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Building Your Foundation:
4 Secrets Of High-Status Vocal Tonality


He looked at me, surprised but excited.

I told him:

“Grant, you pay me $75,000 a year. And based on your results since, that was
a no-brainer. You trusted me. Now I’m asking you to trust me again and
burn that fvcking list of New Year’s Resolutions.”

Wasn’t I all about goal setting? He couldn’t believe it:

“We need to take about what matters. The TRUE key to your success in 2017, not a list of resolutions.”
Because New Year’s Resolutions don’t work. You and I both know that.

They’re the reason why fat people stay fat and broke people stay broke, every year.

And what’s worse is that Forbes reports more people making resolutions than people watching the Super Bowl, with a only measly 8% success rate to show for it. Coincidence? Nope, not even in the slightest.

If you can relate to not achieving your resolutions, this page was written with YOU in mind..

And if you’ll stay with me here, I’m going to UNLEASH what you’ve been missing, revealing:

  1. 1

    My 9-Step STATUS Blueprint

    Ever wonder how Trump was able to secure the presidency and have business deals HANDED TO HIM on a silver platter, DESPITE going bankrupt multiple times? You’re about to find out 9 reasons why and how you can leverage them for yourself in 2017..

  2. 2


    Tricks of the trade that guys like myself, George Clooney, and Brad Pitt have used for years now to making yourself MAGNETIC to more money, more sex, and stronger relationships.. (all with using nothing but yourself!)

  3. 3

    The TRUTH about goal setting in 2017.

    Why you current goals are keeping you stuck on the hamster wheel of life, and a breakthrough system that works for YOU in an ever-changing reality, 10XING your results with women, money, and respect from the get go..

See, it’s one thing to read about it, it’s completely different FEELING the transformation happen.

And that’s why I’m offering you a FRONT ROW SEAT at this event, skipping the airfare, the annoying traffic, and get all 11 hours of HD content from the comfort of your own home with a scientifically proven TRANSFORMATION of a lifetime, or your money back, guaranteed.

HIGH STATUS is here. HIGH STATUS is real. And now, HIGH STATUS is YOURS.

Here’s just a taste of what’s inside:


High Status Explained

  •     Why you’re CLIPPING someone’s high status future by paying for their dinner.. (06:11)
  •     Think it’s hard being a New York Times Best Seller? Think again. We’re diving deep into what it actually means to be a prolific author, even if you’re not a good writer now.. (08:01)
  •     Why everything you’ve been taught about “obstacles” in your life is a LIE. Plus, the sneaky trick to ridding yourself of ego-driven roadblocks for good (Sorry, Ryan Holiday)….(11:33)
  •     How you can get crystal clear on your beliefs for the first time – the REAL reason why you’ve had trouble in the past with trainings, affirmations, and other “guru” type exercises, and how to fix that for good in 2017..(16:21)
  •     Steve Aoki’s visualization technique and his psychology of success mapped out.. (18:43)
  •     The Primal High Status Switch – let me flip this switch for you and watch your results with women, business, and overall wellbeing SOAR within seconds.. (26:31)
  •     Perception portals. How Steve Jobs twisted his perception into reality for streamlined success, and how you can too starting right now.. (28:07)
  •     The 3 Steps of Higher Status Explained. How the social hierarchy is built, showcasing exactly you MUST know in order to seize the reigns of life and become nonreactive.. (31:37)
  •     Have a girl in mind? Great, here’s how to get her OBSESSED with you in 3 seconds.. (32:51)
  •     What we can learn from Jay Z about High Status, making more money, and commanding more respect from every single person that you surround yourself with right now.. (34:15)
  •     Why you can still be High STATUS, even if you weren’t born into it.. (37:37)
  •     What do High Status, the world’s highest paid plastic surgeon, and your self image have to do with each other? Pay close attention as I reveal secrets of wealth and higher status.. (38:15)
  •     Vocal tonality 101 – my favorite vocal tonality trick for effortless persuasion and influence.. (42:25)
  •     The downright weird priming routine I do every time I sit down to work.. (44:29)
  •     The strange “hot mug” routine scientists have proven to make you more attractive.. (44:50)
  •     My productivity explained. How I use something called Parkinson’s Law to get more done in a single day than most do in a full month, and how you can too starting right now..(46:49)
  •     My Sunday Ritual Exposed. A technique I have yet to share with anyone on how I map out my weeks come, ridding you of any anxiety of the future while provide immense clarity.. (48:09)


