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Live Workshop #1 – Setting Your Foundation
In our kickoff event, I’ll breakdown for you the same foundation I use in ANY of my online businesses that is proven to get me the fastest results … and even more importantly, how you can avoid the mistakes that most other people will usually make when getting started.
You’ll also learn the most important question you MUST ask yourself before you even begin to build your list … answer this wrong, and the best you could hope for will be only “so-so” results

Live Workshop #2 – Choosing Your Primary Offer
In this event, let’s talk about making money!
Join me as I break down the FIRST thing you should sell to ANY new subscriber. This one lesson has made me an absolute fortune, and I’ll gladly share it with you here.
There’s a very specific type of product you need to promote that will not only SELL like crazy,
but will also set you up for predictable sales for weeks, months and years to come!

Live Workshop #3 – Creating A High Converting Squeeze Page
In this event, we will go over (in extreme detail) my exact steps on how to create your lead magnet (squeeze page) that not only CONVERTS visitors to fresh subscribers, but also gets them HOT to buy from you almost immediately!
NOTE – This session will be INTENSE, so be prepared to take tons of notes.

Live Workshop #4 – Choosing Your Secondary Offers For Ongoing Profits
Here’s where I’ll share with you the result of literally millions of dollars of trial and error that taught me the specifics of what sell to your subscribers AFTER your initial offer.
Selling with my “3 to 5 Method” will ensure that you make sales from your subscribers over and over again, while building a lasting relationship with them that will set you apart from the herd.

Live Workshop #5 – Becoming An Instant Authoritys
On this event we will get into the nitty gritty of how YOU will become an instant authority with your new subscribers … where they not only trust you, but turn to you as the expert!
You’ll love how simple this can be when you have the right formula, and my formula hasn’t failed me yet ?

Live Workshop #6 – Communicating With Your Subscribers
In one of the most fun events of the entire series, you will finally learn the “KLT Approach”, which turns subscribers into raving fans of yours! Without fail, EVERY “guru” out there uses this to fast track their list building AND subscriber retention.
As a bonus, I’ll share my stupidly simple (and fun) way to write emails to my subscribers that GET OPENED and even better … GET READ! Do this right, and your subscribers will even save them to share with their friends.

Live Workshop #7 – The Science of Traffic
This is where the rubber meets the road!
During this event, I’ll pull back the curtains and show you how I get loads of HIGHLY targeted traffic to any squeeze page, and how I create an opt-in process that converts higher than should be allowed by law ?
Before the event is over, you’ll also see for yourself how you can go from absolutely 0 subscribers to over 100,000 in less than 12 months!
Take it from me, when your list is this size, your days as a struggling entrepreneur will be OVER.

BONUS: How To 3X Your Profits By Doing 1 Thing *Never Before Seen*

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