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Discover how you can generate a consistent flow of leads, sales and customers on autopilot

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to Facebook™ ads or you’ve got a few ad campaigns under your belt—this proven system is for online business owners and marketers…

  • Use my PROVEN formula to setup your own Facebook ads system and 10x your list – clients will be lining up to work with you, and you’ll barely have to lift a finger to attract them
  • Get tried & tested strategies that guarantee a return on your ad spend – starting with as little as $5 a day. Start seeing ROI fast.
  • Never ‘shoot in the dark’ with your ads again – find out how to get better, more qualified leads AND turn them into consistent sales with a clear, no-guesswork process
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In The FB ADvantage, you’ll learn the proven exact Facebook ads system that generates a constant stream of leads, sales and customers for your business.

And best of all, everything runs on autopilot— once your ads are performing, you will literally just check your ads for 5 minutes each day and you’re good to go.

In the past couple of years, thousands of customers all over the world have invested in my Facebook ads training, taken action and seen incredible results.

If you’re ready to be my next success story and quickly scale your business online with a proven system for creating profitable Facebook ads then allow me to introduce…


Here’s what you’ll learn inside the FB ADvantage:


Facebook Ad Essentials

  • Benefits of FB Advertising:Why use Facebook ads to promote businesses? Here’s a quick overview of exactly why you should be using FB ads.

  • Know Thy Rules… Facebook’s Ad Policies:If you’re running Facebook ads without knowing Facebook’s ad policies, you’re playing with fire. You MUST be familiar with the policies if you want to have a thriving ads business…
  • Mindset:The people who are most successful with FB Ads are the ones who have a “I’m going to make this work” mindset. A major component is testing. You’re not going to see result overnight. Patience is a virtue.

  • The FB Ad Experience:These are the 6 steps to creating an automated Facebook ads system that gets leads & sales on autopilot. We dive into each of these steps throughout The FB ADvantage training.

Module 2

Setup Your Game Plan

  • The Game Plan:Creating a Game Plan for how you’re going to take someone who doesn’t know you and your business, converting them into a lead and into a paying customer is CRITICAL. Your game plan is the sales funnel you’ll use to accomplish your goal. In this Lesson, we’ll simplify how to create a game plan for your business.
  • The Offer:Crafting an offer that attracts your clients’ (or your) ideal audience is critical. In this lesson, you’ll learn exactly how to craft offers that convert.
  • Understanding Sales Funnels:Learn how to take someone on Facebook who is a stranger all the way through to becoming a paying customer.
  • Sales Funnel Examples:Step-by-step templates for the following funnels: Free Download funnel, Special (Discount) Offer funnel, Self-Liquidating Offer funnel, Webinar funnel and Product Sales funnel.

  • Traffic Strategy:Understanding the traffic “temperature” of the people you are targeting is critical because you will market differently to each. Learn the different types of audiences you’ll be targeting and how you’ll treat each differently.

  • How Much Should You Spend On Your FB Ads?:There are two ways to look at figuring out how much to spend on your client’s (or your own) Facebook ads. In this lesson we’ll cover each as well as offer resources for determining the proper spend.
  • Don’t Forget Your Friendly Facebook Fans:Targeting your ads to your Facebook fans is a great way to reach a very qualified audience on the cheap. Don’t leave this targeting option out with our simple step-by-step strategy on how to captivate this audience with your ads.

Module 3

Facebook Ads Tour

  • Facebook Ads Tour:High level overview of Ads Manager, Power Editor, and Audience Insights before we dive more deeply into each coming up in the training.

Module 4

Pixel Basics for Targeting and Conversion Tracking

  • Pixel Basics:In this lesson you’ll learn what the Facebook pixel is and exactly how it works. You’ll be a pixel pro in no time!
  • Placing the Pixel for Targeting:The FB pixel needs to be placed correctly in order to build retargeting audiences. I’ll show you exactly where to find your (or your client’s) FB pixel and where you need to place it in order to start building your valuable retargeting audiences.
  • Conversion Basics:Tracking conversions is the basis of any Facebook ads campaign where you’re looking for things like opt-ins, registrations, sales, and such. We’ll dive into the two ways to track conversions in your FB ads campaigns and suggestions for which one(s) will best suit your needs.

  • Custom Conversions:The simplest way to track your Facebook conversions… You’ll learn the ins & outs of Custom Conversions including everything you need to know to set them up, why you might want to use them, and much more…

  • Standard Events:Step by step tutorial on what it means to track Facebook ad conversions with Standard Events including what they are, why you might use them, and exactly how to set them up.

