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“Who else wants The PROVEN over the shoulder, step-by-step MENTORSHIP  program for generating LARGE CHUNKS of QUICK CASH in Real Estate…

…even if you’re dead broke and have a 480 Credit Score”

Here’s my personal “million dollar a year” business blueprint you can “swipe” which could allow you to be

free of debt, answer to no one, and finally live a worry free incredible lifestyle!

It doesn’t matter…

if you’re brand new and never bought a piece of real estate before or don’t know what steps are involved in the process. You’re about to discover how newbies, that were paralyzed with FEAR, went from ZERO to $220,000 in 12 months working part-time around their jobs using NONE of their own money or credit…

Please read every word VERY CAREFULLY to discover a very “unique concept”…


Imagine if you had a friend who was making millions of dollars in real estate.

Imagine if that friend was willing to reveal his entire business model so you could copy, step-by-step, exactly what he’s doing in your own market.

Imagine if that friend personally got on the phone with you every two weeks and answered all your burning questions.

Imagine if that friend had created a community of like-minded people, who were following a similar journey to yours. People who could critique what you’re doing, answer your questions, and become long-term friends and joint venture partners in the future..

Imagine what it would feel like when you finally completed your first ever real estate deal and deposited that first HUGE check in your bank account!

Now Imagine building a true lasting business that will allow you and your family to live a lifestyle and enjoy the freedom that most people only dream of.

Well, great news!  That is exactly what I have created with The Flip2Freedom Academy.

This is The ULTIMATE Step-by-Step Mentorship Program (including videos + written versions) + Support + Community + Me.  All you need to become a profitable real estate investor even if you’ve never bought, sold or owned one piece of real estate.

One Saturday afternoon I had to go on a sales call which I wasn’t too happy about.  You see, Saturday was the time I spend with the family along with getting things done around the house.  So I was driving down the freeway I was flipping through the radio stations looking for college game day and I tripped across this guy who was explaining a “concept” on how you could make a fortune flipping properties in your spare time using no cash and no credit. He had people on the show that were telling stories of how they made, $5,000, $10,000 and even $20,000 per deal (are you kidding me).   Now at this point my B.S. meter was flashing BEEP BEEP!  I said to myself, “There is no way that is possible,” so I changed the channel back to the college game and continued down the freeway to my appointment.

Then something happened…

I had a tugging in my gut to continue to listen to what this gentleman had to say, so I switched back to the channel and listened to the rest of the show.

I was completely BLOWN away! Today I know it was God’s intervention!

I had no idea that you could get involved in real estate and make quick cash even if you’re broke and have terrible credit.  Now I definitely did not have much money to invest in expensive learning products. But I was so excited about this new “concept” that I purchased his course by using two First Premier credit cards,

I was lost…

The problem was that there was not enough time in the day to absorb the amount of information available. Most of the good stuff cost way more than I had and it seemed every “guru” had a different “system” that worked like “magic”.

I felt like there were now 20 different roads I could go down.

I was even more paralyzed by the proverbial “analysis paralysis” syndrome.

Which system do I go with?  Which program really works?  I didn’t have time or money to waste on scams!

I finally just decided to go with what I had, and use the course I already purchased…

…So I followed each step with precision like detail.  It wasn’t easy and I had to work my tail off.  Every moment of free time I had,  I used it locate distressed sellers.

Then it finally happened…

I found a seller that was motivated!  But again, I had a major problem.

I still had no idea what I was doing and had no one to talk to…

I don’t know how to write the contract, or what to say or how to know what the property is worth.

I still didn’t even know if this was legal.

At this point I started to freak out and my brain was racing.

“What if I can’t sell the property and the seller sues me”

“What if someone wants to pull my credit.”

“What if I’m forced to buy the property”

“What if this doesn’t work”

I started to have an anxiety attack.  What was I suppose to do next…

Well, out of sheer luck (and some serious praying) I found a buyer while scanning through the local newspaper.  He helped me through the process and I ended up making $11,008.61!

One of the biggest obstacles to success is…

Information Overload

Fast forward to present day…

Fast forward to present day … I’ve spent tens of thousand of dollars and countless hours testing, implement and trying every method, technique and strategy I could find.  With some methods I had huge success and others miserable failure.

