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Chris Ramsey here with an amazing new plugin we’ve been testing in our labs the last few weeks.

It’s been a huge source of new subscribers for us, and I think it’ll help you build an impressive list as well.

We’ve been using it in combination with Facebook pages, but you can literally use any traffic source you want – PPC, AdWords, Facebook, SEO – whatever…

If you’ve got even a little traffic, this plugin can help you turn visitors into high-value subscribers.

It works by ‘pickpocketing’ the trust and authority from other sites.

Our tool will work with ANY autoresponder you use…

WP Subscriber Pickpocket Works With…

  • GetResponse
  • AWeber
  • MailChimp
  • InfusionSoft
  • Constant Contact
  • And so many more…

Plus, you can add literally ANY html into the overlay.

If you want to promote CPA offers, Clickbank products, or even your own services – you can do it with this surprisingly flexible WP plugin.

And it couldn’t be easier.

Make sure to watch the (short) video above to see how I create a high converting overlay in as little as 24 seconds.

But, I gotta be honest – the price on this isn’t remaining static.

Every time someone grabs a copy, the price goes up.

Since we’ve got such a limited number of copies available, I need to make sure that everyone who gets their copy actually uses it and lets me know their results.

I want to make this a powerful tool, but I need YOUR help to do it – that’s why I’m offering this at such a low cost.

So go ahead – grab your copy now before the price goes up again…

Plus, Full “How We Use This” Training Videos…

The other day when I sent out an email asking if people would be interested in this tool, I had a few people ask if I’d be including instructions on how we use the tool.

Normally I only include setup instructions and let my customers get creative.

But this time I want to do something a little different.

That’s why I’m including over-the-shoulder video training.

Here’s just a peek at what you’ll discover inside…

  • The secret (FREE) tool we use to uncover highly viral content that our fans will share – with OUR optin form on it…
  • The EXACT words we use to craft high converting optin forms so you can get the most subscribers possible…
  • An over-the-shoulder look at creating your forms inside GetResponse so you can immediately start building bigger lists, even if you have NO technical experience…
  • How we drive huge bursts of traffic to our optin forms on a daily basis – and get huge viral shares on (almost) every one…

I want to make sure you have every chance of success with this jaw-droppingly powerful plugin.

And these videos will take you through every step of the process I’ve been using in my own business.


Q: Are there any sites I CAN’T add my optin forms to?

Yep, unfortunately. Because we load up the other sites in what’s called an ‘iframe’, it can be blocked. But, in my testing only about 2% of sites ever use this code. Fortunately, there’s more than enough fantastic content out there that you can easily choose an article or video on some other site to use if you ever come across a site like this.

Q: Can I get a refund if I decide this just ‘isn’t for me’?

No, this is a very small release, meaning I don’t want anyone in who just wants to ‘test it out’. If you have a fan page you can immediately use this on (or other traffic source) then I welcome you to try it out. But if you’re just wanting to play around instead of getting serious with building your email list, then this isn’t for you.

Q: Do I need any programming skills to make this work?

Not at all. If you can copy and paste, you can use this amazingly simple plugin. All you need is a WordPress website and something to add to your overlays. We use optin forms (which we create in just a couple clicks with GetResponse) but you can add literally anything you want to the overlays.

Q: Can I install this on any WordPress site I have?

Sure can. However, we recommend installing it on a blank WordPress website with no other plugins installed.

That way there’s no funny plugin conflicts or errors. It just keeps things simple and helps make your experience more stable. But, again, you can install it on any of your other sites. We just recommend a blank one.

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