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Product Description:

“Over the Next 30 Days, I’ll Personally
Help You Create & Launch a Signature Product
with so Much Built-In Demand
it Practically Sells Itself.”

And The Best Part: We’ll do all the “Techie” Stuff for you…

If you’re a blogger, podcaster, coach, or anyone who wants to cash in on your expertise, then I can show you how to create and launch high-impact products WITHOUT all the traditional tech-hassles. Even if you don’t “feel” like an expert, have no idea what sort of product to create, and only have 2 hours per day to work on your business.


You’ve slaved away for the past 2 months creating your own product.

Late nights… Early mornings… And extra cups of coffee.

But you finally did it!

You’d been talking about it for years.

But your half-finished product continued to gather dust on your hard drive.

Not this time though.

This time you have finished your masterpiece.

It’s a thing of beauty.

A work of art.

And with great anticipation…

You launch your baby into the world.

You send out an email to your subscribers and to all of your social media friends
announcing that your first product is finally LIVE!

And then you wait.

And wait…

And wait…

And wait…

The sound of crickets resonates in the air.

You send out another email hoping this is all some big mistake.

But once again…


On the final day of the launch, you check your final stats to discover you made
a measly 10 sales. And one of them was your mom. (thanks, mom)

Your nightmare has just become reality.

After months of hard work, you find out that nobody wants to buy your product.

For an entire week you don’t even look at the computer. You think about throwing the whole thing out the window.

Just dropping it straight down from the second-floor window.


At least that would provide some relief. Some refuge from another failed attempt.

You think to yourself…

“How will I explain this to my spouse? Yet another failed attempt.”

It’s exhausting to even think about starting all over again.

Or where to even start.


What if you could skip ALL of the guesswork?



Kim Roach here and the story you just read is one that I’ve heard
over and over from struggling entrepreneurs.

In fact, it was my story not too long ago.

I got started in 2004 with my first blog.

And boy was I dedicated.

Creating EPIC content that everyone said was so important.

Guest blogging on some of the top blogs in my industry.

Schmoozing with other bloggers to get them to link to my content.

Bowing to the “Google Gods” daily to pray for blessings upon my rankings :)

And guess what…

The traffic actually came!

Thousands of visitors in fact.

I felt like a traffic queen.

But my little solo dance only lasted a little while.

Because I learned a hard lesson…

“Traffic alone doesn’t bring in the revenue.”

Sure… we made some decent money here and there.

Some adsense revenue. A bit of affiliate income.

But nothing to write home about.

And it was frustrating as hell.

I was working my buns off to create great content. To serve
our readers. Working 12 hours a day to try and make this work.

But the results I saw we’re like a little silent fart.

You couldn’t even smell it.

And this is the part where I’d like to tell you that I made some big discovery.

I had some great “AHA” moment that turned it all around.

But the truth is…

I struggled for YEARS.

Creating one website after another.

Chasing one niche after the next.

Learning a lot on my journey. But with little to show for it.

And after YEARS of struggle.

I finally got fed up.

Time had run out. For me it was do or die time. You either make this thing work
or you go get a J.O.B.

It was my last chance.

My one last effort.

ONE big push to make this thing finally work.

To turn all of my full-time “work” into a full-time paycheck.

But I knew I couldn’t do it on my own.

I tried that for years.

And sure… I’d made some headway.

But I needed something more.

I needed someone who had ALREADY achieved what I wanted to achieve.

Someone who could show me step-by-step what I needed to do next.

Because I was willing to do the work.

I just needed to know WHAT to do.

I hired a coach.

And the very first thing he told me to do…

1. Start building your subscriber list.


2. Start creating your own products.
Every week I met with the coach and implemented what he told me to do… step-by-step.

6 months later… my life had changed.

My first product launch generated $73,000.


And yes… half of that went to affiliates.

Another chunk went to our copywriter.

And another check went to our graphic designer.


I now had a new super power.

I could now create and launch new products in our business
anytime I wanted to generate a cash windfall.


I started to refine our product creation system.

And our 2nd product was launched in just 7 days.

Creating an $8,300 cash windfall in our business.

What If You Could Have That Same Superpower?

calendar23Imagine what it will feel like having your own Signature Product ready to launch by April 2nd.One that people ALREADY want.

Imagine hitting the ignition button on launch day.

You’re product is finally LIVE!

PayPal notifications start filling up your email.

You celebrate the evening sharing a glass of wine with your spouse. A sense of pride beaming in your beloved’s eyes.

You finally did it.

Your day now looks completely different than it did 30 days ago.

You’re no longer “lost” in paralysis.

You know exactly what needs to get done each day.

And most importantly, you’re making a BIG impact in the lives of your students.

You have a sense of purpose and clarity and you wake up excited for the day.

Because now you have a Signature Product that sells every day of the week.

Let me personally help you launch your own Signature Product. And by the end of 30-days, YOU will be turning your product “ideas” into profit.

I’m going to personally help a small group of people create and launch your very own Signature Product.

I’ve personally been creating and launching products for the past 7 years. We’ve now turned it into a step-by-step system that can be used in any niche.

And I’m going to teach our system to a small group of students.

With LIVE group coaching and a bit of hand-holding.

We’ll work together over the next 30 days.

And lead you step-by-step from “Product Idea” to “Profits” (with a little butt-kicking on the side to keep you accountable 🙂

You’ll get my personal help. 7 years of experience creating and launching products.

A proven system and templates that you can plug into your own business.

If you follow the steps, come to the group coaching calls, and work with me directly via our email-based coaching, you WILL get results.

“Okay – So Here’s Exactly What You’re Going to Get…”


But here’s what you’re REALLY getting…

At the end of our 30 days together, you’ll have a new product ready to launch in your business.

Plus, you’ll have a new superpower that you can use over and over again.

You’ll have the unique ability to slip effortlessly into the mind of your customer, extract their emotional hot buttons, and turn their every desire into instant product ideas.

Creating irresistible offers that people are ALREADY eager to buy.

By the end of our 30-days together, you will become a RAINMAKER.

Because now you KNOW how to start generating sales. And you can use this new skill to create instant paydays OR (my personal favorite)…. an evergreen, automated sales funnel.

Imagine what it will feel like when PayPal notifications start filling up your email.

New sale!

New sale!

New sale!

Imagine celebrating with your spouse, who nearly comes to tears. The look of pride on their face makes all the hard work worth it.

It finally all seems real.

It finally all seems doable.

And most importantly, you’re making a BIG impact in the lives of your students.

One month later, your new customers are starting to share their “Aha” moments.

A few are already seeing results. And they’re reporting back with their success stories.

Your day looks drastically different than it did just 30 days ago.

Because now you have a Signature Product that sells every day of the week.

You have a business that you can be proud of.

You have students that are being impacted by your products and courses.

And That’s Not All, You’ll Also Receive 3 Special Bonuses to Help You Create & Launch Your First Signature Product…

1 2 3

So… What’s The Investment?

Here’s the cool part…

The people who enroll in this first run of the 30-Day Product Coach will get in at the lowest price this will ever be offered at – for only $997.

Join our small pilot group of just 100 people to get 30 days of coaching at a discounted rate.

And because this is our first time running this special hands-on program, you’ll get even more hand-holding and one-on-one attention.

My goal with this 1st coaching group is to create as many product launch success stories as possible.

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