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Startup Investing: How This Entrepreneur Built a VC Fortune

Learn Financials, Valuations, and How to Spot the Next Billion-Dollar Startups IPOs Before they Go Public!

About This Course

Published 8/2016 English

Course Description

The Startup Hunt: Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs & Investors

Now offered on UDEMY for a limited time: 4-week period (Regular $2700 value).  We ONLY ask that upon signing up for our course, you purchase our accompanying book on Amazon titled “Kings Over Aces” by Ross D. Blankenship and you place a 5-Star review here on Udemy if you enjoy our course.  We love helping startups and founders like you, so…. Thank you! 🙂

Founders: Create your own billion-dollar startup companies.

Investors: Get access to invest in seed, series A and early-stage, mega-hits.

To help entrepreneurs and founders build the next billion-dollar companies; to help investors profit by early investing in future IPOs and founders like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and J.K Rowling.  This investing course, and our company, Angel Kings, will help you get to the next level.  Whether you’ve got a business idea you want to pursue, or you’ve got the money to invest, we’ll guide you through every step of startups, until you’re ready to IPO.  From the term sheet, financials, to how to negotiate your first deal, this course contains everything you need to get started investing.  **Book purchase is required. **

“The most comprehensive course for founders and investors, wanting to build great companies for future generations.”

About the Course:

In this comprehensive 4-week boot camp, entrepreneurs and founders (like you) will learn how to create the next big-company – the next billion-dollar empire – while early-stage investors will get inside access to learn how to invest in the next big IPOs and future billion-dollar companies.

Official Course Instructions

In order to receive your official course certificate and letter of recommendation, you must complete the following weekly instructions.

You can complete this course at your own pace, faster or slower, whichever you choose.

  • For founders, you must complete these lessons to receive your certificate.
  • For investors, we highly recommend you also complete these instructions, but you’re free to simply watch and learn from the videos.
  • All questions within these lessons are located in the Course Overview document.


Week 1:  How to Find the Next Billion-Dollar Founders & Future Icons (People)

  1. Read Part 1 of our bestselling book, Kings Over Aces.  If you haven’t received your exclusive signed copy, you will need to purchase a copy on Amazon (Author: Ross Blankenship, title “Kings Over Aces” Second Edition).
  2. Download the official course syllabus and overview.
  3. Review and take notes on Part 1 of videos.  You should watch these videos over the course of 3 to 5 days and re-review at least two times to understand the fundamentals of startup investing.
  4. Visit our Startup Rankings site, which you can find at our Angel Kings (website) and choose your favorite startup.
  5. Based on the startup you’ve chosen, answer questions from the course syllabus on Part 1: People.
  6. Complete Part 1 Quiz.


Week 2: The “Product Hunt”: Which products become billion-dollar empires… and why? (Products)

  1. Read Part 2 of Kings Over Aces focusing on Top Startups.
  2. Review videos and take notes on Part 2.  Use examples from the startup company you’ve chosen.
  3. Select a startup from the past that has failed (examples from the book) and explain why in 500 words or less you believe they weren’t able to succeed.  What would you have done differently? Include in the quiz below (Please Email answers to invest(at)
  4. Answer all questions from Part 2 of the course syllabus and complete the Quiz.


Week 3: How to Build a Scalable Process & Startup Traction to Become a Billion-Dollar Company & The Startup Financials: How to Best Understand the Economics and Control of the Term Sheet Deal.

  1. Read the the remainder of Kings Over Aces.
  2. Download an official “Term Sheet” online using Y-Combinator’s “SAFE Agreement” which you can search for online.
  3. Scenario: complete the term sheet filling in all relevant information on a convertible note based on the startup you chose in Part 1/Week 1.  Upload this term sheet using the form below.
  4. Complete the Quiz on Part 3 & 4 below.

Week 4: Bonus Section – Top Resources to Help Founders Build Profitable Startups & Our Investors Maximize Profits. 

  1. Re-review videos in Part 2 & 3.  You should watch these at least two times and be able to demonstrate full knowledge when asked.
  2. Find the best pitch deck (online) you’ve ever seen… (it could be yours) and email us with reasons why you believe this company will succeed, what things stand out the most in the pitch deck, and what’s missing…if anything. 

***Once you’ve completed the course and submitted all quizzes for review, you’ll receive your certificate and letter of recommendation within 48 hours.***

What are the requirements?

  • Be able to view video, take notes, and ask questions!

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Be part of America’s hottest, fastest-growing startups: In this comprehensive 4-week boot camp, entrepreneurs and founders (like you) will learn how to create the next big-company – the next billion-dollar empire – while early-stage investors will get inside access to learn how to invest in the next big IPOs and future billion-dollar companies.
  • Mission: to help entrepreneurs and founders build the next billion-dollar companies, and to give investors early-access to invest in the next icons – Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates – and future IPOs.
  • Get inside access to the term sheets of the billion-dollar unicorn startups.
  • Be able to rank startups for your own understanding.
  • See into the hottest deal flow in American venture capital.
  • Understand financial statements, Profit/Loss, Balance Sheets, Profitability, and Cash Flow.
  • First-hand basics of UI/UX, Front-End Design, and Back-End Coding (Ruby, Python, WordPress, and PHP)
  • Calculate startup valuations and ways you can get better deals.

Who is the target audience?

  • Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Investors
  • Startup Founders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Company CEOs, COOs, and VPs
  • Anyone who wants to understand the Startup World and Investing

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