Who Else Wants Over 50 Pre-Made PLR Profit Centers Filled With Lead-Gen Sites, Reports, Videos, Articles and Much More?!

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From: Drew Laughlin

To: You, a fellow Marketing Consultant

Re:  Instant Pre-Made Content and Profit Centers for Your Business

QUESTION #1: What do all local business want more of?

More calls about SEO? Haha of course not.

Customers? Yes. But we can’t give them customers. Keep reading to see why that is.

Leads? YES!  Unless we are offering some in depth sales training or actually doing the closing for our clients our job is to get them leads. Their job is to convert those leads into customers.

QUESTION #2: What is one of the most important success factor when it comes to selling your services to local businesses?

Sale skills? Nope.

Marketing skills? Not really.

Content that establishes you as the authority and go-to expert? YES!!

Now You Can Generate Tons of Leads for Local Businesses That You Can Sell for Big Bucks and Create Authority as the Go-To Expert in Your Market… And 95% of the Work is Already Done-For-You!!

What This Is

I’m giving you the opportunity to access two of my most popular Private Label Rights (PLR) products. One contains 8-modules of pre-made content and the other have over 50 pre-made, local niche lead-gen sites.

Why You Should Care – What’s In It For You

When you use world-class PLR products in your business 95% of the work is already done-for-you. That means you save MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF TIME AND MONEY!

We all know what we should do to make more money in our business. However, we never seem to have enough time to get it done. Or we don’t have the money to outsource it. With my PLR products you don’t have to worry about that.

You can begin using these products in your business in a matter of hours. Again, 95% of the work is done for you. All you need to do is customize it accordingly and you’re off to the races.

What’s the Next Step

Simply scroll down this page to see what you’ll be getting. Don’t get overwhelmed. Even though there is a ton of PLR content you will have lifetime access to it and you can come back any time to download what you need, when you need it.

When you scroll down there will be additional links to the original sales pages for these products so you can see exactly what’s included.

I have hundreds of unsolicited testimonials from consultants that not only love our PLR products but use them to make money in their business. They love the world-class quality and how easy they are to use.

By investing in this special offer today you are literally taking a huge shortcut towards creating the income and lifestyle you desire.

Scroll down the page to see everything you get…

Marketing Consultant PLR Firesale 1 Marketing Consultant PLR Firesale2 Marketing Consultant PLR Firesale3 Marketing Consultant PLR Firesale4

Other Components Included with LGSP

  1. Two 5-Minute Install Options: Install the LGS sites quickly and easily using WP Twin (which you must own) or BackupBuddy (which is free to use)
  2. Quick Start & Support Material: Even though we’ve done our best to include everything you need to get started quickly and correctly we will be there if you have any questions. We include a few reports and the installation guides. However, as we receive questions we will create video training sessions and put them inside the members area for you to review at your convenience

Marketing Consultant PLR Firesale5 Marketing Consultant PLR Firesale6 Marketing Consultant PLR Firesale7

The Nitty Gritty and All Around Good Stuff About VideoArticleProfits…

Top-Quality Video, Audio and Text Articles

Here is your chance to literally – stand out above your competition, become the go-to expert in your market and increase your market reach – practically overnight! And do it with an article package like no-other.

I know this is hard for you to believe. I mean, to be able to be the expert your prospects can trust in such little time… and do it with such little effort… not to mention prospects will be calling you instead of you hustling the streets to get them.

I understand these promises appear hard to fulfill at first glance… That is until you know the advantages…

Marketing Consultant PLR Firesale8

How to Use All This to Grow Your Authority and Credibility

Here is a short list of the different things you can do with this product package:

  • Place them on your blog
  • Drip feed them through your autoresponder
  • Combine the articles into one ebook/report, audio CD or DVD
  • Combine the articles and convert it into a printed book through CreateSpace to give away to prospects
  • Have the articles spun and submitted to article directories for high quality backlinks
  • Create a simple intro and outro to use on the videos and podcasts so that their is no question who the prospect should contact to get their problems solved
  • Submit the videos to an automated distribution service like TrafficGeyser to generate tons of traffic to your website
  • Submit the MP3s to podcast directories or have your own radio show on iTunes
  • This list could go on and on…

What You Get: Video, Audio, Text Articles!

Take a look at everything you’re getting when you order this today…

  1. Video Articles: Every Article is its Own Video! Over 1-hour of Video Content: With the video articles you get: 160 Individual Video Articles with Professional Voice Over. This is not cheap folks! Provided in TWO critical formats! AVI – perfect for YouTube and DVDs and Mp4 which is perfect for iPods, iPhones and iPads. A total of over 1 hour of video content. You also get all 160 PowerPoint Presentations that were used to create the videos! And you get them in 3 formats! Microsoft PowerPoint 2003, 2007 and OpenOffice.
  2. Audio Articles: Great for Podcasting or putting on your site: 160 MP3 Articles: Each article has been converted into an MP3 file that you can use as a Podcast. A total of over 1 hour of audio content.
  3. Text Articles – Perfect for Website Content: 160-100% unique articles. All articles are over 300 words each. The articles come in Word 2003 and .txt formats. Worried about duplicate content? Click here to see why you do NOT need to be.

Video Article Sample

Marketing Consultant PLR Firesale9

With Video Article Packs you get a series of twenty niche or service specific articles in video, audio and text format – just like VAP.

Here is what’s included in this free bonus:

Marketing Consultant PLR Firesale10

Video Article Pack Sample

Everything Comes with PLR (Private Label Rights)

This entire package comes with Private Label Rights (PLR) for all the content. Which basically means you can put your name on it, customize or change it however you feel and claim complete ownership of it. In fact, you have to claim ownership of it because you can not use my name or product name(s) or anything associated with me as part of your product.

What you can NOT do with this PLR License:

  • You can NOT resell this product in its current edible state. Ideally this is for you to customize, convert the reports to PDF downloads and sell them to your offline clients either individually or as a membership site.
  • You can NOT put these reports on Kindle. Kindle does not allow the publishing of PLR content.

Every lead gen website comes with Developer Rights. Which means you can use them on as many domains and clients domains as you like! For example, if you have 10 chiropractor clients throughout the country you can use the same LGS package for each of them. Of course you will want to invest in unique domains and customize each one accordingly. But the bottom line is you don’t have to worry about paying extra to use them with multiple clients.

What About the Guarantee?

Due to the nature of this offer – being thousands of dollars worth of PLR content – and to protect the integrity of our customers there is NO money back guarantee.

We realize that this may turn some people away. And frankly we understand that this is not a great fit for everyone.

But please understand, as a customer you could make your payment, download everything, use it in your business and then ask for a refund. But you would still have all of our content. That would not be fair to us nor our other customers. Therefore we have chosen to not have a money back guarantee with this offer.

We have sold hundreds of products and we pride ourselves on providing top quality support. We will be there when you need us.

So How Much?

Before we get to the price, let’s be clear on the tremendous value you’re getting.

The table below shows how much you would have to invest if you bought all these products separately. This doesn’t show how much we invested in getting all of these products created – which is over $40,000!

Marketing Consultant PLR Firesale11

The Good News is You Won’t Pay Anything Close to That

It’s clear that the value of these PLR products is through the roof! And the current price for these two products is $1,297.

But we’re not going to do that. In fact for a limited time you can get everything on this page for only:



Not even $97

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