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“First came the “The Strangest Secret” in the 1950’s.
Then came the blockbuster “The Secret” in 2006.

Now in 2014 a NEW chapter of the Saga has emerged
and it’s Reinventing Conventional Attraction!

It’s called…“The SONIC SECRET!”

Law Of Attraction Music System – Joe DePalma1

is a true breakthrough in the field of attraction. The technology behind
this system is one of the most unique I’ve come across. I recommend
this powerful and fun manifesting tool to anyone looking for a deeper connection to the universe.”

– Dr. Joe Vitale
Star of the “The Secret”
#1 Best Selling Author of “The Attractor Factor”
World Renowned Law Of Attraction Guide

Law Of Attraction Music System – Joe DePalma Peggy

“If you thought you’ve seen every Law Of Attraction method, think again.
creates a whole new mold. The technology Joe uses here is both powerful
and enjoyable. It’s time to transform your dreams of success into reality.
Get your copy today.”


– Peggy McColl
New York Times Best Selling Author of:
“Your Destiny Switch”

“What Exactly Is The SONIC SECRET?”

This Exclusive Video shows how The Sonic Secret uses
Energy, Vibration, Harmony, & Direct Lyrical Messaging for
Manifesting Your Exact Desires Within The 13 Critical Areas of life like NEVER BEFORE…

Do You Believe It’s Possible That Everything You Heard About The
Law Of Attraction… ISN’T EVERYTHING???

If You Give Me Three Minutes I’ll Show You Something
You Won’t Believe…

Dear Friend & Success Seeker,

Are You Ready For Something NEW & FUN?
If you are I know exactly how you feel because it’s exactly how I felt for a LONG time.

You’ve read all the “Manifestation Guides” you could get your hands on and devoured everything with the “Law Of Attraction” attached to it and you’re still left holding the bag wondering why you’re still waiting.

YES, you’re RIGHT! – after all that you SHOULD be having a blast as a full fledged attraction master, but I’m sure your results are shaky at best. Well, don’t worry.
You’re not alone.

I have a question for you? Do you ever wonder if this so called law is nothing more then some urban legend-like myth created out of thin air by someone who believed that people could propel themselves to the heights of success by merely closing their eyes and thinking positively?

After All, Laws Should Work 24/7, 365 Days A Year No Matter What…..Laws Don’t Work Just Some Of The Time Right?

Exactly! So what is the REAL SECRET at the center of all this? Well, I’m going to share with you the TWO aspects of the SONIC SECRET which makes all the difference that no one else has ever shared before. However, take heed that the SONIC SECRET is reserved for serious individuals only…

OK…It’s Time To Unravel The Secret of

Attracting More, Working Less, & having a BLAST!

** First, I uncovered 13 factors that serve as intangible road blocks to achieving goals in virtually any area of one’s life that must be addressed when using the Law Of Attraction.

** Second, I discovered that simply thinking, speaking , or meditating your desires to the universe was NOT the most powerful or efficient way to harness energy vibrations for manifestation. There is a DEEPER SECRET… Actually it’s a SONIC SECRET!

Simply put, you can spend your life trying to attract all that you desire, but if you don’t focus on 13 Critical Areas while using the Sonic Secret technology to super charge your vibration you will likely still fail.

My name is Joe DePalma creator of the SONIC SECRET and in my opinion if you are not applying this method when practicing the Law of Attraction you will simply be working too hard, for too little, and the entire disappointing process is going to turn into a continuous cycle.

Now, I know that you’ve probably heard this same story (perhaps in a slightly different format) a hundred times over where somebody claims to have “discovered” the answer to a problem that everyone on planet earth is trying to solve, because I have too.

But make no mistake; what I am about to share with you is one hundred percent real and effective and I am willing to prove it to you with absolutely zero risk on your part…more on that later.

But first let me tell you quickly about my incredible journey and the FREAK on the job ACCIDENT that lead me to the SONIC SECRET.

During the past 15 years as I have dedicated my life to complete immersion in anything and everything related to personal development and I have worked with the biggest names in the industry such as; Jim Rohn, Mark Victor Hansen, Bob Proctor, Dr. Joe Vitale, Peggy McColl, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, Landmark Education, Trump University, Hay House – and just about every other expert or organization.

