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Real Estate Cash Flow System books

Dear Real Estate Investor,

Last year I was in the midst of completely changing my real estate investing strategies AGAIN (since I’ve had to change my techniques a lot with our ever-shifting economic conditions).  This is when I discovered something that never existed before.

It’s called “deferred transactional funding.”  Ever heard of it?


It came out last fall and I learned about it quite by accident through one of my transactional “wet” funding guys.

Traditional “wet” funding is otherwise called “money for a day.”  You can get transactional funding whereas you can buy a property with 100% cash and flip it that same day to a buyer; you essentially do a back-to-back close on the deal with none of your own cash or credit.  You don’t even have to have a Social Security Number to do this.  You don’t even have to be legal in the United States to work with a transactional funder because they ask you no personal financial details or information to complete the deal.

The “catch,” of course, is that you have to have your “C Buyer” on the back-end in contract for buying the property from you (that you don’t even own yet) before a wet funder will fund the deal, allowing you the 100% cash to buy the property from the seller.

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