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 99% Of Entrepreneurs Marketing Online Are
Doing It ALL WRONG. Stop Taking Unnecessary
Risks – Stop Wasting Your Time & Money On
Product Ideas, Niche Markets, Traffic
Campaigns, Funnels, Conversion Techniques
And Methods That May Not Even Work!

Join The Top 1% Of ‘Digital Marketers’ That Are
Experiencing Massive Success By Using A
Powerful ‘Shortcut’ That Anyone Can Use To
Accelerate Winning Products, Traffic, Sales,
And Massive Online Profits!

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

If you’re serious about building a new online business or growing an existing one, you better pay close attention to what I’m going to reveal to you on
this page. Consider yourself warned

The game has completely changed. In just the past few years alone, it has become hyper-competitive online. More and more people everyday are now trying to make money online. Competition in many niches has grown by 10,000% or more!

WAKE UP CALL: More ‘Online Entrepreneurs’ Are FAILING Now Than Ever Before. Most Will Continue To Struggle Or Go Under And Quit.

I’m going to tell you the honest, brutal truth that most people don’t want to talk about… making money online is now 10X harder than it was just a few years ago – and it’s getting worse every single day.

 I’ve been actively marketing online for over 15 years, and I have successfully built many multi-million dollar online businesses. And I am still actively making a lot of money online today – I wouldn’t want to do anything else! BUT

There’s some good news and some bad news to share with you…

 First, the BAD NEWS

Digital Marketing and making money online today is now very crowded, very saturated, and very expensive. 95%+ of people that try to build an online business FAIL BADLY; and they usually lose a lot of money in the process.

Buying web site traffic is now 10X the cost of what it used to be. When traffic was cheap it was easy to turn a profit. As traffic got a little more expensive it was still relatively easy to turn a profit as your marketing didn’t need to be perfect…

 …but today, in 2015, traffic is so expensive and things are so competitive that you cannot afford to make many mistakes with your online efforts if you’re going to turn a profit.

And now the GOOD NEWS

There is still a TON of money to be made online across many different niches and product areas – but only IF you know how to do it the RIGHT WAY.

There are many ‘Digital Marketers’ making millions of dollars per year right now and they will continue to do so; because they are taking an approach that most (that fail) do not. (I’m about to explain what this unique approach is.)

There are many areas where the opportunity online is GROWING.

Certain ‘infoproduct’ and self-publishing areas. New mobile app, SAAS, and other software opportunities. New coaching & consulting business models. And even ‘modern method’ Affiliate Marketing works really, really well today.

BUT in order for you to succeed you have to use an approach that’s the OPPOSITE of what so many have taught for how to profit online…

You Must Stop Using A “Forward” Approach To Digital Marketing And MUST Adopt The “Backward” Strategy For Easy Profits

 Most people learn or are taught to build a business online by using a “forward” approach…

 Think of a niche or market area to sell to. Then try and think of the best product to sell to those people. Then run tests and experiment and try to drive
traffic from that market. Then tweak the marketing to try and turn a profit.

 Well, those days are over.

 That strategy (even, though, it’s the one used by 99% of entrepreneurs) just doesn’t work that well online anymore – no wonder people are FAILING in record numbers today.

 The strategy you must absolutely-positively-1,000,000% learn to use instead is what I call a BACKWARD marketing strategy or simply one based
solely on…


Do You Know The #1 “Super Skill” That You
Need To Use For Making Big Money Online?

 Do you want to have massive success online in your current business, a new one you want to start, and any future project you might create?

 Well, let me cut to the chase…

 You absolutely must learn one single SUPER SKILL if you are going to have success marketing online in 2015 and beyond…

 I’m not talking about Traffic, Conversion, or Social Media.

 This single ‘super skill’ is responsible for more of my Digital Marketing success than everything else combined.

 I have used this ‘super skill’ to pull in $1,000,000+ from my first major Mobile App. I also used this ‘super skill’ to make $470,000 in a few short months from a market where I had never done business and I didn’t even have to sell a product. I even used this ‘super skill’ just recently for a consulting deal where a business paid me over $1,100,000 on a “performance based” agreement – so if this ‘super skill’ didn’t work I wouldn’t have gotten paid.

 I have used this ‘super skill’ to make millions of dollars online and continue to rely on this valuable technique to cash-in on new opportunities.

 This ‘super skill’ I am talking about is COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE.

 Or what I like to call, “spying for profit.”

The Competitive Intelligence “Spy Tools” That Are Available Today Make It So Easy To Take A ‘Shortcut’ Directly To Making Online Profits That It Almost Seems Like It’s CHEATING!

 With today’s Competitive Intelligence “spy tools” you can find anything. Everything is being tracked online which works in your favor!

NOTE: While many of these spy tools do require monthly fees, many of them offer trial periods so you can check them out for free if you’re on a tight budget. I’ll also teach you some FREE methods to do Competitive Intelligence that won’t cost you a penny.

It’s Finally Time For You To Learn About A Very ‘Secretive’ Group Of Online Marketers…


 I have been doing exactly what just I described for a few years and seeing almost “unfair” results. The Internet is incredibly competitive now
(and saturated) and one really needs an edge to compete – and this is it.

 I encourage YOU to become an EMULATOR because it’s one of the best and fastest ways to succeed online, but I need to give you a little WARNING…

 You must be very careful and know what you’re doing or you’ll end up “copying” off of a competitor that’s making one of these two mistakes…

1. Not actually making any money or profit.
2. Not doing business in an area that is very big.

 If you realize how valuable this stuff is and if you’d like to be one of the rare few that knows you to leverage it for big profits, then you need to know
about something very special I’m doing soon…

Introducing… “Spy For Profit”
4-Week Hands-On Web Class For Mastering
Competitive Intelligence & Emulation
Starts Monday, February 9th, 2015


 After you complete this class you’ll know the #1 most valuable “super skill” when it comes to doing business online and you’ll also have learned my
“emulation process.”

 You’ll also learn how to use “emulation” to grow an existing business. So this isn’t only about starting new projects. Learning these methods will give you a major competitive advantage in 2015 and beyond.

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