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Hi there, my name is Gerald and I believe you’re here because you want to learn how to make money online…

Even without any experience and how you can do this for free!

You see, there’s a “free method” to do this… and I’ve been secretly using it to build my internet business and make money online easily.



Most people, especially internet marketers, are SO WRONG about gaining traffic and making serious money from YouTube.

The fact is, YouTube is among the top 5 largest sites in the world, commanding more than 1,000,000,000 UNIQUE users each month!

The question is, how can you turn this to YOUR ADVANTAGE and make money?

First, let me explain to you how it works…

For a start YouTube is not a video directory.

It’s a search engine.

This means, people from all around the world go to YouTube to search for their information and answers to their problems, exactly how they use!

So if your videos get ranked well in, you’re going to gain lots of FREE traffic from it – on auto-pilot.

By implementing the right strategies, getting tons of views within 24 hours is REALLY possible.

My videos are dominating YouTube for my targeted keywords.

At the same time, they’re also dominating Google! google3

This means, if you can get free traffic from YouTube and Google, you could easily be making money online…

Even if you DO NOT have a website or a product of your own!

What’s interesting is, this can be achieved as quickly as within 24 hours when you’re applying the right YouTube “traffic-getting” strategies!

Now, at the same time… I’m sure you’ve come across some traffic or “push button” software that promises to make you $2,412 in 3 days.

I admit that I’ve bought quite a few myself.

And sadly, I’ve wasted thousands of dollars investing in these “shining objects” and to tell you the truth…


They don’t work!

The only thing that works is real marketing strategies with a proven blueprint.

I’m not some celebrity Internet Guru, but I’ve managed to crack my own secret code to make money online by “tapping” into YouTube.

And today, I want to share with you 5 amazing blueprints which you can use to start making money with YouTube…

Regardless of whether you have a product or not.

I’d like to introduce you to…

The YouTube Cash Blueprints Program

Discover 5 Blueprints To Generate Multiple Streams of Income From YouTube!


In this step-by-step program, there are  FIVE PROVEN BUSINESS MODELS that you can use to get yourself on the fast track to profits!

The 5th component of this program is called “launch commissions blueprint” where I’ll reveal 3 secret case studies on how I generated tons of affiliate commissions in hot new product launches…

Within 30 days!

In the YouTube Cash Blueprints program, you’re going to learn proven strategies for the following YouTube “cash” models…

Model #1: The YouTube Store

Most people are unaware that YouTube can now be turned into a real e-commerce store selling physical products!

It can be an online merchandise store and I’ll teach you the step-by-step process on how to do this, including where to get your merchandise from, to ultimately sell on your YouTube channel. By the way, the sky’s the limit here; if you have any other physical or drop ship products, you could be using the same strategy to promote them in your YouTube store

Model #2: Passive Income With Affiliate Marketing

I’ll walk you through step-by-step on how to make affiliate commissions with YouTube marketing.

This includes EVERYTHING – from choosing the right affiliate program to my powerful promotion methods.

I’ll share with you how to use the “product recommendation” tactic so that your subscribers will actually “thank you” for promoting products to them! You will soon be able to turn affiliate marketing into a unique business of its own!

Model #3: The Lead Generation Blueprint

Lead generation is big business – regardless of whether it’s an online or offline business. The best part is, because of the massive traffic generated from YouTube, you would never run out of leads from there!

In this model, I’ll show you the different types of free and paid traffic generation methods to generate tons of fresh leads and then selling them for highly lucrative profits.

I will also share with you ONE SPECIFIC strategy that can “explode” your lead generation business as well as make you tons of money online!

Model #4: “Cloning” The YouTube Model

Google acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion in stock back in 2006.

But obviously, this did not happen to them overnight. In order for you to earn even your first million dollars online, you need to learn how to earn one hundred dollars, then one thousand dollars and so on. In this model, I’ll explain to you in the simplest form possible how you can create a strong foundation of online income and then finally achieve your ultimate goal of building a BIG business,
based on ideas solely from YouTube.

And yes.. Not forgetting my secret launch commissions blueprint to generate “windfall” commissions.

In component #5 of the YouTube Cash Blueprints Program, I’m going to guide you step-by-step on how to make tons of affiliate sales from other’s “product launch” opportunities.

In the case studies, you’re literally looking over my shoulders and learning hands-on how I built the whole system from scratch.

The best part is, it’s “newbie friendly”.

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