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You’ll learn how to be highly proficient and consistent at doing:
Direct inductions
Indirect Inductions
Rapid / Instant Inductions – you’ll see how to do 5 unique Instant (Rapid) Inductions you can use anywhere outside an office session.
Handshake Inductions – you’ll see how to do 6 different handshake inductions (including the ones made famous by Richard Bandler and Dr. Milton Erickson).
And just about every valid and optimal induction there is – including:
My Own Powerful “Referential Index

Switch Induction”!
Which – as you will see in the video training – happens to be the EASIEST induction in the world!
How easy is it?
Put it this way: The “Referential Index Switch Induction” will make you look like you’ve been doing hypnosis for 20+ years… even if it’s your very first week as a hypnotist.
Hypnotic Inductions are not the only thing covered on the “Hypnotic Inductions
Revealed” Home Study Program – you’ll also be trained in (and see multiple DEMONSTRATIONS of):
Suggestion experiments
Hypnotic convincers
And hypnotic deepeners – including 5 powerful deepening processes (and with the PRINCIPLES I teach you you’ll be able to invent dozens more yourself!)
All in all, the purpose of the “Hypnotic Inductions Revealed” Program is to give you demonstrations of the WHOLE hypnotic process from the hypnotic induction… to the deepener… to the suggestion phase… to the convincer phase… and so on.

And get this:

In the videos you’ll see me working with what to most hypnotists would be a nightmare subject.

The “nightmare subject” happened to be a lady (who is herself a hypnotherapist) who had NEVER personally been able to experience a hypnotic arm levitation from the subject’s perspective.

Every hypnotist who had attempted to do a hypnotic arm levitation on this lady had failed.

And, as you might expect, this lady (as far as being a candidate for a successful hypnotic arm levitation) thought she was…

An “Impossible Case”!

So I agreed to work with her to see if I could do a hypnotic arm levitation on her.

In the videos, you’ll see how I prepare her BEFORE even performing the hypnotic induction itself.

You will also see me using a hypnotic induction you may NEVER have seen performed before. It’s called: “The Ledochowski Irresistible Arm Levitation”.

I designed “The Ledochowski Irresistible Arm Levitation” to be used in cases where for a hypnotist your WORST NIGHTMARE comes true. I’m talking about those situations and people that just don’t seem to respond well to ANY type of hypnotic induction –no matter what you use.

Anyway, when you watch me working with this lady — what you will see…

Is NOT What You Would Expect To See!

Because what you will see is the “master hypnotist” Igor Ledochowski FAIL.


Or, to be more accurate, you will see what looks like two failures at the hypnotic arm levitation.

But it proved to be a great teaching lesson and demonstration for the other attendees (and it will be for you when you it too).

The reason being is you will see how I use what looks like a failed hypnotic arm levitation and then — (using subtle responses that even most experienced hypnotists would completely miss, thus forcing them to abort their attempts) – see how I use the apparent failures as the “stepping stones” to giving the lady the experience of her very first hypnotic arm levitation.

Before our session together, the lady had NEVER experienced a hypnotic arm levitation on herself — and was convinced she never could.

In just a few minutes of me using “The Ledochowski Irresistible Arm Levitation” (and using it to elegantly navigate my way through TWO apparent failures) the same lady who was convinced she could never experience a hypnotic arm levitation was sat in the chair next to me…

In A Deep Hypnotic Trance With Her Left
Hand Raised Right Up To Her Face

Needless to say (within a few minutes) that lady went from being convinced she could NEVER experience a hypnotic arm levitation on herself to KNOWING (in a very profound way for her) that it had just happened!

Which brings up another important (and exciting) point:

When you can perform a hypnotic induction on someone who, just a few minutes before, was CONVINCED they cannot be hypnotized (and you can when you have the processes and “hidden” PRINCIPLES that I teach and demonstrate in my “Hypnotic Inductions Revealed” Program) — that person who had all the “hallmarks” of being your WORST NIGHTMARE as a subject suddenly becomes the most compliant and easily suggestible person you have ever worked with.

From the subject’s point of view — their confidence in the POWER of hypnosis has gone from zero to off the charts in just a few minutes.

And when that happens to them (through the use of the hypnotic inductions and PRINCIPLES taught in my program) that subject will suddenly believe you are the most experienced and brilliant hypnotist they’ve ever seen.

Here’s something else you’ll probably find rather exciting to think about:

To become really great at hypnotic inductions — and indeed the follow-on hypnotic suggestions — you need TWO things:

Volume and then experience with different types of minds.

That presents a BIG problem for most hypnotists.

Because without having a big “tool box” (volume) of different and dependable hypnotic inductions to rely on — most hypnotists subconsciously hold themselves back from working or practicing with a lot of different types of minds.

And that’s why most hypnotists progress to a certain stage but then seem to hit a plateau in their skill and proficiency development.

But that need NOT be a problem with you.

Because with my “Hypnotic Inductions Revealed” training you will have the very best “tool box” of different and dependable hypnotic inductions to use on all the different types of mind’s you could possibly come across.

You will also understand (on a very deep and practical level) the “hidden” PRINCIPLES that make every hypnotic induction work. So you’ll even be able to adapt hypnotic inductions on the fly to adjust for those “impossible cases”.

What all that also means is you’ll never be “gun shy” about working and practicing on lots of different minds. Why would you be if you know in advance you cannot fail and you can use every apparent failure to springboard you to performing a successful hypnotic induction?

So let’s recap:

You’ll have the “tools” (the hypnotic inductions and the “hidden” PRINCIPLES underlying them) and the CONFIDENCE to practice and do as many different hypnotic inductions with as many different people as possible.

Well, now think about this:

If you did just 3 to 4 hypnotic inductions a day you’d rack up over 100 hypnotic inductions in just ONE MONTH!

What will that do for you as a hypnotist?

And with a little practice and using the shortcut induction secrets I’m going to share with you…

Soon You’ll Be Out-Classing
Hypnotists With 20+
Years Private Practice Experience

Instead of you having to invest the full $997 that attendees had to just to get into the “Hypnotic Inductions Revealed” live event…

All you have to do now to get INSTANT ACCESS to the full “Hypnotic Inductions Revealed” program is invest just $97 today. (And then 2 more monthly installments of only $97 each).

That way you can spread the investment over 3 simple installments.

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