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“Easy, Repeatable, Dependable
Passive Online Income with the
Amazon Seller System?”

No Website, No List, No Information Product,
No Webinars, No Joint Ventures Required…

Then Use That Extra Income to Pay Down Debt,
Go On Vacation, Retire Early, Pay Off the Mortgage
or Just Have More Free Time Doing What You Love…

From: Lance Tamashiro & Robert Plank

Have you heard of a site called Amazon.com? They are one of the biggest sellers of physical products online and they would like you (yes, YOU) to make money using their marketplace — and the best part is, you can get started today…

So if you’re looking for an easy way to start (or increase) your online income using Amazon’s selling system (while they do all the work and bring you all the sales) then you’ll want to pay very close attention to this web page because…

I’m about to reveal three simple ways of making money online that anyone can copy, whether you’re 7 years old or 97 years old:

  • Scenario #1: Your First Sale
  • Scenario #2: Scanning & Thrifting
  • Scenario #3: Private Labeling

How would you make your first sale online if you were starting over?

Scenario #1: “Your First Sale Online”

It’s very simple. Find any unused paperback book, school textbook, or cookbook you have around the house. Type in the title of that book in the “search” box on Amazon.

People looking for that book can either buy it as it appears on the page, OR they can choose to “buy it new from one of these sellers” or “buy it used from one of these sellers”…

The good news is that YOU TOO can list your used book (or any item you want) in Amazon’s marketplace. You quickly register an Amazon Seller account and say, I want to sell my used copy of “The Da Vinci Code” or “Harry Potter” for $0.01 plus $4.99 shipping.

When someone looking for the book “buys” it from Amazon, they send you an email and a shipping label. You throw that used book into a box, tape the pre-paid shipping label to the outside, take it to your local UPS Store, skip the line, drop it off on the counter, you mark the order as shipped and get paid.
Question: is making $1 to $2 profit per book a full time living from the internet? Of course not… but it’s a quick and easy way to make your first sale online…

Now, you might be wondering… if I can list ANY item such as a used book on Amazon, can’t I sell things like DVDs, office supplies, beauty products, pet supplies, and more?

Make a 5 to 10 dollar profit on each item and sell 10 to 20 per day?

Good news, you can!

Scenario #2: “Scanning & Thrifting”

An easy $1000/month stream of income: walk into your local discount store (Walmart, BigLots, Kmart, Costco), with a special scanning app (this is still possible without a smartphone as but not ideal). Scan the barcodes of specific items and load up the cart…

With a quick 5 minute trip to any of these stores, I can load up the shopping cart with $100 to $200 of inventory. These are specific items I can get for $5 to $10 (locally, they haven’t sold in stores so they are at a discount) that sell on a regular basis on Amazon for $15 to $30 (verified based on the “sales ranking” I’m looking for).

The process is simple. After buying the items I want at the store, I simply scan the products and tell Amazon how many of each item I have (i.e. 5 litter box trays and 10 packages of soap). Then, I throw those items in a single box (whether I have 10 things or 100 things) and mail them directly into Amazon’s warehouse.

Amazon receives my items after 5-7 days and lists them for sale. If someone only buys ONE litter box tray or ONE package of soap, I don’t care! Amazon literally handles everything. They take the order and the payment, they mail it in a box to the customer, and they pay me what I’m owed (after fees)…

The ONLY thing I have to worry about is finding new inventory to mail into Amazon.

But you might realize there’s a bottleneck. The math “roughly” works out to doubling my money. That means if I visit my local discount store (the items I have on sale won’t be the same items you find on sale in your local city) and I find items that sell on Amazon for three times what I pay, I basically double my money after fees.

Think about this. If I load up the cart with $200 of inventory, I’ll “roughly” get $400 back after everything is sold. This might mean I have to load up my cart once a week or several times per week. It’s an easy $1000 per month if I continue restocking my inventory, but does it scale?

The answer is, NO, it doesn’t scale, but I want to introduce you to a method that DOES scale as small or as big as you want. If you want this to become a 1000 per month or 10,000 per month business is up to you. (Your results may vary.)

Scenario #3: “Private Labeling”

This is where it gets interesting: You can CREATE your very own BRAND NEW product listing on Amazon. Do you see measuring cups selling for $9? Cast iron skillets selling for $25? Baking sheets selling for $10? BPA free water bottles selling for $12?

It’s a very simple process (once you know how) to find a manufacturer who will produce 100 to 500 measuring cups for 30 cents each, cast iron skillets for $1, metal baking sheets for 50 cents each, and the EXACT same water bottles (almost down to the picture) for 10 cents each.

Now imagine what you can do. Tell Amazon you have a new “brand” of water bottle available for sale. Pay your supplier a small amount of money to get a few “samples” which you can use to photograph your new water bottles…

Create a listing with a title, bullet points, keywords. THEN have your supplier send a full shipment of water bottles DIRECTLY into Amazon’s warehouse and NOW you have an inventory of tens or hundreds of these items ready and waiting to take orders.

And yes, because your supplier mails your items DIRECTLY to Amazon (you give them your shipping label) you can do this no matter what country you live in…

This is the step most people won’t take, but YOU will. Now YOUR physical item is for sale on one of the highest trafficked sites in the world. As you get more orders, collect reviews on the product, and grow that listing, you’ll climb in Amazon’s rankings and have an easier and easier time making those repeat sales… if you know how!

You only need to know when your inventory is running low. You shoot your supplier an email, pay for another shipment (recycled from the profits you made the first time around), and you’ve restocked that inventory…

Amazon Handles Everything For You…

They list the products, handle payments, ship products, customer service…

It’s a breeze!

