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Understand the basics of bitcoin, the popular virtual currency, and then learn the nuances of bitcoin transactions and security issues that can be difficult to navigate on your own. Tom Geller addresses both the big and small issues swirling around bitcoin right now, and prepares you to use or accept bitcoin as a currency for your transactions. Discover how bitcoin compares to US dollars and other forms of money; how to send, receive, and “mine” it; and how to protect and track your bitcoin transactions. Tom will even show you how to connect with the Bitcoin development community, in case you’re interested in contributing to the spread of this modern cryptocurrency.


Hi, I’m Tom Geller. Welcome to Up and Running with Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a form of money that exists only online and which has been part of tens of millions of transactions since it first appeared in 2009. It’s also been a source of heated controversy. Some people say it’s the future of money, while others say it’s just a passing fad. Tens of thousands of businesses accept Bitcoin for purchases, and it can be exchanged for Dollars, Euros, and other national currencies.

And yet, Bitcoin remains a mystery for most people. This course aims to change that, it starts by explaining exactly what Bitcoin is and how it’s different from other kinds of money you’ve used. Then we’ll dive into the nitty gritty of how to get it, spend it, protect it and exchange it for Dollars and other forms of money. You’ll also see how to connect with people who are involved in the development and growth of Bitcoin. And what kinds of forces threaten its survival. Bitcoin has been the subject of thousands of news stories, and yet few people understand what it actually is or situations where it’s better than traditional money.

But after watching this course, you’ll be better equipped to get, spend, and understand Bitcoin. Let’s get started with Up and Running with Bitcoin.

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