High Status Vision

  •     What the media won’t tell you. The REAL reason why more than half the country right now is on anti depressants (and if you pay attention, I’ll rid you of that same fate).. (4:13)
  •     Dunbar’s number explained. How a simple number reveals all you need to know about High Status and living the life you’ve always secretly wanted filled with PURPOSE.. (5:35)
  •     The 2 things your goals, purpose, and vision MUST Have to be successful.. (9:51)
  •     How we’re going to flip your tough childhood on its head and instead use it to fuel your success with women, business, and overall life with a simple easy exercise.. (16:50)
  •     My new favorite 3-word mantra. Why repeating these words, regardless of what life throws your way could mean the difference between you getting her or going home alone.. (18:09)
  •     Certainty and Decisiveness Portals. The one question you can ask yourself to stop being so wishy washy with your life’s direction in seconds.. Women LOVE men of certainty.. (19:53)
  •     THIS has women going nuts this year. The ONE word uncovered in a Victoria Secret’s magazine that tells you all you’ll ever need to know about attracting women. Imagine having this advantage over your friends.. (23:09)
  •     How you can stand out in a sea of mediocrity. The key to having women, business partners, and your closest friends notice, admire, and RESPECT you more using something I like to call “Presence Portals”.. (30:01)
  •     Richard Branson’s secret to success, wealth, and High Status explained.. (33:17)
  •     The Clarity Conundrum. A powerful exercise I’ve used with all my $75,000 a year clients to transform them into crystal clear money-making machines.. (34:01)
  •     The TRUTH about goals. The real difference between ego-driven goals vs fulfilling goals, how to know which ones to choose, and how to have them build on themselves for you.. (50:01)
  •     If you’re anything like me, you’ve had tunnel vision so narrow you neglect other parts of your life. Health, family, relationships, all for the greater good of the vision. Here’s how to fix that within minutes.. (57:13)
  •     Why ideas are WORTHLESS. Women, business, and friends don’t care about your ideas, they care about ACTIONS. Here’s how to follow through on yours right now.. (1:00:21)
  •     How I personally structure my days for increased efficiency and productivity. Wasted hours, minutes, and seconds are now a thing of the past for you and I.. (1:04:13)
  •     Billionaire Dan Pena’s quote for becoming the envy of all your closest friends.. (1:12:21)



High Status Body Language

  •     Why everything you’ve been taught about High Status Body Language is WRONG.. (1:21)
  •     Have a crucial conversation coming up in your life? Here’s the key to handling it like a High Status male, lowering anxiety associated with it, and win people over effortlessly.. (8:01)
  •     The 4 Stages To High Status Body Language – Imagine her approaching you first and doing all the work, without you having to say a single word or do anything.. (9:19)
  •     James Dean’s #1 body language method to getting girls to sleep with him.. (11:49)
  •     The Corona Method for High Status. How brands twist and turn your emotions to get you to buy on command, and how you can leverage the same power in your business.. (14:15)
  •     Imagine you just won the NBA Championship. How would you feel in that moment? And how great would it be if you could feel like that ALL THE TIME? Here’s how to do it.. (23:43)
  •     My 1-second trick to feeling AMAZING just using High Status Body Language.. (24:29)
  •     The OPCG method of High Status Body Language. Tricks of the trade that guys like George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman, Robert Downey Jr. know that you don’t.. (25:37)
  •     Why something as small as pulling your phone out of your pocket the wrong way can turn a girl off IMMEDIATELY, ruining all your work beforehand and how to stop that from happening.. (27:25)
  •     Does age matter? Nope! Here’s how a 66 year old man scored two hot babes away from the two young bucks at the bar using nothing but his High Status Body Language.. (32:11)
  •     Increase your testosterone by 40% using this 4-minute pose discovered by Harvard.. (35:29)
  •     The Harvey Specter Law of Movement. What we can learn about high stakes conversations, body language, and their effect on YOUR results (starting as soon as TONIGHT!).. (39:01)
  •     Body Language Priming. How to seduce women using nothing but the way you sit.. (47:43)
  •     Pitching Anything x 10. The sneaky key to pitching someone on your products, ideas, or ideals without coming off like the run of the mill used car salesmen.. (51:23)
  •     The key to switching from “work mode” to “game mode” within seconds.. (53:11)


