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Cut Through the Clutter with the Perfect Recession Marketing Tool!  
Master the Ultimate Low-Cost, High-Results Marketing Medium: The Mighty Postcard

Money is tight.  Results are mandatory – fast and easy, too, please!

Which marketing method fits those requirements?   The postcard.

Since 1990, I’ve used postcards to fill seminars, attract the first hundreds of subscribers to an email newsletter, recruit members for a mentoring program, snag a speaker’s bureau, turn one-time buyers into long-term customers and turn influential people into referral sources.  My name is Marcia Yudkin – read my bio if you don’t already know me.

Besides generating results for my own business, I’ve helped dozens of clients use postcards to materialize sales leads, launch a new service or business and create spectacular returns, such as $242,000 in orders from spending less than $200.

Learn everything you need to know about getting results from postcards in The Mighty Postcard Marketing Course.

Who can profitably use postcard marketing?

  • Online business.  More and more, Internet marketers understand that contacting people offline can get busy people’s attention, increase repeat business, promote special offers and improve referrals.  Postcards do all this for dimes rather than dollars!

  • Local business.  Do customers typically come to your office or shop?  Postcards make folks aware you exist and give them a reason to come back.  In the course, I’ll share the example of a Main Street business in my community that got me in the door and turned me into a regular customer using a postcard containing all the necessary ingredients.

  • Small business.   Postcards enable you to zero in on a very, very specific target market without wasting money on prospects who are wrong for what you sell.  You’ll hear case studies of how to create predictable demand for your wares on an extremely low budget.


“Marcia Yudkin’s postcard marketing savvy brought in $242,000 in orders for my company.” – Rob Cosgrove, Quantum Technologies, Memphis, TN



Like all the testimonials on this site, the customer comments on this page were provided without compensation, incentives or rewards.

  • Big business.  These days, even well-funded organizations want to get the biggest impact from each marketing dollar.  Postcards can yield a spectacular return on investment when sent to an in-house list, to warm leads or to cold prospects.

  • Non-profit organization or advocacy group.  Need donations for a particular purpose?  Postcards are the answer!  Want to encourage supporters to write Congress, show up at a rally or vote on a referendum?  Postcards effectively supplement email.

  • Product business.  You’ll learn the crucial postcard math that lets you know which price points you should and shouldn’t use postcards to promote.  Discover other do’s and don’ts for marketing with postcards when you have a large product line or a cool new widget being launched.


“I loved the postcard course!  It hadn’t occurred to me before to use postcards instead of my full-fledged brochure, but seeing the different types of postcards and understanding their marketing advantages made me realize I could save thousands of dollars by replacing my brochure with postcards.  

“Marcia, you are a living model of the marketing practices you preach – competent, exemplary, and innovative. Thanks again for all your help in the course.” – Valerie Sutter, Director, The French Traveler, Inc.



  • Service business.  Ever receive a reminder postcard from a dentist?  Way too few service providers use postcards to motivate their client base and give prospective clients an immediate reason to spend money with them.  Postcard offers can flood you with appointments, and postcard newsletters can keep your firm “top of mind.”

  • Event business.  Events and postcards are a perfect match!  Timing is crucial here, and once you understand the proper scheduling of postcards for events, you’ll know how to use postcards for early registrations, last-minute ones and everything in between.

  • International business.  Although some of the information in the course pertains to the U.S. only, most of it also pertains to postcard marketing in Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South America and elsewhere.  And if you’re based outside the U.S., learn the no-muss, no-fuss ways you can reach North American prospects and customers through postcards without needing to open a North American office.


“Marcia’s postcard marketing course is very well thought-out, logical, and designed to get results. The learning is not just theoretical; it is immediately applicable to building a business. The course enabled me to complete a whole year’s worth of postcard marketing from concept to implementation in thirty days.  It was great!” – Megan McDonough, McDonough Company



A complete package of instruction, feedback and resources

Whether you’re new to marketing or a professional marketer who just doesn’t know much about postcards, The Mighty Postcard Marketing Course offers a concentrated curriculum that takes you step by step to successfully creating profitable postcard campaigns, for yourself or others.

The teaching takes place in a four-lesson, five-hour home study course that you take in on your own time, at your own pace.

Lesson #1: Postcard marketing strategies

  • More than half a dozen goals that can reasonably be met with postcards, and why

  • Three major postcard strategies and the pros and cons of each, along with a warning about a “deep pockets” approach to avoid

  • When one-shot postcard campaigns can succeed and when you really need to be sending a series of postcards

  • Ways to steer clear of the three most common reasons for postcard campaign failures

  • Case studies illustrating successful postcard tactics for a range of industries and purposes

To help you relate these strategies to your own situation and goals, you receive feedback on your overall postcard marketing plan. 

