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A proven step-by-step video course teaching you how to launch a successful dropshipping business from A to Z.

Even if you don’t have any tech skills or any previous experience. Everything it requires is provided step-by-step in this training program.

Plus if you ever have any additional questions or concerns you can post about them in our private student group on Facebook. You can also private message me on Facebook or email me!

That’s what makes E-commerce for Dropouts so unique, you get access to me (a multiple 7-figure earner) directly.

I’ve spent over $1 Million on Facebook Ads personally and generated Millions in sales.

What You Get Today…

  • Module A: Create Your High Converting Shopify Store
  • Module B: How You Can Find Winning Products To Sell
  • Module C: How To Run Your Own Profitable FB Ads
  • Bonus A: Customer Service Tactics To Lower Disputes
  • Bonus B: Moving Away From AliExpress For Faster Shipping
  • Bonus C: Using Clickfunnels For Immediate Sales/Profits
  • Bonus D: Get Help on My PRIVATE Facebook Group

When You Join E-Commerce For Dropouts

You Get Instant & Full Access To:

Module A:

Creating A High Converting Store

  • Initial Store Setup + Creating Pages (48 Min.)
  • Setting Up Your Header and Footer (8 Min.)
  • Adding Your First Product Properly (28 Min.)
  • 3 Apps To Increase Conversions on Product Pages (35 Min.)
  • Final Touches on Product Page (10 Min.)
  • Easy Way To Increase Cart Value on Product Page (4 Min.)
  • Exactly What My New Store Looks Like Now (13 Min.)

Module B:

How To Find Winning Products

  • Finding Winning Products on Facebook (43 Min.)
  • Finding Winning Products By Spying On Stores (27 Min.)
  • Finding Winning Products on ******* (15 Min.)
  • Finding Winning Products on ****** (24 Min.)
  • Finding Winning Products on **** (14 Min.)
  • Finding Winning Products on ********** (32 Min.)
  • Finding Winning Products on **** & **** (31 Min.)
  • My $1M Winning Product Guidelines (28 Min.)

Module C:

Facebook Ads For Dropouts

  • Getting Familiar With Ads Manager (41 Min.)
  • The Facebook Pixel (25 Min)
  • Facebook Ads Targeting (34 Min)
  • Facebook Ads Targeting/Testing (40 Min)
  • Facebook Ads Targeting/Testing/Optimizing (39 Min)
  • Scaling FB Ads (Part A) (47 Min)
  • Scaling FB Ads (Part B) (64 Min)
  • Intro to Custom Audiences (30 Min)
  • Facebook Ads Remarketing (30 Min)
  • Reading Breakdowns For Optimization (34 Min)
Brought to you by Haim The Dropout

I’ve personally put together this course from A to Z showing everything I’ve learned by spending over $1 Million USD on Facebook ads promoting physical products using Shopify & Clickfunnels. My latest offer generated over $1 Million USD in only 3 months (October, November & December 2017) using products available on AliExpress. I’m not a one-hit wonder, unlike many other course creators out there, I’ve been involved in e-commerce and online marketing for 10+ years. I started with SEO 10+ years ago and eventually landed a gig/partnership handling growth for a well-funded startup which I left to pursue e-commerce since it fit my lifestyle better. I generated $1.3 Million USD in 6 months last year and beat my own record this year doing $1.3 Million USD in about 3 months which landed me on Russell Brunson’s infamous 2-comma club. The methods and strategies in this course come from my first hand experience and will open you up to a whole new world if you’re serious about making it online. I’m not here to make you a millionaire, my job was to make myself a millionaire and I’ve achieved that. I’m here to give you shortcuts that will put you on the right track to achieving financial freedom using dropshipping and FB Ads. The rest is on you and ONLY you!

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