High Status Eye Contact

  •     How I’m able to hold myself so accountable in life, and how you can easily as well.. (3:25)
  •     The trick to creating your own BROTHERHOOD of friends and higher status social circle for increased mentorship, coaching, and accountability with guys like myself.. (7:17)
  •     Why your eyes are the #1 MOST VIEWED Signal of Higher Status.. (14:21)
  •     The ONE thing girls feel can’t be faked (and how to use it against them).. (16:30)
  •     The story of how I managed to bang a music pop star in the bathroom of a restaurant to a standing ovation using nothing but High Status Eye Contact, having her come to ME.. (19:21)
  •     Tony Stark’s sneaky eye contact trick for seducing hot women on the spot.. (25:09)
  •     How to know where to look, every time. If you’ve ever been curious if you’re making TOO much eye contact when you’re talking with a hot woman, here’s my famous 80/20 rule of High Status Eye Contact (beware: she might fall in love with you..)    (32:07)
  •     What dating coaches have kept from you. The SECRET TRUTH behind natural attraction and effortless seduction with women in bars, clubs, and even the grocery store.. (37:01)
  •     Why BREAKING eye contact is as important, and the key to making it NATURAL.. (45:45)
  •     My vision out technique. The key to making a girl think about her future with you together within 10 seconds of talking.. This SCREAMS high-status to anyone watching..(48:31)
  •     The ONE word to use for instant connection with a female. Give this a go tonight.. (55:15)
  •     What gets women attracted and hooked on you on a much deeper level EXPOSED.. (and why “wide animation presentation” gets her spreading her legs “wide” for you.. (56:45)
  •     How to be taken seriously every time you say something to a girl or business partner.. (1:07:13)
  •     The AC Slater technique for getting closer to a girl without coming off as “creepy” or “weird”. Try this tonight and watch fireworks go off as she can’t help but be attracted to you.. (1:09:03)
  •     A sales copy technique used for laser-like clarity in your offer (works just as well with being more direct with women, and more valuable to the other person with you).. (1:14:21)




High Status Vocal Tonality

  •     Subcommunications 101. What hot women MELT at the sight of.. (1:03)
  •     How to reveal to a women what you think about yourself without coming off as cocky.. (9:09)
  •     Dean Martin’s sneaky trick to coming off as HILARIOUS to any women he meets, even if you’re “shy” or see yourself as “bad with women” right now.. (10:41)
  •     The 3 main levels of tonality. What they mean to others, and the key to getting women and business contacts eating out of the palm of your hand every time you say something.. (12:45)
  •     “SR”, “NR”, and “BR” methods of tonality. Why the way you talk to others could be DESTROYING your results in all areas of your life right now. That all changes, right here and now.. (17:15)
  •     The weird secret to getting a mentor to bring you under his wing. Imagine myself, someone like Pena, or any other billionaire teaching you everything he knows.. (18:43)
  •     The 5-word question to ask yourself to MASTER vocal tonality in seconds.. (22:11)
  •     The ONE thing women find irresistible when talking to them.. (28:13)
  •     The 5 traits of a higher status voice. Add these to your arsenal and you’re unstoppable. How great do hordes of women, barrels of money, and friends doing things for you sound?  (30:21)
  •     Why the findings of a famous study by Kent State University could be the reason why you get that promotion at work and sleep with that girl you’ve had your eyes on for a while.. (33:01)
  •     How to make your voice interesting, even if you were born an introvert. The key to tantalizing hot women, business contacts, and friends using nothing but your voice, regardless if you have exceptional social skills now. Shy guys, rejoice! (Mod 5 – 35:51)
  •     The #1 BEST thing you can do for your vocal tonality right now.. (40:21)
  •     The BIGGEST MISTAKE you’re making with your vocal tonality now, and the strange reason why no one’s talking about it..(44:45)
  •     What we can take away from an Olympic Sprinting Coach and how it will help you train your vocals to be stronger, louder, and more High Status effortlessly.. (52:49)
  •     The 10/20 rule of vocal tonality volume. Why the volume you speak at with women and business partners could make or break results, and how to find that “sweet spot”.. (56:51)


