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Who am I and what do I do?

I am James Beattie a 20 year old entrepreneur who loves building businesses.

I actually do this stuff and over the next 90 days I want to take you on a journey where you can build your business along side me. It’s great having all these guru’s teach you stuff but do they actually do it? A lot of them don’t. Over the past year I have built multiple 6 + 7 Figure businesses.

I am a no fluff, no bullshit type of guy who wants to get you results. Look i’ve been in the position where i’ve struggled. I have started a lot of businesses which have flopped but I didn’t give up. I persevered, I stuck it out and it paid off! Unlike some people I’m not going to make you crazy promises that your going to be able to do no work and make millions.

Thats not how it works. I know the process of building a successful ecommerce store and it doesn’t happen over night. It takes time and effort. maybe you have tested a couple of products for a week and didn’t get results? Well here’s the thing so have I. That shit happens, its normal. It’s how you take the data that you got and use it to make your next move.

Thats why over the next 90 days I am going to live stream me building a brand new niche ecommerce store. I’m going to build it completely from scratch while you watch over my shoulder. A select few people are going to be able to join me on this journey and build their business from the ground up in 90 days!

Its going to be a complete behind the scenes look at what it takes day in day out to do this and make it work for you. Nothing will be left out. It’s totally uncut and if your lucky enough to grab a spot you will be able to ask me questions live as i’m working on this.

7 Figures in first year of business…

What you’re going to experience over the next 90 days…

I’ll be taking you on the full journey. I’m going to work at least 7 hours per week on this specific store. I want to replicate the process most of you guys are going through. Most of you guys have a 9 to 5, kids other obligations. I’ve been there I used to do it too.

Working 10 hours a day on your business just isn’t realistic for a lot of people. Thats why I wanted to limit my time spent on the business and also start with a small budget to make it as close to your experience as possible.

The Store

I will be holding nothing back. You will know the store, the niche and the products. I will be taking you through the whole building and optimisation process as 90 days goes on.

You will be able to watch me build out ads from scratch. Do the research into the niche. Scale and optimise campaigns. Get inside my head and pick my brain about why I am making the adjustments that I do.

The Ads

The Community

For this store their will be a huge focus on building out a community. No one really talks about this. I will be showing you how I will be building a thriving group of fans that believe in the message of our company.

One of the big goals of this company is to implement a subscription based model where we have continuity in the business. This will eventually allow us to sell the company for a lot more on exit.


The People

You will be joining a group of like minded entrepreneurs who are doing this stuff too. Discuss strategy share results and grow your network. After all you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Spend it with people who have similar goals in mind.



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