Finally after doing everything wrong I discovered exactly what worked and exactly what didn’t work then everything changed.

I’ve been very fortunate to have made and make millions of dollars in real estate today.

The bottom line is that the most profitable method a new investor can do to get started using NO cash and never having their credit pulled is called “Systematized Wholesaling”.



Why I Love
“Systematized Wholesaling”

1.Little to No Risk

Little to No Risk Because you’re only “contracting” the property and not “buying” the property, the risk is extremely low ONLY IF you know exactly what you are doing. There is no raising private money or hard money.  No rehabbing, no construction crews, no unforeseen plumbing or electrical problems.  You don’t even have to deal with tenants or collecting rents or qualify for a conventional loan.sold or owned one piece of real estate.

You just play match maker…

  • You strategically locate an individual looking to sell their property at a discounted price.
  • You sign a “purchase contract” for say $50,000.
  • Then you strategically locate a buyer (could be a landlord, rehabber or just an person that wants to live in the property)
  • You sign a “purchase contract” for say $60,000.
  • You bring both contracts to a closing agent and they facilitate the closing.

The result?

The buyer brings in 100% of the funds of $60,000 of which $50,000 goes to the sellers and:

$10,000 Goes to You…Yippee!

2. Minimal Obstacles to a Fast Pay Day

Everyone likes to get paid NOW instead of LATER right?  I know dumb question.  Well, with “systematized wholesaling” you have the opportunity to get paid extremely fast.  Because majority of the transactions you’ll be doing will not involve banks lenders or  appraisers.

Most of the deals you will be closing will happen in 10 days or less.  This means faster money and more volume.

Another benefit is large checks FAST.

The check below I received in 7 days after signing the contract with the seller.

3. The Entire Process Can Be Automated

Imagine having your business set up and running.  Have the proper small team in place that knows exactly how to run your business. Every step, from marketing, to talking to potential seller, to going on appointments and securing contracts.

Everything can be automated and systematized to run without your involvement.

I have a beach house in Dana Point California and every year for the last 8 years I take the entire month of July off.  I work maybe 2 hours a week answering email and a couple phone calls.  The rest of the time I’m at the beach with my kids, playing tennis or just kicking back.  This time is priceless. The memories & tradition I’ve been able to create will last a lifetime.  The amazing thing is my business continues to run and I still pull in a six figure monthly income.

Until now…

We have now just pulled out of the depression stage and have moved into the “Hope” stage. The time we’re in RIGHT NOW is absolutely PERFECT. We are entering a NEW bull market in real estate. We’ll see inventories continue to decrease around the country which will pull us into a sellers market.  We’ll also see lending guidelines loosen allowing more and more people the ability to purchase properties at historically low interest rates. This will increase the demand and we’ll continue through the “Market Cycles” to “Optimism, “Excitement” and eventually “Euphoria”…

“Average people will get ridiculously RICH during this small window of opportunity”

You don’t have the time to waste on push button, fly-by-night get rich quick scams that won’t give you clear and concise focused direction.

Now is your time to seize the opportunity!

Introducing the

Flip2Freedom Academy 2.0

The Only PROVEN Over the Shoulder, Step-by-Step MENTORSHIP Program for New and Seasoned Real Estate Investors

#1 VOTED Wholesale System Online Today

The biggest secret to success that most people will do almost anything to ignore…

If I was only able to give you one piece of advice, one killer strategy that will ensure you achieve the kind of lifestyle and success you desire, it would be this:

“Find someone who has what you want and copy them!”

Here’s the thing, no matter how much you know, if you aren’t taking the CORRECT ACTIONS then you will never make a decent amount of money in real estate.

  • YOU DON’T HAVE TO re-invent the wheel.
  • YOU DON’T HAVE TO waste time and money on methods that don’t work.
  • AND YOU DON’T HAVE TO learn about every new strategy in existence that hits your email inbox.

All you have to do is find someone who has already achieved what you want, and then do what they did to get there.

That is why I created The Flip2Freedom Academy… to give you an easy-to-follow, precise, step-by-step blueprint for making money in real estate without cash or credit that has taken me from my first check of $11,008 .61 when I started to making over a 7 figure income in the latest calendar year.

This is the same system that I have used (and still use today) to consistently flip 15-20 houses per month and make millions in real estate whether I work or not.

