLY 8 Steps and YOU can Do this if you are Brand New!!

Social Profit Academy shows you EXACTLY what I’m doing myself(and what my students are doing) that is producing MAJOR financial results!

Meet some of my students, Brian Petrick, Brian Kiplinger, Dotti Berry and Gary Bledsoe – let’s see what they have to say…





Social-Profit-Academy-Jeff-Mills5 Social-Profit-Academy-Jeff-Mills6

Now that you see it’s working and know why I wanted
to create Social Profit Academy…

Please, allow me to tell you exactly what You’ll Get
When You Order the Social Profit Academy Course.
In laymen terms Social Profit Academy is an intensive training on Facebook Marketing using their Pay Per Click Ads Engine to sell anything inside the Facebook Newsfeed.

I’ve created a proven 8 step system that complete newbies are using to receive 5 figure payouts on the offers they are promoting through Facebook. Why should people listen to me?

Well, in 11 months, I sold over a $500,000 worth of products through the newsfeed on Facebook.. You see, I teach people how they can get off the ground producing profits using Facebook Ads to sell mainly TShirts or do affiliate marketing.
Tshirts are still a very very hot seller using Facebook ads. And yes, I know there has been many tshirt courses sold this past year, but none of them have a mentor and coach that has sold over $500,000 in shirts, nor the multiple success stories that my students have, using this course. There is new information in my course that you just won’t find in any other program.

Inside the Social Profit Academy You’ll Receive 3 courses.

The first thing you will learn is my easy to follow 8 step Method and this will allow YOU to start selling anything using Facebook Ads. It’s the foundational training that unlocks the keys to be able to sell anything using Facebook ads for beginners.
Then you’ll get access to my money making course called TeeMills which has 14 modules, teaching people how to launch their own Tshirt businesses without ever touching, shipping, printing or seeing a tshirt.
It’s a completely hands off system that even newbies are having success with, who have never done anything like this before.
Auto Pilot Income!

Last but certainly not least you get access to the Social Profit Funnels course, and this course teaches that you can still make money off the Facebook newsfeed with Fanpages with lots of followers and “likes” and I teach YOU how to autopopulate and curate other people’s content legally and ethically in to your own fan pages. Plus I show you how to get tons of likes for .04 per like building an audience quickly and cheaply.

Just in the last 3 months of testing, I have personally produced $5000 in PASSIVE INCOME (no work) using the Social Profit Funnels system and have built up over 525,000 fans in 12 days across all my fan pages and I show YOU how to outsource 100% of this effort! (How awesome is that?)
Use Social Profit Academy to Promote ANY BUSINESS!


Mind Blowing Full Reveal Case Studies and Interviews
Also, inside the Social Profit Academy Suite are dozens of live interviews with “Show & Tell” case studies, bonus monetization trainings for Local Businesses and tips for people who want to promote their MLMs on Facebook.
These are explicit over the shoulder trainings, showing people a “reverse engineers look” at our interviewee’s successful campaigns, so you can duplicate their success from what they did. This is like having an “on-demand coach” showing you exactly what you need to do to succeed with my course!
You’ll Be Learning from 6 Figure Facebook Marketers


Outsource ALL Your Facebook Marketing!

I’ve also put together a very detailed training on how I outsource all my Facebook marketing to a team I hired that works out of the Philippines. 5 individuals, completely run my entire business. Out of the 8 steps I use in my method, I do step 1, and my team does the other steps. How would you like a team doing all your work? If you get my course, I’ll train you how to set your business up this way too.

No One is teaching This!!
I’ll teach YOU how to gather the right targeted audiences using FB Ads, then I show YOU how to provide that targeted audience with what they’re wanting (your product, your webinar, your tshirt, your affiliate or CPA offer) while making money throughout the whole process. And these aren’t methods that the “FB Marketing gurus” have already taught… a matter of fact we don’t know anyone teaching these exact methods! I am going to show you my exact 8 Step System and campaigns that pulled in 6 figures this past year!
Life is good, it’s time you joined in the fun!
So, are you ready to get started? Just click the button below, place your order and get ready for a fun ride, producing amazing results.
Here is a Summary of What You’ll be Getting in S.P.A.

$997 Value – Social Profit Academy Main 8 Step System

$97 Value – Facebook Mastermind and Support Group
$297 Value – TeeMills Course – How to Sell Shirts On Facebook
$297 Value – Social Profit Funnels Course – How to Monetize Your Fan Pages
$497 Value – 10 Full Reveal Case Study Interviews with Experts on Campaigns
$994 Value – 2 Free Tickets to any Social Profit Academy Workshop
$297 Value – Quick Start Webinar for New Members
Plus These Awesome Bonuses
$197 Value Bonus training on How to Outsource your Facebook Marketing
$197 Value Bonus training on Local Business FB Marketing for Clients/Agencies
$197 Value Bonus training on How to Fill Your Local Workshops and Events
$197 Value Bonus training on Doing Bridge Marketing for MLM Sales
$197 Value Bonus training on Affiliate Marketing using Facebook
$97 Value Bonus Built in Graphics Editor in Member’s Area for Tshirt graphics
$297 Value Bonus training with 6 Case Studies on Affiliate Marketing Success!
That’s a combined total value worth $4,558.00

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