High Status Charisma

  •     How to tell if she’s really interested in what you’re saying.. (5:55)
  •     The ONE question you can ask yourself to build self awareness. Women notice it right away, from the second you walk in a room, and it might be a make or break for you.. (8:23)
  •     4 keys to how guys like Winston Churchill, Elvis Presley, and James Dean “lit up a room”, allowing you to become the most Charismatic version of yourself instantly.. (9:07)
  •     Steve Job’s Reality Distortion Field. The key to getting what you want in women and in business (I’m talking as soon as tomorrow)..(16:43)
  •     The sneaky little key to building a connection with hot women and clients so strong that she thinks she’s known you for YEARS, even though you two just met that night.. (23:21)
  •     The secret to using touch in a playful manner without coming off as a “creep”.. (25:41)
  •     How to 7X your charisma INSTANTLY. What we can take away from a study done by researchers from Harvard that tells you all you need to know about being MORE charismatic instantly.. (33:35)
  •     Leonardo DiCaprio’s 3 keys to being charismatic.. (43:27)
  •     The #1 key to building up your Charisma Muscle Team Capital style.. (53:19)
  •     Your Personal Compliment Journal. My dirty secret to always feeling positive about life. Negative thoughts are now a thing of the past.. (54:09)
  •     Self Image Recharge. A simple exercise you can do to skyrocket your current self image beyond belief. Women notice. Business partners notice. And now, so do you.. (1:12:25)
  •     What all the BEST communicators and MOST charismatic men in the world do when they speak. After I share this, you’ll start attracting people by doing it automatically.. (1:35:19)
  •     Metaphor MASTERY. A running list of metaphors you can COPY from me and leverage the power of when talking to hot women, friends, family, and business associates.. (1:40:75)
  •     The 5 keys all the best metaphors have for effortless persuasion and influence.. (1:45:39)
  •     The ONLY thing I do before going into a TV interview (and how you can use it to nail your next job interview, big meeting at work, or date with a hot woman).. (1:55:57)


High Status State Control

  •     John Wooden’s secret for NOT forming bad habits.. (1:01)
  •     Think your schedule will get in the way? Nonsense! How to effortlessly fit in any High Status Exercise regardless of your current work, school, or family obligations.. (3:57)
  •     The 2 keys to High Status State Control. Without these, don’t even try.. (6:13)
  •     Emotional mastery 101. How to remain unaffected and unmoved in a world filled with curveballs thrown from work, women, health, and overall life, INSTANTLY.. (8:45)
  •     Leverage this sneaky little psychology trick for laser-like focus, whether it be in a conversation with a women or while working hard on a project.. (12:43)
  •     Fact or fiction? Use my “source not story” test I give to every single piece of information I get so that I’m effortlessly filtering out the BS and focusing on what matters.. (15:15)
  •     My famous 15 Food Rule. How you can simply your entire diet for increased energy, focus, and productivity (regardless of current restrictions) for a better state all day.. (24:43)
  •     Go-to thought loops galore. The weird trick I’ve stumbled up to STRENGTHEN your current thought loops, no matter the time of day, or your current state.. (31:55)
  •     The 3-minute trick for becoming fully nonreactive to your environment.. (33:27)
  •     How to push through the initial residence of meditation, freeing yourself of past and future thoughts for the ultimate relaxation and anxiety-free living.. (33:55)
  •     How to rid yourself of anxiety, for good. Using my “instant anxiety trap solution” we’re going to dispel any gut-wrenching feelings brought on by a busy to-do list within minutes.. (55:01)
  •     How to stop living life under someone else’s rules, break the chains, and start living FREE.. (1:07:37)
  •     Here’s what Steve Jobs, Charles Darwin, and Mozart did daily to pump up their state, relieve anxiety, and attain laser-like focus and clarity, explained step-by-step.. (1:08:34)
  •     My Sunday rituals explained. What I do every week to feel nothing short of BLISS.. (1:09:49)
  •     7 simple ways to charge your state immediately within seconds.. (1:19:13)


