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The Science Of Sharing: How To Get 10X to 100X Likes, Comments, and Shares So You Can Attract Conscious Customers Now


Take a look at what you’ll learn and how it will guarantee you start to see real results on Facebook. More traffic.. More opt-ins. More sales.

Get Thousands Of Real, Cost-Effective Likes
Use the “Global Ad Secret” to get high quality, affordable, targeted Likes

  • How to combine viral Facebook photos with page likes ads to quickly grow thousands of likes to real, prospective customers looking for you business, product, service, or you now.
  • Discover how to use a simple, powerful Facebook “Hack” called the “Stack” to become a customer magnet, attract all the Facebook Likes, Leads, and Customers your business can handle.
  • Learn how to turn browsers into Likes, and Likes into real paying customers consistently right now so you’ll never have to struggle financially again.
  • Win customers with online chat.  Learn the secret to double, triple and even quadruple sales by proactively engaging your customers at point-of-sale with simple free online chat on your website.

How To Find Your Perfect Customer On Facebook
And discover how to get THEM to find YOU…

  • Discover the secret to going BIG by focusing small.  Niches are acutally a group of people with the same problem that you are uniquely capable of solving.  Learn how to leverage tight knit social networks on Facebook to get “discovered” by a large group of egar customers now.
  • Streamline your marketing by creating your perfect customer avatar.  Save tens and even hundreds hours of wasted marketing by downloading my all-time most efficient marketing research template.
  • Get my 10 most powerful questions to ask your customers now to understand them better than they understand themsleves.  When you can articulate their problems better than they can they will look to pay you for your solutions.

Create Your Customer Magnet Fan Page
How to create your perfect customer experience

  • Use my Customer Magnet Blueprint to create your ideal customer flow experience.  Avoid the biggest mistake that runis entrepreneur’s hard work.  From Facebook, to landing page, to checkout and post purchase upsell – win before your start by creating the perfect customer flow experience and build it right the FIRST time.
  • Build your e-mail list fast with content marketing.  Use the simple, powerful “Webinar StackTM” and fill any online webinar, or teleseminar every time.
  • Drive Crazy targeted traffic to your website with free education. Use my 2 best converting techniques so you have my personally tested, proven solution that work now.
  • How to turn all that traffic you’ll be getting into customers with the “Sold out Webinar SecretTM.”

Leverage “Word-of-Mouth” Marketing Online
How to quickly and easily get “Discovered” by new customers now

  • How to use the power of the Facebook Like as the social proof you need to leverage your “Word-of-Mouth” marketing on Facebook.  You’ll discover how to get  your customers to become your number 1 source of new customers with ease.
  • Discover how to become the recognized authority in your niche with the “Article StackTM.”  You’ll learn how to easily accumulate likes on your blog over time to create the social proff you’ll need to dominate your niche.
  • Learn the 5 most powerful words in marketing and how you can easily use them to get influential customer testimonials so that you can attract customers now.
  • Easily fill a weekly recurring webinar with the powerful yet simple “Facebook Event StackTM”

Get Likes, Leads, And Customers Fast
Supersonic results with your Fast Start Training

  • Six video HTML training so you learn exactly what you need to know and nothing else.
  • How to find your customers with maximum efficiency with perfect goal setting.
  • Lead with “Purpose Based Marketing” and discover your undeniable value.
  • Blow up your Page Likes with the “Photo Album StackTM” and harness the vast power of social proof.

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