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FREE Webinar: Local Biz Owners Are Paying
Over $10,000 For This Unusual Service…

Effortless Celebrity Endorsement Cash is A Very Complete Business which is Designed to Cut to The Chase and Get You Started Making Money Fast Using Every Little Trick and Tactic Based On The Researched Over The Last year without All The Fluff and Filler You Find In Bigger, And Also More Expensive Training Programs. And Then Actually This is A Step By Step Blueprint to Earning 4 and 5 Figures Payments From Local Businesses By Reselling Celebrity Endorsements Through A Point and Click Service that You Will Get Step By Step And Click By Click From Scratch to Earning Your First 5 Figure Check From A Local Business. And Then You’ll Learn How to Quickly Find The Businesses That Can benefit The Most From A Celebrity Endorsement. And Then You Will Learn How to Match Them with The Right Celebrity From An Online List. Moreover Also You Will Learn How to Send Out A Proposal to The Business Owners, How to Use The Point and Click Service to Set Up A Celebrity Endorsement in 5 Minutes, And After The Business Has Deposited The Money into Your Account.

Effortless Celebrity Endorsement Cash Includes 4 Simple Steps Using Proven Copy and Paste Materials to Land Your First 5 Figure Pay Day, Plus Also Also You Already Have Everything You Need to Run This Business Since The Entire Process is Done Right From Your Home Computer Via Email, with No Websites, No WordPress, No SEO, and No Facebook Ads. So This System Will Work For You Even if you don’t have any technical experience. And also even if you don’t have a website or have never sold anything to a business before. And also even if it seems like you’ve tried everything else in the past. And What You need is just a computer or phone with an internet connection and are responsible enough to follow up with clients via email. And then you can earn money following the steps in this GuideBook. And You Could Land More Clients and Gets You Paid Faster.

Effortless Celebrity Endorsement Package:

  • Implementing How to Buy Celebrity Posts on Any Social Network Including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and Tumblr and Even YouTube for As Little As $1,000
  • Plus Then You Can Offer Your Client Endorsement On The Social Network that Works Best for Their Business
  • Able to Do it All Without having to Talk to Hollywood Agents
  • In Addition The Service is Done Completely Online
  • And Also After You Get Paid You Simply Pick The Celebrity Write Your Message
  • Plus Get also the 6 step sales propsal formula that is currently earning 5 figure checks from 1 out of 12 businesses that receive it
  • What you have to do is just follow this 6 step method every time you send out a sales propsal to pull in the highest fee’s possible for your business
  • Grab also a complete copy paste example template that you can simply put your name on and start sending out to prospects
    Earning money just 20 minutes from now
  • Grab Also Sean’s Free Lead Source that gives him direct contact information for any businesses owner across the country that he wants to target that you can use this lead source to get directly to a decision maker every time
  • PLUS you can send less propsals and close more deals
  • PLUS you can use the NLP Pattern on every business onwer you deal with to make them feel obigated to give you a referral

Effortless Celebrity Endorsement Cash By Luther Landro is Step By Step Instructions Anyone Can Use to Duplicate The Results with Available Done for You Services Using Celebrity Posts to Generate Leads For Business. And Then You’ll Get The Benefit Way More Than Life Usual From A Celebrity Endorsement. And Using A Single Mention On Twitter, Could Make Any Bar or Restaurant The Only Spot in Town Endorsed By A Famous Celebrity. And Then They Could Even Use The Social Media Endorsements in Their Other Advertising, Creating Ever Ad Dollar They Spend More Effective. And Then You Could Focus On Selling Celebrity Endorsements to Other Local Business Owners, and Get A List of Business Near Your Home Town. And Then You Could Find The Celebrity That Make The Most Sense for Each Business to Have Endorse Them. Like Amerca Handy Man, Bob Villa Who Would Posts On His Twitter For A Measly $1500. And Then You Will Also Get A Hardware Store or Contractor to Pay $3,000 For The Endorsement. And Then You Could Email About 50 Busineses The First Week, and Matching Each One to A Celebrity And Asking For A Fee of $50,000 to Make it Happen. And Absolutely 100% The Response for These Endorsements is Incredible.

And Then, Effortless Celebrity Endorsement Cash Brings Biz Owners Are Replaying Back in Disbelief That An Endorsement Could Be This Affordable. And The Are Charging Tens And Even Hundreds of Thousands Of Dollars For The Privilage. Now, You Could Leave From Your Boring Jobs, and Start Selling This Endorsement Servie to Local Business Owners. Now, You Just Follow ALong Click By Click When Setting Up Your First Celebrity Endorsement that You Will Have The Confidence of Knowing You Can Deliver Even before You Approach Your First Potential Client.

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