High Status Presence

  •     The 7 Minute Reboot. A simple exercise I do to center myself EVERY MORNING, leaving me refreshed, grateful, focused, and ready to dominate my path, and now, you will too.. (3:25)
  •     A simple question you can ask yourself to feel PRESENT in the moment.. (4:15)
  •     Affirmations are the best thing you can do for your state, right? WRONG! Here’s something even better to anchor emotions, and multiply your results with affirmations.. (11:17)
  •     The 5 Credos. How to figure out what the 5 rules of your life are, and how to get others to respect them as you transform yourself into a High Status Male.. (13:51)
  •     How to get exhilarating energy WITHOUT caffeine. Using my famous 30-second breathing technique, we’ll equip you with enough energy to power you through the day.. (Mod 8 – 15:11)
  •     The two words that took my business from 30K/month to over 100K/month, all in LESS than 4 months (pay close attention to this dude, it’s THAT important).. (25:01)
  •     Was Jim Rohn WRONG? Why you might not be the average of your 5 friends.. (33:37)
  •     How to continue surrounding yourself with hungry, ambitious badasses like yourself to propel you towards your vision (and, how to stop friendships not currently helping you).. (39:49)
  •     The KEY to staying sharp and focused, even after you come back from a vacation.. (42:05)
  •     Take these TWO words out of your vocabulary for more High Status Success.. (46:01)
  •     The 3 stages of conversation. What not to talk about to turn her off.. (49:50)
  •     The 3 devious ways to structure your environment to attract hotter women, wealthier business partners, and more loyal friends that nourish, inspires, and nourishes your vision.. (54:05)
  •     What Netflix and HBO are keeping SECRET from you about successful men.. (1:04:51)
  •     David Bowie’s brown M&M trick for getting venues to see him as High Status.. (1:06:36)
  •     The 6-minute Meeting. What Bill Gates did every time he sat down for a meeting (he did this regardless of who they were and what they wanted, pay attention to this).. (1:08:11)


High Status Style

  •     An inside look at what goes on behind the scenes at a $25,000 conference (and what it means for the future of Jason Capital Dating and your massive results).. (1:01)
  •     Dan Pena’s first impression mantra. Why you only have one shot at a first impression, and what your current style is SCREAMING to the world about you.. (3:07)
  •     Belief perseverance. What a new age study can tell us about how first impressions affect the minds of hot women and wealthy businessmen around the world.. (6:29)
  •     The KEY to making sure you make a long-lasting, High Status first impression.. (7:19)
  •     How to overcome and stop worrying about coming off as “try hard”, “needy”, “cocky”, and let your High Status Style do the talking FOR YOU. Just sit back, and relax.. (12:15)
  •     DON’T DO what 99% of men are doing to label themselves as “douchey” to women.. (14:15)
  •     The Law of 16%. Tricks of the trade from top marketers in the world to boost up your own self imagine, confidence, and living life as a freedom filled man on his path.. (16:03)
  •     The TRUTH behind what women actually care about (hint: it’s NOT where you are right in your life, finances, and your current looks).. (17:45)
  •     How to talk about yourself and your accomplishments without coming off as cocky.. (19:17)
  •     How to finally start living a life of FREEDOM. Here’s an easy trick to liberate yourself from the grip of society, allowing you share freely, live on your own terms, and have fun doing it.. (24:31)
  •     The 3 Components to High Status Style. Imagine hot women approaching YOU first, business partners giving YOU more respect, and clients BEGGING YOU to take their money.. (25:37)
  •     The 5 simple styles you can copy into your own life to have women turning their neck looking at you up and down (how awesome would that feel?).. (29:01)
  •     Celebrity branding x 10 – What guys like Ryan Gosling, Matt Damon, and George Clooney know about High Status Style that you don’t (I’ll reveal them step by step).. (30:35)
  •     A 2-minute exercise you can do at home to instantly and effortlessly figure out your own High Status Style, what you stand for, and how you’re going to 10X your first impression.. (33:51)
  •     A story that’ll get your motivate you through the start of 2017 indefinitely.. (39:15)

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