Although I’ve had the privilege of working and learning with the greats of the industry, my true initiation came years earlier when I was working as a Success and Career Speaker in the New York/ New Jersey area. I was the best in the business! So good in fact that I even starting training other speakers in addition to my unheard of 503 talks in under two years. I was doing so much it was only a matter of time until something snapped…and in early 2002 in Paterson, New Jersey it did.

In the middle of a talk my voice simply shut off as incredible pain flooded my throat. Right there in front of my entire audience I suffered an acute vocal fold hemorrhage.

I was left in absolute silence for the next two and a half months and then spent 6 months in voice therapy relearning the mechanics of speaking. It was during that period while I was undergoing one of my many throat scopes (that’s when they inserted a 12 inch optical cable light into my nasal cavity and twisted it down my throat) that I experienced something magical. Right then in the middle off the procedure I accessed a direct channel with the universe.

The vibration I was putting off at that moment was incredible. The doctor said “you’re sort of glowing from the inside out!” It was a magical experience. I was totally CONNECTED.”

My doctors inadvertently helped me make the deep connection to the universe I was always searching for. After that I starting learning to recreate the connection on my own.

That is when I began experiencing amazing circumstances such as discovering my perfect job with almost no effort, attracting incredible new friends and romantic relationships without even trying, and I also started stepping blindly into money including winning a $10,000 raffle I didn’t even know I was entered in!

As it turned out that was the beginning of my journey which ultimately lead me to create the SONIC SECRET. It was all sitting there in my subconscious waiting to be released. Just like it is within YOU!

Now I have a question for you that involves YOUR subconscious mind…


Have You Ever Found Yourself With A Song

Stuck In Your Head” Out Of Nowhere?

I bet you have. Obviously, it’s a well known fact that when it comes to implanting messages within the subconscious mind, music is a very powerful tool to use.

That’s why for years advertising companies have been using simple jingles to trigger ongoing cravings in people such as basic hunger and thrust because melody is second to none in terms of creating a higher level of subconscious receptiveness.

Now can you imagine transforming that basic principal advertising companies have used to trigger those ongoing cravings and redirect it so it works for you instead of against you?

YES! it is possible. And I have created a vehicle to use in conjunction with that idea along with the principals of the Law Of Attraction much the way the Wright brothers created an airplane in conjunction with the Law Of Gravity.

I also wanted to do something that people would really enjoy and have FUN with.

After all, That’s How The Law of Attraction Should Be….A Fun, Exciting And Joyful Experience That You Actually Look Forward To; Not Some Drawn Out Grueling Process Consisting Of Dreadful Work.


Are You Ready To Have Some Universal FUN?

If you are…you’re not alone as people from all over the globe are ending their frustrating cycles of confusion and defeat while experiencing as much joy as a kid at Disneyland! As soon as you choose to join the Sonic Secret revaluation you WILL..

Unlock your core “attractor force” with this breakthrough technology.
Gain a stronger connection for communicating with the universe.
Learn how to jumpstart your progress in proven specific ways.
End the struggles and excuses which accompany traditional attraction methods.
Discover your untapped reservoir of true manifesting power.
Become thrilled by the new contributions you’ll be making to the world.
Produce focused and continuous results in areas you never have before.
Reconnect with your childlike joy of discovery, accomplishment, and FUN.

Simply achieving any of these can grant you a happier, healthier, and more fulfilled life. However, once you own them ALL you’ll find your entire world will be totally liberated. Everything as you know it will be transformed and yours to command!

The Sonic Secret does all of this by introducing you to the most powerful and enjoyable attraction method ever produced. I’m honored to present the manifesting power of….

* Introducing: HVE Attractor Technology *

Here it is! The new truth at the core of the SONIC SECRET is the introduction of “HVE” technology. Finally being able to harness “HVE” technology is the fundamental ingredient behind the Mega Attraction Phenomenon that the Sonic Secret: Law of Attraction Music System allows you to create based specifically on your exact desires.