Lesson #2: Keys to postcard profitability

  • Essentials of postcard math – how to calculate the break-even point for postcards so you understand their profit potential

  • Situations in which postcards are a no-brainer and others where postcards are a never-never proposition

  • Why typical response rates are mostly a red herring, yet they offer limited guidance in one respect

  • Testing tactics that ensure you get the biggest response for your postcard marketing investment

  • Tracking techniques so you’ll know what’s working

Don’t worry… if all these do’s, don’ts and how-to’s are new to you, you have built-in opportunities to get your questions answered.


“For me, the most useful part of the Mighty Postcard Marketing
Course were the case studies and examples. Recently I was able to explain to a client the value of a certain way of using postcards, and share some of your stories to convince him to tackle this approach. You gave me the ammunition to help him see the theory, and then getting a response to his first mailing helped him embrace the practice. Taking your course has definitely helped me help my clients. Thank you!” – Will Kenny, Best Training Practices, Robbinsdale, MN



Lesson #3: Mailing lists, production and delivery

  • Kinds of mailing lists available (you’ll probably be amazed at some of these!) and the virtues of various kinds of list sources

  • When compiling or using your own list works best

  • Production pitfalls and disasters to avoid

  • When and how to handle production and mailing yourself, along with several kinds of completely hands-off outsourcing options

  • First class or standard?  Guidelines for choosing among mailing rates

  • Fast, fast, fast!  How to reach people way before competitors do with incredibly speedy postcard campaigns

The course manual includes recommended vendors (with no kickbacks to me!), as well as a coupon for 100 free postcards on a first order of 500 or more postcards from

Lesson #4: Design and copy for postcards

  • Wildly different approaches to postcard design and copy, along with the particular rationale and benefits of each

  • Which postcard content ingredients are necessary and which are optional, and why

  • When you can forget about “looking pretty” and when visual appeal matters

  • Conventional ideas about how to write and design a postcard that are incredibly wrong

  • Personalization: when it’s essential and when it doesn’t make or break the postcard campaign

  • Things even many marketing pros don’t know about where to put different elements on postcards

  • Avoiding costly copyright and proofreading pitfalls

Receive a constructive critique of your postcard draft and design.


“Some years back, Marcia Yudkin wrote the copy for a postcard campaign that generated $10,000 in new bookings for my sales training company.” – Steve Clark, CEO, New School Selling



How much does it cost?

Including the four audio lessons, the course manual that contains both good and bad examples and abundant resources and expert feedback on your postcard marketing strategy, copy and design, how much does The Mighty Postcard Marketing Course cost?

Just $297.

How is this program unique?

Numerous factors make this program stand out from other courses available on postcard marketing:

  • A multitude of business models:  Most marketing classes assume you share the business goals and resources of the person who’s teaching.  When this isn’t true, much of the advice becomes useless.  Instead of sharing just one person’s methods and successes, The Mighty Postcard Marketing Course gives you numerous viable success models to learn from.

  • Up-to-date information:  One postcard marketing course I looked at was last updated in 2005.  Another says it was updated in 2008, but neither it nor the other course mention the print-and-mail services that now enable you to design and finalize a postcard online.  Nor do they tell you about online list brokers that are an incredible research resource and list source.  The Mighty Postcard Marketing Course tells you what you need to know this year.

  • No-financial-interest recommendations:  Many marketing teachers share long lists of recommended vendors without disclosing that they receive payments from those included.  They do not tell you about vendors who will not agree to their demands for up-front payments or commissions.  Vendor lists in The Mighty Postcard Marketing Course are created without any such bias.

  • A multitude of postcard marketing tools:  The handout for each class session contains a practical list of case studies, examples, online services, checklists and more.

  • Feedback, answers and support:  For a full 90 days you can ask questions, get answers and receive feedback on your postcard project by email.  Other home-study courses you can buy online do not include feedback or answers to your questions.

In short, The Mighty Postcard Marketing Course is a comprehensive learning experience, including not only instruction but also the practical tools, feedback and support that get you on track for profit.  This program enables you to launch your first (or next) postcard campaign as early as the following month!


“Marcia Yudkin is a marketer whose intelligence, critical reasoning skills and creativity set her apart from the crowd.” – Peter Schaible, Director, Subscription Website Publishers Association (SWEPA)



Snag your opportunity for postcard marketing profits now!

Including all the components described above, The Mighty Postcard Marketing Course costs $297.  You receive near-instant access to all the course components.  After you order, look for an email containing the download address for the audios and course manual.

Your investment in this course is covered by a 90-day money-back guarantee:  Prior to requesting any feedback, listen to one or all the lessons, and if you’re not convinced you have the tools and knowledge for postcard marketing success, simply request your money back.  I’ll refund everything you paid – and thank you for having given it a try.

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