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Product Description:

Developed A Way To Find You Low- Competition Easy- Rank Keywords To Get A lot Of Free Traffic And Leads From YouTube

VTargeter is new software and training program created by Jason Potash will show you how to identify the best targeted keywords and best places to get traffic.

vTargeter software helps to generate high traffic and thus lead to higher ranking in YouTube. It works without scamming the channel to get you free and real traffic. YouTube is the top video search engine in the world. Therefore, you get more traffic if you know how to use and rank at the top. If you rank at the top, an increase in traffic means potential sales and leads.

What Are VTargeter Features?
With this new training program, You will learn

How to Research and Find the best targeted keywords for YouTube.

How to find the easiest to rank keywords for your targeted niche by going through YouTube videos, collect the video data and analyze the competition of these videos .

How to map out your video content strategy by giving you several worksheets, checklists and step by step tutorials.

How to optimize your channels, videos and how to launch your YouTube videos following  7-day series to rank your videos on the top of search engines and get the most amount of traffic.

You will know how to get high rankings for your videos and high amount of free visitors using SEO and without spamming YouTube to death with fake views, likes and comments.

This software is suitable for Mac & PC.

How Does VTargeter Work?
VTargeter has two primary functions :

Keyword research :It will show you the best keywords to target on YouTube.

Analysis: It analysis all the top videos on YouTube to know the most important metrics to rank your videos and it will give you in depth understanding of what are the best keywords with less competition to select that are easy to rank while getting you the most traffic.

You will enter your keyword in VTargeter Keyword search tap

Then you will get a list of most popular keywords with high volume search that are related to your main keyword.

You will know How many YouTube videos “that contain every keyword” on the first page of Google so you can target keywords that have videos on the first page of Google to get the most amount of traffic from ranking your videos on both Google and YouTube.

You will enter the list of the related keywords  in VTargeter Keyword Analysis tap

You will have Vt rating for every keyword that means “the keyword with low Vt rating is an easy to rank and easy to get traffic from”.

You will know how many YouTube exact match “Allintitle  results” for every keyword.

You will know Google search results for every keyword and if you find keyword with low volume results on Google ,you can be able to  rank videos for this keyword on both Google and YouTube.

You will know the YouTube views for the top 5 results on YouTube.

You will know the age of the most recent video on the top 5 that will help you to rank your video for keyword that has an old video because YouTube rank fresh videos.

You will know videos”from the top 5 videos”  that have keyword in the video title and video description ,so you can rank your video if it is better optimized”On Page SEO”  .

You will know the social signals”that play an important role to rank videos on both Google and YouTube”  for every keyword such as  Google+ shares,Facebook shares,Twitter shares,comments on every video”engagement” ,YouTube Likes.

Who can buy vTargeter

Every person can benefit from this software. But the vTargeter review training is ideal for beginners who want to use video as a marketing tool for online business. It also works well for affiliate marketers looking for new software to help them get the easy keywords related to your business and help you remain at the top of search engines and get free traffic.

The bottom-line

People starting out on video marketing through their YouTube channel must employ tricks that allow them to get free traffic, authentic likes, and comment. It is not easy to get this, but the new vTargeter software comes to help. It gives users tutorials on how to get top ranking for the YouTube videos by incorporating search engine optimization strategies. It helps you avoid spamming that only works for a short time.

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