I have shared this system with over 4,964 members of the Flip2Freedom Academy and the success stories have be nothing but amazing…

Everything you need to know,

When you need to know it…

The Flip2freedom Academy is a timely, up-to-date, focused “million dollar a year business blueprint” designed to give you a precise road map to guide you from where you are to ultimate success, freedom and achievement using real estate as a vehicle. At the core of the Flip2Freedom Academy is HD, Studio Quality 19 Week Training Program that reveals my exact business model which includes how I locate tons of motivated sellers, how I find highly responsive buyers and how to put the deals together for maximum profit with the least amount of effort.

This is a PROVEN, time tested, future proofed that will work in any real estate market and in any city in the country. I’ll also reveal a prized, secret technique for building “passive income” using none of your own cash or credit that will result in living a lifestyle of ultimate freedom.

So here’s what you’ll get when you claim your membership
to The Flip2Freedom Academy!

module 1

  • Wholesaling Explained in Detail: Learn what wholesaling is all about and find out how you can make big bucks flipping houses and quit your job in 19 weeks or less.
  • The Big Picture: Get a visual map of how you can turn your wholesaling business into a revenue generating machine.
  • The Top 10 Reasons Why New Real Estate Investors Fail and How to Avoid Them.
  • How to Gain a Competitive Edge: So you can leave the competition in the dust and own your local market.

module 2

  • Sourcing Properties: Finding Deep Discount Properties that will make you the most money.
  • Direct Mail Explained: Get the best converting postcards and yellow letters that will have sellers blowing up your phone.
  • List Selection Process: Learn how to pull the most profitable lists and get the most deals from your direct mail campaign.
  • GoBig Printing: The Recommended Mail House: Instant access to all of Sean’s highest converting direct mail pieces.
  • Phone Management: Set up a system to keep your calls organized and respond to your leads in record time.
  • Get a Fast Start on Your Marketing using Sean’s highly effective Marketing Maximizer spreadsheet.
  • The Four Phases of Business and How to Maximize Each Phase for the Highest Profitability.

module 3

  • Google Adwords Explained: Instant access to Sean’s highest performing keywords. He has spent over $300,000 perfecting his campaigns to get the best conversions!!
  • Setting Up Your Google Adwords Account: Learn how to set up your Google Adwords account so you can start generating quality leads on auto-pilot.
  • One Year of Pre-written Email Automated Follow-up Sequence that will cause your phone to ring almost daily.

module 4

  • Bandit Sign Billions: Learn how to get hot leads quickly (spending very little money) by using bandit signs that will surely catch the eye.
  • Placing Bandit Signs Around the Property: Location, location, location! Find out what high traffic areas to place your bandits sign that will gain lots of attention.

module 5

  • Attitude, The Script and What Important Info to Gather: Learn free ways to to find motivated sellers and get leads on auto-pilot.
  • Building Rapport: Learn the most effective techniques to build rapport with a seller in order to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Set the Appointment or Make an Offer: Use the Objection Annihilation to overcome seller objections and close the deal.
  • How to Read People Like a Book: Discover the 4 Personality Types of sellers and learn how to best interact with them to close the deal.
  • Custom Covert Presentation: It methodically and psychologically walks sellers step-by-step through a well crafted presentation that triggers motivated sellers to just say… “YES, I will sign with you.”

module 6

  • Comparable Sales Formula: Find the right number to offer on the property and price it so it will sell in record time.
  • The Wholesale Offer “Double Check”: This this method so you can avoid making a big mistake.
  • The Repair Formula: Use this simple formula to calculate repairs on a property.

module 7

  • How to Write the Contract: Go step-by-step through the contract for sale and fill it out correctly, so you are 100% prepared when talking to the seller.
  • What to Bring on the Appointment to walk out of there with a signed contract, ready to market

module 8

  • What to Do Before You Meet with the Seller to gather intel and find other properties.
  • Seamlessly Bridge your Rapport with the Seller from the phone to the appointment.
  • What to Look for When Viewing the Property and the Top 7 Questions to Ask.

