How To Run Your Car On Water

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“The Simple Hybrid System Water Car Guide Will Show You How To Convert Your Car To Run On Water And Dramatically Slash 50% Off Your Fuel Bill For Your Current Car And Laugh At The High Gas Prices!”

Free technology lets you increase your gas mileage by 50% or more in any car or truck, clean your engine, and save the environment

It might sound impossible, but we’ll show you how to:

  • Run your car mostly on plain old water you get out of any faucet in your house or hose in your yard Shave 50% of more from your fuel bill every single year from now on…no matter what vehicle you drive
  • Cut your car maintenance costs significantly, and have your car run better

And we’ll show you how to do it all for $47.00 $23.50

That’s no pipe dream. It’s not science fiction. And it’s most definitely not some kind of infomercial hype. It’s actually proven science you can install in your very own car in less than an hour (even if you’re not a mechanic).


From: Tony Bradshaw

Dear Fed Up Gas Buyer,

Have you seen the price of gas lately? Gosh, who hasn’t! It seems like the price only knows how to go in one direction… UP.

But really, what choice do you have?

How Big Oil’s Dirty Little Secret Hurts You

What you don’t know is the dirty little secret Big Oil has known and kept from you for years…water is power!

That doesn’t mean big hydroelectric power dams that cover tens or hundreds of square miles. It means raw power from simple tap water in a device smaller than a shoebox…and you can make the thing yourself.

If you can convert water into electricity or fuel, you can run anything on it. As we’ll show you, that means cars too!

It today’s world, you’re supposed to do your part to help the environment, but have you seen the price on a Toyota Prius? If you could afford “new” hybrid technology, you probably wouldn’t care what gas costs!

In the meantime, you’ve got your current car and it runs 100% on gasoline…which means you’re a slave to Big Oil. Until now..

The Hidden, Suppressed Technology That’ll Let You Run Car On Water!

The big auto makers know all about hybrid cars. The technology isn’t really “new” at all.

The big boys even know how to make cars run on water (no, that’s not science fiction). But they’re in bed with Big Oil, and that means you get the shaft.

They don’t want you to convert to cleaner, cheaper, better fuels. They know plain old water is about 300% more potent than gas, and they never want you to find out. It would slaughter their profits.

The key is the science behind this. What you’ll do (once we give you the simple, safe instructions) is convert your car to a gas/water hybrid. You’ll use both water and gas, but you’ll slash your gas use to the bone, probably by 40-80% right away.

Make Your Own Hybrid…
and Don’t Give A Car Company A Single Dollar!

Crazy, but true. A simple device you can make at home for pennies will take regular water (H2O) and convert it to a gas (HHO) that your car can run on. The only waste product is pure water again! Talk about being absolutely wonderful for the endangered environment.

You can run for hundreds of miles on less than one quart of water. That means there’s almost literally money pouring out of your kitchen faucet.

It’s completely safe. And since water burns cleaner and more efficiently than gas, it actually cleans your engine and helps your car run smoother over time…not to mention saving the environment from choking CO2 emissions.

Here’s a simple video showing you how what’s called a water hydrolyzer works

See the bubbling action? It’s water converting to the gas you need for fuel. That’s the basic technology behind this—technology that’s been known about for years, but that the auto companies and Big Oil have kept hidden from you as you’ve lined their pockets.

Now watch this video to see how you can apply this basic technology to running your car:

It’s okay if you don’t get all the science behind this. You don’t have to get it.Do you understand everything about your car engine? No, but you can still drive! That same principle applies here.

With what we’re about to give you, you’ll be able to install this simple hybrid system in your own car in less than an hour. Or, if you want, you can give it to your mechanic and let him do it.

There’s no easier way to get rid of the huge bill every time you hit the gas pump. It’s 100% safe for your car, and 100% joy for your wallet.

Saving Gas Isn’t Just
About Technology
We’re going to show you a powerful way to implement the technology you just saw in any vehicle engine you want…but there are other ways to save gas by being smart.Sign up below for the free report that shows you how to boost your mileage for almost zero effort.


Introducing Run Car On Water — The Simple Hybrid System Car Conversion Guide Big Oil Hopes You Never See

How To Run Your Car On Water

It’s time you stopped handing over huge chunks of your hard earned money to big oil companies. They’ve hidden this from you for long enough. It’s time to hit them back, right in their pocketbook.

And if you’ve always wanted to help with the environment, but felt guilty because you have to drive to work to support your family, stop! You don’t have to feel guilty anymore.

You can save yourself insane money and help keep the air clean while you drive your current car! You’re not dreaming.

