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Visibility is everything in internet marketing. If you’re not getting seen, then you’re not making any money, it’s that simple. This is where SEO tools come in; handy little pieces of software that identify popular keywords that will boost your Google search rankings.

Great, but there’s a catch… 2014 EVERYONE’S using the same SEO software and digging up the same keywords. You can put in a lot of work just to find out what everyone else already knows. What’s the point in competing for scraps with hundreds of other sites using the same keywords?

Does this sound familiar?

  • You spend hours researching the most popular keywords.
  • You optimize your site for those keywords.
  • Only then do you find out that the keywords are outdated and overused.

We’ve all been there; you put in all that time and effort to boost your Google search rankings, and
get nothing in return! So frustrating…..

So what’s the answer?

Well, let us give you some free advice:
If you want to get the edge in IM, instead of knowing what’s popular today, you need to know what’s going to be popular tomorrow…..

Hi Fellow Marketer.

Mark Lyford and Leah Butler-Smith here. We’re internet marketers with over two decades experience and dozens of successful product launches between us. We’re here to share with you our insights into SEO, and the role it will play in 2014.

Consumers are bombarded with marketing on a daily basis. In their emails, their social networking sites, nearly every page on the web is covered with ads, and for the most part consumers have learned to tune it out. That’s why companies like Microsoft and Cisco systems have found a better way of targeting consumers -Content Marketing.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing means providing your target demographic with quality content that is relevant and interesting to them. Instead of blasting consumers with scattershot ad campaigns that target everyone, you entice the consumers you want to come to you, and keep them coming back.

How Do I Make Content Marketing Work For Me?

This is where SEO tools come in. SEO tools help you to identify lucrative niches and find the most
powerful keywords to boost your Google ranking, and drive traffic to your landing page, which would take hours of tedious research otherwise. There’s no question that SEO tools are an invaluable weapon in the internet marketer’s arsenal. Unfortunately, most current SEO tools only
scratch the surface.

As you know, things change quickly in internet marketing. What’s hot today is old news tomorrow. It’s not enough to just jump on a trend that’s already popular. If you really want to be competitive in this industry, you need to identify the next big thing before it happens.

Time For A Better SEO Solution.

Current SEO tools are great for finding keywords that are popular right now, but what if had a tool that allowed you to find breakout keywords before they reached their peak. Imagine the traffic pulling powerful you would have if you knew what the most searched terms would be in your niche a week from now? Or even month from now?

But what if you could go one step further, and automatically insert these breakout keywords directly into your web page’s script, with no technical expertise at all?

What if you were able to:
  • Know what the hottest keywords were going to be before they’re even warm
  • Optimize your site for those keywords at the click of a button
  • Only then do you find out that the keywords are outdated and overused.

That’s where our latest new plugin comes in.Say hello to…..

Your All-In-One Solution To Keyword Optimization in 2014!

Trendpressr lets you identify Google’s hottest trending keywords before anyone else so you can use them to dominate your niche. Trendpressr shows you whichkeywords are trending and accurately predicts which are about to breakout.

Trendpressr predicts with incredible accuracy which keywords are about to catch fire in Google, and will automatically optimize your site using those phrases. SEO is has never been easier or more powerful.

  • Identify Breakout Keywords:View trending and most searched for keywords related to your niche all within WordPress dashboard.
  • Get consistent page 1 search rankings: Dominate your niche by finding the most up to the
    minute keyword phrases before everyone else.
  • Search for trending keywords within different time periods: The past 7days, past 30 days,
    past 90 days, past year, or even the past 10 years.
  • Target Specific Regions:Trendpressr can find trending keywords worldwide, or can target a
    specific region – United States, Canada, Australia, UK or India.
  • 1-Click Optimization: You can optimize tags, keywords and image alt text, on any post or page, based on your trending keywords search results.

TrendPressrPro sp3

How Does Trendpressr Work?

So we’ve all heard of trending keywords, but what does that actually mean in real terms? A trending search term is one that is rapidly rising in popularity, but hasn’t peaked yet. If a search term has seen a 5,000% or more increase is use, it’s called a breakout trend. These are the ones you want to watch, as they will be the ones driving massive volumes of traffic.

Say for example a little known actor is about to star in the next Hollywood summer blockbuster. Their name might not get a lot of search hits right now, but in a few months’ time their name will be SEO gold.

That’s just one example, but it shows you how having this kind insight into people’s search habits can give you a massive advantage in SEO.

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