module 9

  • Learn the best Negotiation Tactics to get the deal signed at the best possible price.
  • Explaining the Selling Process to the seller after the contract has been signed so they feel informed and at ease.
  • Getting Pictures: Get the most important shots of the property and upload them online for your marketing campaign

module 10

  • Where to Find a Killer Closing Agent to make the Closing Process as Smooth as Possible
  • Double Escrow vs Assignment? Which can bring you the most revenue?

module 11

  • How to Post Your Property on Craigs List and Backpage in order to sell the property quickly.
  • Property Launch Formula: Learn the four steps to a successful property launch, creating a buzz and getting the property sold.
  • How to Sell the Property whether it is Vacant or Occupied
  • How to Get the Contract from the Buyer in Record Time!

module 12

  • Managing the Closing Process and how to overcome any blunders that might happen.
  • Understanding Closing Documents and what to Expect on Closing Day
  • Submitting Your Video to the Flip2Freedom Challenge: You could win up to $10,000!!

module 13

  • How to Set up an LLC in the easiest way possible.
  • How to Scale Your Business Using the Marketing to Income Analyzer.
  • Building a Six Figure a Month Business and a Rockstar Team to keeping it running.

module 14

  • See what a multi-million dollar wholesaling operation looks like and how it runs so efficiently.
  • Organization Chart of the System: What roles need to be filled to keep the machine running.
  • Gap Analysis: Closing the Gap Between Your Current Situation and Future State.
  • Understanding and Using KPI Spreadsheets.
  • PODIO: The one tool that keeps my whole business together… I can even use it from my iPhone. Clone my customized app suite to manage your business right from your phone.
  • What are KPIs and How Do You Use Them to Grow Your Business?

module 15

  • How to Build a HUGE Highly Responsive Buyers List
  • The Bulk Mailing Service: How to create a highly effective mail campaign using Sean’s highest converting post cards and yellow letters.
  • How to Use Google Adwords to build your Buyers List.

module 16

  • The MLS Hack: Use the MLS to target zip codes with a high concentration of cash sales for your mailers.
  • How to Market on Craigs List for a Buyer
  • Adding and Scaling Marketing Channels for the Highest Conversions.
  • Use YouTube for the Highest Performing Keywords for Buyers and Sellers

module 17

  • An Advanced Hyper Effective Strategy for Maximizing Each Lead for Increasing Profits.
  • Understanding “Agreement for Sale” & “Contract for Deed”
  • The top Criteria to Identify the Best Lead
  • Flipping the Contract for a Fast Profit
  • Follow Up Fortunes: The Secret to Effective Follow Up

module 18

  • Where to Find the Right People: How to Hire a Team of Rockstars
  • How to Find, Hire and Train a Virtual Assistant: Adding employees correctly will add revenue to your bottom line quickly.
  • How to Use Skype with your VA
  • Using the Kolbe Test: Make sure your Employees are giving their best efforts
  • Creating the Expectation and the Employment Contract
  • How to Build a team of Bird Dogs (property scouts) to bring you Unlimited FREE Deals

module 19

  • Building a Team and How to Train Your Staff for Success
  • Your 3 Man Freedom System: How you can run a multi-million dollar operation with as few as three people
  • Managing Your Time in the Office for the Most Productivity

module 20

  • The Cash Stick Building Wealth Game Plan: How to pay off your debts
  • Cash Flow Property 10 Year Performa
  • Getting Rich Investing in Income Growth Funds

Now You Can Make Even More Money

with Less Effort…

Introducing The Worlds Most “Intelligent” and Complete
Real Estate Investing Business Management Platform Available Online Today…

This is the software I use in my business every day…It’s a MUST have!!!

I Invite You Join 4,964 of the Most Ultra Savvy, Aspiring Real Estate Investors in the “Virtual Clubhouse”

You will join some of the most savvy, aspiring real estate investors that anyone has ever witnessed.  These folks are true givers.  From six figure earners to novices, you’ll be an exclusive member of the VIRTUAL FREEDOM COMMUNITY where like minded individuals from all walks of life share their journey on their new path of success.  This virtual clubhouse has 4,964 members with 8,995 beefy educational comments.

The training, resources and support you get with your Flip2Freedom Academy membership are far more powerful than anything you can get anywhere else. It’s an ongoing mentoring program that gives you the ability to achieve any success you want. Based on real world experience, it shows you what works, what you absolutely need to be successful, and what you’re wasting your time on.

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