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In this course I will show you the exact strategies in detail that myself and other large Influencers used to Rapidly grow your following from zero & make a full time income + more at the same time! This Course touches on all aspects of personal branding, some of the main topics covered in much detail are:

  • What personal Branding Is & Our Strategy With It
  • How To Choose & research niches
  • Strategies on how to develop and position your image as an influencer
  • Grow a youtube from zero fast (Rank Videos, Make Content, Youtube Algorithm, Advertising, much much more)
  • Instagram & FB growth strategies
  • Multiple ways of monetizing a personal brand and the exact strategies to really make the big bucks with them
  • My Exact Ads & Funnels Used To Make $3 Million In 10 months from my personal brand
  • How to sell on social medias
  • Business & tax setup
  • And more!


  • “I don’t have the money or equipment to start”

– You do not need any money or equipment to start! Most methods I teach are free and do not require money. As long as you have a webcam in your computer or phone you are good to go!

  • “I don’t have the time”

– This business model can take up as much time as you want to put in. If you want to only work 1 hour a week you can still see great results!

  • “I’m camera shy”

– This is a limiting belief everyone starting YouTube has. No one is comfortable on camera but after 2 or 3 videos it’ll be normal for you. I also teach strategies where you do not need to be on camera and address how to overcome camera fear!

  • “Why would people watch me?”

– A lot of people want someone they can relate to or see what other people are doing, which is why so many reality tv shows and YouTube blog channels are so popular. You do not need to be an expert at anything or even interesting at all, I’m very boring and awkward and have had great success.

  • “I don’t know what to post”

– I will show you exactly what you can post and how you will never run out of content with my methods!

  • “Im brand new and know nothing”

– This course is beginner friendly and you will be at no disadvantage if you have no knowledge at all!

  • “I’m not an expert at anything”

– You do not need to be an expert at anything, I teach exactly how to successfully grow and monetize your following and what to post if you are not an expert at anything.

  • “My Age Wont Work For This”

– Building a personal brand has no age restrictions! There are a few 6 year olds making millions a year from personal branding, and 90 year olds doing the same. No matter your age there will be people who want to watch you.

  • “I Already Have A Following, Can I Benefit From This?”

Yes! Even if you have millions of followers you can greatly benefit from the strategies I teach about growing and more importantly monetizing a following!

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