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“Who Is Mitch Miller And Why Is He Saying These Terrible Things About Consultants?”

Say Goodbye To Proposals, Accepting Low Fees, Begging For Business, Or Competing With Those Other Sheep Ever Again… It’s Time To Step Up, Put On Your Big Boy Pants, And Start Acting Like The Powerful, Respected, Bad Ass Consultant I Know You Really Are…

The Real Secret: You Need To Seem Larger Than Life

This is the secret I was referring to and nobody wants to admit it.

They usually play the whole “anti guru” shtick, and make no mistake, it works very well – just don’t fall for it yourself!

It’s a damn smart strategy to play the part of the guy who is “just like you” who happened to “stumble upon something cool” that works and needs to share it with the world.

But re-read my statement above and you will see the magic phrase… Play the part. It’s an act. It’s a PERFORMANCE.

And that, my soon to be rich friend is the secret to this entire game and the reason you have been struggling so far. This entire game is a performance.

Even the guys who don’t seem like they are acting… are usually the best actors.

Don’t get me wrong – it doesn’t mean they are not authentic, it simply means they are masters at controlling your perceptions of them…

They are gaming you.

And even though they may have you believe they are just being themselves, the real truth is  every move is calculated on some level… at least in the beginning until it becomes who they are.

Like an actor who can move you to tears, or a speech by someone like Martin Luther King
, or watching Tony Robbins move mass amounts of people with his energy and way of being.

Take an authentic powerhouse like Gary Vaynerchuk. I doubt he sits at the dinner table with his family acting like the intense, passion dripping nutcase he does in his videos. Of course not. He puts on a show for you.

He has carefully crafted a persona for us – he takes who he is, cranks it to level 10 then adds a dash of swagger. Watch his stuff, don’t think for a minute he’s not entertaining you!

As he should… as we all should… this is the game of sales – never forget you are being sold, and never forget to sell… and selling is a performance.

Everyone Puts On A Show

Watching Stone Cold Steve Austin entertaining and engaging 90,000 people at a live WWE event made it crystal clear to me:

People NEED to believe in someone larger than life.

The infamous Frank Kern said in an interview he had with Joe Polish many years ago that his public persona was crafted. He literally said “My online persona is the embodiment of the person my market wishes they could be”.

Many people believe Frank is “just Frank”, but what he shows you is planned, calculated, and strategically thought out in advance. This is the truth of becoming elite in this game, and you better start playing by the real rules if you want to get to the top.

Learning how to perfect your persona is the missing link you need to SELL YOURSELF.

Tony Robbins said: “I constructed this fucking Tony Robbins guy. I constructed him, I created him, he was me, but I built this motherfucker… I created this motherfucker standing here.”

When it comes to selling ourselves and our services, we are always putting on a show.

You do it now, whether you realize it or not – we are always trying to put our best foot forward.

The real question is: How good of a show are you going to give them?

Your role models don’t tell you all of the little manipulations they do in order to control the way you see them, and truth be told, many are too dumb to know they are even doing it.

But before I reveal the details of the program

Here’s Another Quick Tip You Can Use Right Now:

DITCH the business cards.

DITCH the laptop.

DITCH the briefcase (do they even make those anymore?)

The more successful a person is, the less “stuff” they carry with them to meetings and public gatherings.

Think about it.

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump ain’t walking around with a briefcase. He ain’t carrying around his laptop computer either.

Low level people lug around these things in front of other people.

There are always rare exceptions, but look around you, and study the greats – I am telling you it’s true.

So one secret for you right off the bat, is to not be seen with things that project lower status!

By showing up to a meeting, networking event, or seminar with nothing but your powerful charisma and outfit (Which I discuss at length in the program), you convey power and high status.

Taking notes in your head instead of your phone, shows you are high up on the totem pole, so remember:

Nobody seeks advice from the wise man at the bottom of the hill…

It’s The Little Things Dude.

And another “little thing” that makes all the difference, is not being available for random incoming calls.

Again, name a very important person you can just ring up?

I dare you to try it.

Track down someone super important and try to reach them. Go ahead, call up Elon Musk… you ain’t getting through!

They got like, things to do.

Status is everything in this business.

People MUST perceive you being in high demand. Diamonds would be utterly worthless if the supply was greater than the demand, and so would you.

Use this universal law to your advantage.

One more thing

Stop Answering Your Damn Phone!

Not answering will save you time and allow you to serve your clients better.

I was going to wait until you bought the program, but Would you like to know another secret you can deploy right now that will instantly boost your status and make clients begin chasing you?

Here it is:

Find someone of the opposite sex, and have them record your brand new, high status voicemail message.

“Hi, welcome to _____. Because of the high demand for _____’s time, we are no longer taking incoming calls from non-clients. If you are a current client, please leave your message after the tone and I’ll immediately book you a phone appointment with ______. If you are considering becoming a client, please visit to fill out a simple questionnaire. If we think there may be a fit, I will book a 15 minute appointment between you and ______. Thank you.”


Do you see how powerful this is? It says all the right things about you:

You respect your time and theirs

You are in high demand

You quickly take care of current clients

You are picky and have an intake process

You are making them chase you for once

The most common objection I get to an approach like this is “Won’t this actually scare away potential clients?”

No, and here’s why:

Any potential client who doesn’t respect you as an authority WILL eventually undermine your advice and expertise anyway.

I am sure you have dealt with this before.

I have many times.

I mean, they hire you as their expert, then proceed to tell you exactly how to do your job!

