Joey Baccus, Sean Horan & Bryan Dulaney – The FB Strategy

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“How To Scientifically And Successfully Advertise On Facebook, Produce $191,984 Per Month And Generate Less Than Penny Clicks Every Single Day No Matter What Your Experience!”

On this Online Training Session, We’re Going To Show You How You Can Spend $100 & Make $200, $300, $400 or more and scale it through the roof!

  • How we’re pulling down traffic for UNDER a Penny and how we got 16,778 clicks for only $80.60 – Plus, we’re going to show you how you can do this for yourself!

  • We’re going to show you our Perfect Facebook Funnel that’s working like a champ right now! You can swipe & deploy it too!

  • How to get Facebook Accounts and our proven strategy to make sure that we’re constantly running Facebook traffic since it’s such good traffic!  You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars anymore to get Facebook accounts to run traffic through.  We have this process dialed in!.

  • Can you see yourself pulling down $191,984 Per Month Using Facebook Traffic? If you would like to see how we’re doing it then claim your spot and we look forward to seeing you there!

  • Why Sean, our business partner, left his successful Real Estate Business with up to 45 employees and up to $500,000 in revenue per month.  Now Sean runs this Internet Business from the comfort of his home where he gets to spend time with his wife and travel the world whenever he wants. He now has “Total Time Freedom”and so can you!

  • We will walk you through specific promotions and systems that are earning huge sales numbers right now ($191,984 Per Month). 

    Our results are certainly not typical & the average person who attends any training gets zero results. HOWEVER, I’m happy to show you exactly what’s working for us – FREE.  This is NOT for “get rich quick” people, “work from home biz-opp” people, or amateurs.

    Hear from some people who are getting massive value from our strategies:

    “The Facebook Strategy program that Joey and his team have created is some of the most valuable material I’ve come across in 5 years of affiliate marketing full time.  Can’t believe they gave their currently working method of getting super cheap clicks on Facebook ads for free.  Setup my first ad using just what I learned in the webinar and it dropped my CPC (cost per click) from 44 cents to 13 cents without even split testing other ads yet.  The potential for this is huge and that’s not even including their ways of working accounts, getting your own offer and all the other stuff I can’t wait to learn.  I’d suggest you sign up for their course and start making money from the best traffic source in the world.” – Andy Skarvada

    “I just wanted to really thank you for the info in your webinar. I have been testing out videos in my ads and for the first time ever I’m getting penny clicks. I’ve never been able to get under 20 cents clicks before so I’m absolutely ecstatic right now. That one tip has made the biggest impact on my business in a very long time, can’t wait to get more info in the course!” – Charles Glover

    “Just wanted to leave a short thank you and review here.  If you have little to no FB ads experience buy The FB Strategy.  If you ‘re a FB rockstar buy The FB Strategy No Matter your experience level the ninja tactics alone will propel your ROI and CTRs.

    I wish when I got started way back, there were quality FB marketing courses to help.  The large lump sums of initial losses still haunt me at night lol.  Don’t try to tackle FB on your own!  Most important advice I could give anyway is find MULTIPLE mentors like Joey, Sean and Bryan and take action.

    I have seen drastic changes in my campaigns since working with Joey and I’m kinda mad he gave some of the ninja tricks away, these ticks a lone should help a newbie have their first multiple 4 figure month and experience marketers greatly increase their ROI wile staying compliant with FB.” – Caleb Udofia

Joey Baccus, Sean Horan & Bryan Dulaney – The FB Strategy 36

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