It’s as simple as installing an easy, inexpensive conversion kit you can make out of stuff you have at home, or pay next to nothing for at an auto supply store. The Run Car On Water guide shows you how, step by step. Here’s a sneak peek inside:

bullet1 You’ll use plain old water—and it doesn’t even have to be “pure”. No additives, no distillation, no “magic formula”. Just plain old water you can get out of a faucet or hose. And that stuff’s pretty much free!
bullet1 The system is 100% safe. You won’t risk electrocuting yourself, and you won’t be playing with nuclear fusion. You don’t have to be a genius to prevent yourself from destroying your engine, or anything even remotely close. It’s simple, easy and safe.
bullet1 You’ll bump your miles per gallon by 50% or more immediately. Reports from existing customers go as high as 60% to 80%, but you can expect at least 50% no matter what car or truck you convert.
bullet1 You’ll not only save gas, you’ll extend your car’s life! Water runs clean, and that helps your engine. It actually cleans your engine while you drive. Your pistons, valves, rings and bearings in particular will all last longer, and that can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars over the life of your car.
bullet1 Your car will run better. It’ll be quieter, smoother and more reliable. Water has a beneficial effect on the combustion cycle inside your engine. It removes carbon deposits that are already there, and keeps them for forming again over time. Your engine will purr so quietly you can barely hear it!
bullet1 This is falling-off-a-log easy to install. It takes less than an hour on any vehicle…and did we mention that you don’t have to be a genius?
bullet1 You new engine will actually protect the environment. It’ll cut dangerous emissions, because the only waste is pure water again! And it’ll reduce your engine temperature, which can help reduce global warming even more. Even better, our soon to be patented water fuel system means your car needs less fuel, so your car can do a cleaner, more efficient job.
bullet1 It costs a few bucks to build the conversion kit. What sense would it make if the conversion cost you thousands of dollars? None at all, so we’ve simplified things down to the easiest, quickest, least expensive system you’ll ever find. You’ll even have some of the materials around your house!
bullet1 It works for literally any type of vehicle. That means sporty cars, RVs, trucks, passenger sedans, etc. And just try to imagine the fuel savings you’ll get in a gas-guzzling SUV.
bullet1 You’ll do your part to reduce the power of Big Oil—and it won’t even be inconvenient. Imagine driving your current car, just like you normally do, but hitting Big Oil right in the mouth and helping your country break free of OPEC.

There’s no easier way to stop paying through the nose at the pump. But we’re so confident that’s true, we’ll make this even easier for you by offering our…

Increase Your Gas Mileage By 50%
Or Get 100% Back Guarantee
This is ironclad. Grab our manual and use it for a full 60 days. If you don’t increase your gas mileage for your current car (and we’ll trust your measurement, no questions asked), lest us know and we’ll give back every penny you gave us for our Run Car On Water guide.There’s absolutely no way you can lose!


Is This All A Bunch Of Hype?

It sure might seem that way, with us talking about shadowy conspiracies by Big Oil to keep you in the dark. But this isn’t hype, and it’s no joke. It’s serious business.

Think about what’s going on…

Suppose you really can run your car on essentially free water.

How much money will Exxon Mobil make next year if you do that? Certainly not the $40 billion they made last year. Shareholders of that company, and the highly paid executives, don’t want to see their stock plummet.

And how much money will Toyota make on its popular Prius cars (well, popular with the Hollywood set that can afford them)? Not nearly as much if everybody realizes that using water in their current non-hybrid cars will do the trick.

That’s the reason you haven’t heard about running your car on water—it’ll cut industry profits. And there’s another reason…

Most people think it’s way too hard when they first hear about it. But it’s not. Our guide shows you exactly what to do. Can you turn a wrench? That’s about as hard as it gets. We’re serious.

That’s not hype—it’s the kind of revolution that makes things better for you and me, and for our planet. It’s something you can be proud to get behind… while you’re saving money!

How Much Would You Pay To Slash Your Fuel Bill?

Before you answer, think about this…

Let’s say gas costs $4.00 a gallon where you are. And let’s say your car does pretty well and averages 25 miles to the gallon. And finally, let’s say your work commute makes you fill up the tank once a week.

If your tank holds 10 gallons, you’ll spend $40 a week on gas…or $160 a month…or a whopping $1,920 a year.

But you’re smart, so you grab our Run Car On Water guide and increase your gas mileage by at least 50% (remember that guarantee we just gave you). Let’s do the math real quick…

Cost of gas per gallon: $4.00
Weekly cost (10 gallons/week): $40.00
Annual fuel cost: $1,920.00
50% savings with Run Car On Water: -$960
New Annual Cost: $960


You’ll cut your gas bill by at least $960 a year! And if you drive a truck, you could save even more.

Fantastic, right? That’s like getting a pretty nice raise. But it’s even better than that. You’ll save that money every year from now on, for as long as you own your car. In five more years, that’s an extra $4,800 in your pocket for whatever you want.

So we could charge $250 for this and feel fine doing it. Your first-year gas savings will give you almost four times that much. But we’re nice guys, and hey, the technology itself is free, so we’ll charge you only $23.50 for the step-by-step manual that shows you how to implement that technology.

Fair deal, isn’t it?

You can use any credit card or PayPal… anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… even if it’s 3:00 a.m. where you are. Get the manual, install the system tomorrow, and start keeping more of your gas money!

But one thing here… this is an introductory price, and it’ll go up. We’re nice, but not dumb. We’ll bump the price up soon, based on feedback we get from people who are saving a ton of money on their gas bills.

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