Think about it this way: You find great products to sell which have a high profit margin for you (easy when you know how)…

Imagine: Amazon holds whatever inventory you want to send them (either one small item or a ton of items) — when the order comes in, you do nothing! They ship out, they send the emails, they handle the customers… it’s as if eBay worked for YOU!

It used to be difficult and confusing to get yourself listed on this magic website… until now…


Dropship CEO - Lance Tamashiro and Robert Plank

The Fastest & Easiest Way to
Start Selling Physical Items on Amazon.com
(Without Touching Any of the Inventory Yourself)

Once you’ve completed your “Dropship CEO” training, you’ll easily know how to generate money out of thin air with Amazon anytime you want…

We’re going to setup our own Amazon products right along with you…

Module 1:
Setup Account & Find Products

Instant Access, $697 Value

The first thing you’re going to want to do as a Dropship CEO is get a handle on listing physical goods on Amazon… but don’t get carried away just yet!

The Secret About Amazon.com
That Almost No One Knows About…

You wouldn’t believe how many people get STUCK with Amazon’s signup process… or they get too carried away and try to sell 10, 20, or 100 products right out of the gate. Or they’ll “gamble” $1,000 to $10,000 without any kind of research or strategy… NOT GOOD!

Instead, we’re going to get you to list things you already have access to, and here’s the good part… YOU can sell just about any product that’s already listed on Amazon!

Once you see how we do this, you’re going to be shocked and amazed at how quick and simple this is… type a couple of things into a computer, stick it in a box, and mail it off to Amazon!

  • Why you’ll be able to sell 7 types of items you already have around the house starting today (and profit from them)
  • The “scanning” technique the most successful Amazon sellers use to make money fast without having to go through a supplier
  • The secrets of “thrifting” finally revealed to get local items cheap and sell them for large amounts
  • Revealed: a weird and simple way to narrow down the exact categories and products you’ll need to use to start selling on Amazon
  • Which price points (and profit margins) simply won’t sell no matter what you do

Here’s what really cool about selling with Amazon… once you send your “item” off to them (like a book, collectible, electronic item, etc.) your task is done! They will store it for you and handle shipping, customer support, everything…

Module 2:

Ship & Source Your Products

Instant Access, $697 Value

By now you’ve got one or maybe even a handful of items listed on Amazon… which could mean quick money for you, but I don’t have to tell you that it’s no way to get rich… so… I want you to follow the exact technique that the HIGHEST AMAZON EARNERS use to setup a new stream of income from scratch…

Have You Heard of the Term
“Made in China”?

Maybe you paid $800 for a smartphone from the store… we both know China put that together for $200 or even less…

Think about items you might use every day:

  • aviator sunglasses (get these for $2.90 and sell on Amazon for $35)
  • 10-piece stainless steel cookware and utensil set (get these for $8.50 and sell on Amazon for $109)
  • water bottles (get these for $1 and sell on Amazon for $12.95)
  • LED flashlight (get these for $1 and sell on Amazon for $9.96)

These overseas suppliers are NOT in the business of selling to the end consumer, they are NOT in the business of listing their items on Amazon or in retail stores like Walmart… all they care about is creating these items and selling a bunch of them!

That’s where you come in… find a supplier for one of these items (we show you how and what to avoid), and they will literally mail your items directly to Amazon for you, so Amazon can now sell these items for you

  • How to locate the hottest selling products almost instantly without having to suffer through trial & error
  • Simple product-locating adjustments that will end your search for the perfect item forever (narrow down the exact thing to sell)
  • How to permanently find the right provider so you’ll never be without consistent cashflow
  • Why you’ll get more money in less time using Amazon if you use this “direct” shipping technique instead of holding (or even handling) inventory yourself

These are huge profit margins and because the actual “work” is done by your supplier and by Amazon, all you have to do is give the commands.

Module 3:
Scale Your Operation

Instant Access, $697 Value

Once you have a winning system, now you can apply a few of our special techniques to increase your profit margins, make money faster, and even remove yourself from the equation:

  • How to undercut your competition on Amazon and STILL make more money doing it
  • Easily double or triple any of your Amazon listings with just a few simple keyword and description techniques
  • Secrets to “win the buy box” (this enables Amazon’s 1-click button on your page, and many people miss this or can’t figure it out)
  • Why the phrasing and headlines you use in your Amazon listing can mean a profitable or unprofitable Amazon business (most sellers don’t give a second thought to the words they use) — this part alone is worth the entire cost of the course

By the end of this module, you’ll wonder why you ever even thought about affiliate programs, eBay, or any other service for selling physical goods…

Module 4:

Advanced Monetization

Instant Access, $697 Value

At this point, you might be wondering, “If this is so easy, why isn’t everyone doing it?”

Cultivating That Amazon Listing:
Easy & Profitable (But Most Marketers Miss This)

Many marketers HAVE tried in the past and failed for a number of reasons. One big reason is that they didn’t have “OUR” Dropship CEO system to easily get them from point A to point B…

They also gave up on their Amazon efforts early and didn’t make an effort to keep up with the competition or even cultivate and grow their business… they tried it once and then gave up…

In the final module of Dropship CEO, we’re going to show you how to navigate the world of Amazon selling to promote and scale your physical products and beat any other seller that comes along!

  • Why you need to (ethically) build up your product reviews and how you too can do this with less than 3 minutes per week
  • Why you should never ignore bad reviews! And how to bury them (while staying within Amazon’s guidelines)
  • Customer follow-up strategies and tactics (hint: do this in a very specific way to avoid breaking Amazon’s rules) to guarantee repeat sales over and over again
  • How to easily repeat this over and over again anytime you want some extra spending money

Just think, if you wanted to get rid of old stuff in the garage, pick up a quick item at Goodwill or BigLots, or just click a button and have China figure it out… we’ll show you inside this advanced (but easy) training…

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