GeniusDoc - Content planning and management system

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Product Description:

Why you need this application?

  • You creating a websites?
  • You do not like overloaded email attachments with hundredth versions of the materials?
  • Tired of explaining to customers that the maximum upload 20MB per email?
  • After receiving the pictures for the web sites from client, you do not know where it belongs?
  • Clients urgently want to see basic information on web page?
  • Oh yes, maybe even the client does not have email, how they might be able to send materials? :-)
  • All the customer sees is too complicated, too many menus, too many clicks?
  • Need to create a small web site, and you need easy-to-use elegant cms and template engine?

If at least one of the answers is yes, see the application and you’ll love it. :-)

About application

Application was designed to simplify the process of gathering and planning materials for making web sites. Can be also used as a easy-to-use and elegant content management system. Export to other application is possible via the JSON API.

Benefits for your client

  • One click to edit content (for Cursor position :)), your customers will be delighted
  • Drag-and-drop pages to quickly rearrange the order
  • Drag-and-drop multiple files to upload or rearrange the order
  • All on one page, and they don’t need desktop Office application
  • Autosave supported, clients do not have to worry about saving, but if they feel safer can click :-)
  • Customer can login just with link, authorization or email not necessary but possible
  • Additional images like logo and other files that you need can be uploaded
  • Customer can select preferred colors for design
  • When planning content, on frontend “Under construction pages” is displayed so you don’t need to create it

Your benefits

  • Material revisions supported (content, images, files, design description), all in one place
  • Ability to print or see revisions, track content changes
  • Download all files from specific page with one click on the download (in zip archive)
  • Export content to other applications via the JSON API
  • When the content is ready, possible page preview for you and your client using 6 available bootstrap themes (see in Screenshots), or easily create own theme and use it as easy-to-use and elegant CMS system
  • Easy installation, just copy it to server

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