Module 5

Audience and Targeting

    • Who’s The Ideal Customer?:One of the many benefits of Facebook ads is the ability to target your ideal audience so precisely. In this lesson you’ll learn how to get crystal clear on your target audience.
    • Targeting Strategy:In this lesson you’ll learn all the different ways to target your Facebook ads and my strategic recommendations for HOW to use them to get the best results.
    • Using Audience Insights:Learn how to find new relevant target audiences for your or your client’s business with Audience Insights — Facebook’s awesome free audience finding tool
    • Email Retargeting:This is where targeting your Facebook ads gets REALLY fun. You’ll learn the what, when, why and how to target your ads to people on your email list.
    • Retargeting Website Visitors:My favorite and MOST effective targeting strategy! You’ll learn how to target your Facebook ads to people who have visited your website. Whaaat?! Yep, this is one of the best ways to lower your cost per lead and reach a very qualified audience.

    • Connections:Targeting your ads to your Facebook fans is a great way to reach a very qualified audience on the cheap. Don’t leave this targeting option out of your strategy.
    • Lookalike Audiences:Did you know that you can target people with similar attributes as your Facebook fans, your email list and your website visitors? Yep, they’re called Lookalike audiences and they’re a critical part of your Facebook ads automated strategy.

    • Other People’s Pages:One of the cool things about Facebook ads is you can target your ads to people who like other Facebook pages in your niche — brand new audiences of potential customers This lesson will show you how to get the most out of Facebook’s Detailed Targeting and more.

    • Demographics:Since Facebook knows so much about its users, the demographic targeting opportunities are really powerful. In this Lesson, you’ll discover how to leverage Facebook’s powerful demographic targeting options to hone in your target audience.

Module 6

Anatomy of a High Converting Facebook Ad

      • Anatomy of a Standard Ad:Always a good refresher for the basics of the anatomy of a standard Facebook ad.
      • Ad Copy That Converts:In this lesson, we’ll break down how to write Facebook ad copy that converts, Including, what to do and maybe more importantly, what NOT to do. I also got your back with several examples of great ad copy.
      • Choosing an Ad Type:Facebook gives you quite a few options when it comes to choosing an ad type. In this lesson we’ll walk through the options I recommend testing.

      • Image Ads:In this Lesson, we’ll dive into the elements of a highly converting image ad and take you step-by-step how to create them for your own ad campaigns.
      • Quick & Easy Ways to Create Images for Your Ads:Step-by-step how to create great looking Facebook ad images within minutes with two free online tools.

      • Video Ads:My favorite Facebook ad type! Video is a great way to connect with your target audience because they get to experience you visually — and Facebook loves video! In this lesson you’ll learn the video format to follow and the ingredients of highly successful video ads.
      • Carousel Ads:In this lesson we break down Carousel ads including what they are, why you might want to test them, and creative ways to use them.
      • Lead Ads:Lead ads are an interesting ad type that you may want to test if you’re looking for conversions with your Facebook ads. BUT, you need to have an important thing in place before using them. Learn exactly what here in this lesson.
      • Messenger Ads:Messenger ads are still rolling out on Facebook and in this lesson I’ll take you through what’s worth testing, how to use them, and tips and tricks to make these interesting ad types work for your business.

Module 7

Setting Up Your Ads

      • Understand the Hierarchy:Understanding the 3 parts of the ads setup process — campaigns, ad sets and ads is critical — and we’ll simplify each part so your marketing strategy is setup for success.

      • Setting Your Objective:Understanding the Objective is CRUCIAL to the success of your Facebook ads. In this lesson we’ll break down the Objectives I recommend for achieving the goals you want with your Facebook ad campaigns.

      • Campaigns:In this lesson, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the Campaign level and what goes into setting it up.

      • Ad Sets:In this lesson, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the Ad Set level and what goes into setting it up, including Placements, optimization, targeting and more..

      • Ads:In this lesson, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the Ads level and what goes into setting up your ads.

      • Split Testing Your Way to Success:If you want to get the best results possible with your Facebook ads, split testing is essential. In this Lesson we break down what split testing is and walk you through best practices for how to split test your ads on Facebook ads.

Module 8


      • Ads Are Running… Now What?:In this lesson you’ll learn best practices for optimizing your Facebook ads for the best results possible. I’ll show you what to look for when optimizing your ads and cover the critical reporting metrics,

      • Creating Custom Reports:You’ll need to send custom reports to your clients so in this lesson I’ll show you simple ways to simplify this whole process. Easy peazy!

      • Best Practices for Scaling Ads:Accelerate your good results by scaling SMARTLY. In this lesson you’ll learn best practices for scaling your ads without ruining your sweet results.

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