The “HVE” technology used within this system also allows you to experience a profoundly greater level of enjoyment than any other method ever developed. Thus elevating you to a higher state of consciousness which ultimately compounds the strength and density of your attraction vibration.

I know that sounds like a mouthful, doesn’t it? To put it in a nutshell the absences of “HVE” is the reason that everyday manifestation guides and techniques don’t work thoroughly or consistently. “HVE” is a landmark discovery in the field of attraction that allows you to finally blast through the old limitations and barriers to find a new frontier for generating your inner most desires.

The exact definition of “HVE” is classified information for those who have the courage to take advantage of this no risk offer. However, I can tell you now that you will never have more fun generating an unbelievably deep connection to the universe while attracting the life of your dreams!

Let me explain what I mean. Have you ever purchased a product that makes every promise under the sun in terms of how it will change your life but in reality, does nothing of the sort?

The reason why this “injustice” is because those products are created in a flawed manner from the very start because the “life-changing info” isn’t specific to your life. It is simply generalized conclusions that well intended experts have arrived at about certain aspects of life they assume can benefit everyone.

However, nothing could be further from the truth as every person’s situation, circumstance and perception of reality are different. And for that reason we each have different desires.

So How Could One Resource Improve Your Life

If It’s NOT Specific To Your Desires?

That’s what I asked myself as I contemplated how to complete the SONIC SECRET: Law of Attraction Music System. I answered it by bringing everything together with 13 custom Attractor Songs which allow you to finally (and personally)…


Seize Your Personal Power (your feelings of weakness are over!)

Access True Abundance (while watching your assets grow beyond measure.)

Awaken Your Mind Body Spirit (so your receptors are always open & alert.)

End Procrastination (and gain power over every situation.)

Overcome a Break Up or a Divorce (while saving your sanity and your heart.)

Attain Power Over Grief & Bereavement (so you can fully live again.)

Illuminate Your Inner Peace (and automatically smile from the inside out 24/7.)

Connect To Your Soulmate (ultimate romance, sex, & companionship is ALIVE.)

Gain Command Over Anxiety & Depression (and kill the fear of what lies ahead.)

Enhance Longevity & Anti-Aging (while growing younger and better!)

Generate Balance & Harmony (while commanding the greatest gift of the universe.)

Align with your Spiritual Journey (and unite with others of higher consciousness.)

Possess the Secret to Manifesting your Desires (while ending the work & having fun.)

What you’re able to accomplish sounds incredible; I know. I can assure you this time the buildup is valid and the fun factor is enormous. The next step is here. Are you ready for the SONIC SECRET?


Available in 2 Versions with
Money Back Guarantee!

Law Of Attraction Music System – Joe DePalma

Simply put the Sonic Secret will enable you to enter the most productive and dynamic period of your life. It’s all in your hands now. The choice is yours.

Can you bring yourself to finally win the race and begin spending your time doing what you WANT to do instead of what you HAVE to do? Are you able to picture yourself right now within your ideal reality living the life you intuitively feel is possible? Including…

  • Making deeper connections with your friends & family.
    Being more creative, romantic, and sexy.
    Financial abundance and security. 
  • Enhanced confidence and magnetism.
  • Starting a business your passionate about.
  • Exercising and being more fit.
  • Dumping bad habits like smoking and bad eating.
  • Enjoying new places and finding adventure.
  • Connecting to the power of the cosmos at will.
  • and ultimately… releasing all the worry.

This Sonic Secret is your invitation to finally put the frustration behind you. How long has it been? Months? A year? Three years? A decade of more since you felt that your inner most potential has been fully utilized. You won’t get that time back. None of us will. But that’s why we connected up here today —- to end that cycle by seizing this moment.

We slashed the cost of the SONIC SECRET all the way down to $47, included the Attractor Bonus
5-Bundle ($300 value) and insured everything with an ironclad Money Back Guarantee.

Please don’t fall into the trap of paralysis by analysis. At one point in my life I did that and I’ll tell you it’s an awful way to live. I agree that there are times to be cautious, but when risk is completely removed caution kills possibility…PERIOD.

I can’t wait for us to continue this conversation as you discover the SONIC SECRET for yourself.

With faith and gratitude,

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