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Bestselling self-help author Ringer’s main theme is that people need to take personal action in order to get what they want from life. This truism is explored and coupled with other factors such as honesty, self-discipline, adversity, personal values and how these things help or get in the way of promoting positive action. As in his previous books, Ringer (Winning Through Intimidation) employs a narrative style that allows the reader to explore behavior through anecdotes and examples. Occasionally, the book takes on a self-protective slant as Ringer strives to point out ways in which other people will become obstacles to success by making life complicated and unpleasant. The author doesn’t readily hide his disdain for people with whom he has a difference of opinion, and he often seems overly interested in promoting his own views and beliefs in the areas of religion, politics, diet, race and business, making the book seem more like a series of morality plays than a practical guide. The meandering prose style occasionally makes it hard to focus on and extract the lessons being offered. Still, Ringer does tell many captivating anecdotes that help to illustrate the points he is making and offers a wide-ranging perspective on how adopting certain moral behaviors can help to bring about success and happiness. Illus.
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Product Description

Robert Ringer’s books have created a revolution in the self-development genre and shown millions the way to personal and professional achievement. Filled with humorous and enriching anecdotes Action!, exhorts the reader when you close the book, to get up out of your chair and take action now. Action is life, and life is meant to be lived.

Robert Ringer – The Power of Synchronicity
Getting Everything You Want

The Magic of

The Magic of Synchronicity, a three-hour audiorecording of a teleseminar by Robert Ringer that focuses on the magic that comes from living a synchronized life.

3 MP3 files – 128 kbps
Total duration: 3:09:56 hrs.

3 PDF files with the transcript of the recordings

The objective of The Magic of Synchronicity is to pull together the most important insights, strategies, and techniques that I myself live by insights, strategies, and techniques that lead to purpose, prosperity, and peace of mind and teach you how and why they all fit together to bring about tangible results.

Regardless of whether you’re on a negative or positive roll right now, and regardless of the state of the economy, I truly believe that, through The Magic of Synchronicity, you can get everything you want in life.

As I said, I’m not a miracle worker, so I can’t wave a magic wand and get results for you. But if you listen to The Magic of Synchronicity with an open mind and a willingness to learn, I can promise you that I’ll do the rest. Specifically, I will teach you everything I know about the amazing power of synchronicity, and I’m confident that it will have a major and lasting impact on your life.


Robert J. Ringer (born 1938) is an American entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and author of several best-selling self-help books.

His first book, Winning Through Intimidation, was published in 1973. After the manuscript racked up 10 rejections from publishers,[1] Ringer decided to self-publish the book. It became a bestseller, spending 36 weeks at the top of the The New York Times Best Seller list.[2] In 2002, Ringer revised and updated the book and republished it with a new title: To Be or Not to Be Intimidated?: That is the Question. Ringer says that the change in the title was made to clarify his aim in these books, which is not so much to turn people into intimidators, but rather to give people the tools to keep others from intimidating them.[citation needed]

Ringer’s self-published his second book, Looking Out for Number One, in 1978, and it was also a bestseller.

A devoted admirer of Ayn Rand,[3] Ringer wrote his most politically oriented work, Restoring the American Dream (1979), which dealt with various problems in the United States, and offering solutions through a laissez-faire free market libertarian perspective.
Robert Ringer – Winning Through Intimidation

Robert Ringer, “Winning Through Intimidation: How to Be the Victor Instead of the Victim in All Areas of Life”
2013 | ISBN-10: 1626361142, 0449207862 | EPUB, MOBI| 240 pages | 7,8 MB

Dan Kennedy:
Robert Ringer. His first book: “Winning Through Intimidation” which is based on his exploits as a real estate wheeler-dealer, I believe had more direct, valuable influence on me than any thirty other books I’ve read combined.

This is a street-smart guy telling it like it is. Many people tell me they find the book-or at just its title without reading the book, offensive. When I hear that, I fear for their chances at survival. Success is a bare-knuckles business. Read Ringer.
If you’ve ever found yourself coming out on the short end of the stick, you’ll appreciate the rewards that can be yours whenyou take the initiative in every area of your life. Written by the bestselling author of MILLION DOLLAR HABITS, this business gem, explains in candid terms what intimidation is, why you become intimidated and how you can avoid the mental lapses that can cause you to fall victim to intimidation.

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