Persuasion IQ The 10 Skills You Need To Get Exactly What You Want

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Everything we want in life comes as a direct result of persuasion. Regardless of our job titles, careers, dreams, or goals, our ability to influence others is the key to success. Whether we’re selling a product, presenting an idea, asking for a raise, or influencing someone to be a better person, persuasion is the magic ingredient. Yet despite the fact that much has changed in recent years regarding how people are persuaded – having become more discerning due to an onslought of countless persuasive messages through e-mail, TV, and other media every day – many of us continue to use outdated techniques for convincing others…or worse yet, have no technique at all.Kurt Mortensen, through his Persuasion Institute, has sought out and studied the world’s top persuaders, and with his specially formulated “Persuasion I.Q” assessment – the most comprehensive persuasion resource available today – he lets readers in on the essential habits, traits, and skills necessary to cultivate their natural persuasive abilities.

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