It’s whacky,

As much fun as it is to vent and get pissed off, the truth is it’s our fault because we haven’t set the right tone from the start.

You’re either the buyer or the seller my friend.

In this business

You Must Take Control

It’s not a 50/50 deal here, don’t ever delude yourself.

They are hiring you because they need help getting control over a specific area of their business that is currently out of control.

Therefore to be of any help to them, you need to be the one to take control! Or they’ll just go screw it all up like they always have…

It’s critical you are the one that takes control.

And one of the ways you do this is by dictating the terms of the relationship from the very beginning.

You Must Become Their Most Trusted Expert

In order to be trusted, you need to be respected. In order to be respected, you need to be seen as powerful in their eyes. The voicemail strategy I gave you is a great start.
And listen, the biggest, most “smack you in the face” logical reason you MUST implement a system like this in your business right now is this:
Being the person who always responds quickly and at the drop of a hat is not sustainable long term.
First of all, it becomes part of your reputation that you are the guy who is easy to get a hold of.
This is a good thing when you have a few clients, but what happens as you become more successful?
Well, the more successful you get, the less you can be available.
Pretty soon you are available less and less, and people start to get pissed off and annoyed.

Because you created an expectation that you can’t live up to the more successful you get… that’s not smart.

The secret is to create an expectation from the start that allows you leeway.

It’s ok to buy pants that are a little big on you – you’ll grow into them. It’s the same with how you conduct business. You want to act more important than you really are so you can grow into it and keep your reputation intact along the way.
The reason my entire approach is to do the opposite of everyone else is not because I am a prick… sure, that’s part of it.
My way just works better than the alternative.

No More Grunt Work…

Just do the right things, and let your new power positioning do the heavy lifting for you.

I don’t want to give away too many secrets here, I want you to invest in my program, but I will quickly share a few universal truths about human behavior that will explain exactly why you need to begin doing these radical things I am talking about.

3 Laws Of Consulting

Just like the law of gravity, there are certain laws of positioning and client getting that will do the hard work for you, and here are a few to think about:

1. People want what they can’t have

2. People want what others want

3. The more difficult it is to get to you, the more they desire to get to you

Ask yourself – Have you been using these laws to your advantage, or have you been acting too available and needy just like everyone else?

Most people walk around begging for business like some pathetic shell of a consultant, hoping people want to work with them. I say fuck all that.

Since when did following the majority ever give us a breakthrough?

It’s Time You Start Living The Good Life Right Now

I truly believe virtually everyone is doing it wrong.

If they were doing it right, we’d have a lot more success stories out there – but what do we see instead?


Most people fail to reach their business goals literally.

And like I said earlier, it’s all the little things that add up to sink your status and importance in the market…

Do you still give “proposals”? If so, there is nothing more stupid.

Instead, use the word “action plan”.

Sure, it’s just a play on words… but it will make all the difference in your ability to close deals.


Remember, you want to be the trusted expert.

Like a doctor…

Does your doctor propose anything to you?

No… he diagnoses and prescribes – he doesn’t propose jack shit, and neither should you.

You are the expert, you know what is right – so stop proposing and start prescribing!

And right now I am prescribing my course to you, and here are the details…

How To Travel The World, Live Like A King, Be More Respected, And Other General Badassery

The course is broken into 3 sections.

1. Preparing yourself for domination

2. Self promotion and getting clients

3. Playing the game and closing the deal

I share many of my trade secrets including:

How to become a trusted and popular authority FAST

The 4 Big Consulting Traps That Will Keep You Broke (Do not fall into these)

The Dirty Little Secret Of Superiority (Why you need to feel “above” your clients to even have a chance at helping them)

7 Creative And Sneaky Client Getting Strategies To Deploy If You are low on Money

How To Have Rock star Level Charisma (Command attention and respect everywhere you go)

Developing Your “Character” and constructing your public image

How To Take A Powerful Picture Of Yourself (Photography and video advice)

Integrity, morals, and ethics – When to play fair, when NOT to play fair

Reputation 101 (Discover what a reputation is actually made of (I GUARANTEE it’s *not* what you think it is)

How To Design Your Reputation And Create Your Own Legendary Status

Seeing Through The Matrix – How To Use Your New Reputation To Bend Reality (and clients) to your will

How To Survive A Media Scandal Or Bashing From Your Industry

If You Must Get Clients Cold Right Now… Here Is EXACTLY How To Do It.

Discover the secret of Self Aggrandizement, and Circus Thinking

How To Make A Big Deal Out Of Small Things (Never be fooled again by people doing it to you)

The “Pizza Boy Method” to getting any important person to talk to you

My Step By Step Guide To Writing And Publishing Your Own Book (and releasing it on Amazon) In A Short Weekend

Understand Fake Media VS Real Media and how you can be talked about in the news very easily

The “Rent A Celebrity” Strategy

The “Schwarzenegger” Strategy

How To Exercise Power And Control Over The Client

Understanding Frame Control And The Hidden Game Of Frames

The Magic Of Takeaway Selling

Advanced Takeaway Selling Advice

How To Close The Deal – My six step system including exact phrasing

All Possible Objections You Will Get And Exactly What To Say To Overcome Them

What To Do If Your Client Resists Your Advice

How To Price Your Services properly so you get big money and get it UPFRONT

Fee Presentation Mistakes (What NOT to say – odds are you are throwing away money right now…)

When to know to fire a client, how To Fire Clients, and exactly what to say so it’s not awkward

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