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Originally Posted by JohnLearyIII View Post

Aloha Amanda,

I’ve purchased a few reports/products from you and they ALL have been inexpensive as well as EXCELLENT.

I have not taken the Amazon plunge yet as a marketer as I have been learning to do what you do…create useful info-products. I will quickly purchase this one if for no other reason to learn more about the “possibilities” of making income on Amazon.

AND…of course, to study how you always put together amazing products.

Just nine bucks? WOW….and NO, I am not a relative of Amanda’s nor was I given a review copy. I just write the truth as I see it……I’m in!


Originally Posted by Nile Vincent View Post

Folks, when you want the REAL inside scoop on how to REALLY make the bucks on Amazon…you don’t have to look any further…
Amanda Craven’s AMAZON GOLD is exactly that!…a goldmine of information that’ll set you upon the right path…once and for all…

We’re all concerned about selling the best and most profitable products to our customers…yet usually have the toughest times finding these gems…

This is called ‘sourcing’…finding a source of products that we can attain for our potential customers…

With Amanda’s

AMAZON GOLD…you’ll learn the strategies and tactics she personally uses…the over-the-shoulder skills and tricks-of-the-trade that she’s learned thru trail-and-error…and this is exactly what’s necessary for your success…Warriors…if you’re into seriously getting a handle on this ‘Amazon Arena’…then you’re in the right spot…

Amanda gives you everything you needto easily succeed…

A 62 page pdf that’s no fluff…product purchasing and sourcing worksheets…these are just the items needed to keep you on track and efficient…

Plus an add’l 13 pg pdf Amazon Resources Bonus Guide…chalked full of free and paid resources…everything at your fingertips…categoried and organized just for your convenience…Priceless!!!

Bottom line…everybody in town from the guru next door to the grandmother across the street is trying to make the bucks on Amazon…

Well, no more competing…and no more running yourself silly attempting to locate those bargains…

Amanda will turn you into an Amazon Success Story quickly and effectively!!!…without the bs, the fluff or fake guru promises…

This is one hell of an amazing WSO…and Amanda’s

AMAZON GOLD will turn you into a professional sourcer and seller so quickly…it’ll blow you away…Seriously…


These are your goals…and Amanda’s hard-earned experience will save you YEARS of trial-and-error…

That alone is worth 10 times the price of this awesome WSO

With her superb customer service…any questions or issues are handled easily…she’ll never leave you stranded without any of your questions being answered…Plus her guarantee is beyond question…this is definitely a win-win for you…

Getting the RIGHT info that’s needed to really succeed in this Amazon adventure is the key…and this course is what’s needed…Amanda seriously knows this stuff…just follow her steps…
and you’ll see exactly how to accomplish your goals beyond any doubt…

Grab this while it’s so reasonable…you’ll never regret this purchase…

Finally, a product that lives up to the sales copyevery word…!!!

Originally Posted by BartsTreasures View Post

Just checked out the main guide…awesome! Thanks Amanda for sharing a review copy with me.

In a nutshell, this very newbie friendly ‘no fluff’ guide shows you
1) How to take advantage of FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) to sell products at high profit.
2) How to source hot products CHEAP from your home computer
3) WHERE to source them
4) How to determine AHEAD of time if a given product or product line is in high demand
…and much more!

There are lots of very expensive FBA courses out there selling from just shy of $100 to as much as $3000+ dollars that fail to simplify & explain things as well as Amanda has!

Definitely newbie friendly but advanced marketers will learn lots too!

And with her full 30 day guarantee, you can take a look at Amanda’s course with no risk.

I particularly like where Amanda shows exactly how to increase your profits dramatically (AND crush any competition) by selling in ‘multi-packs’ & ‘bundles’…the customer saves money and YOU make higher profits…it’s a win-win! This easy to implement chapter ALONE is worth the price of the entire course and then some!

Hope this helps

Originally Posted by Dave Espino View Post

I just purchased this brand new Amazon FBA training by Amanda Craven.

It consists of A 62 page report that is full of product sourcing tips and product sourcing worksheets. Also included is another report titled: “Amazon Resources Bonus Guide’ which is full of free and paid resources.

What initially intrigued me about this product is that Amanda has discovered / innovated a variety of ways to source Amazon FBA inventory without leaving her home!

I am a big fan of Amazon FBA, because Amazon picks, packs and ships your products out for you so that all you have to do is focus on sourcing new products to re-sell. This is a huge benefit that is only available through Amazon’s “Fulfillment By Amazon” (FBA) program and it is allowing people to make massive, six-figure incomes using this method.

The only drawback to that, (and admittedly, it is a tiny drawback) is that you usually have to go out and source these products physically – sometimes through “retail arbitrage” (buying at big box stores at closeout sales or other big discount opportunities) or through thrift stores, flea markets, etc.

Even so, this is a highly-profitable and proven business model that is currently making some sellers as much as $1 million a year in sales!

Now, what if you could get rid of the tedious physical product sourcing and instead find online ways to source those products?

That’s what “Amazon Gold – The Lazy Way To Amazon Profits” is all about – it is truly a gem and (although I’ve read through it once already) I am going through it again – more carefully this time and also taking notes – because the strategies in this training are truly exciting and remote-control strategies.

(Imagine being able to automate the process of product sourcing and then, the Amazon FBA program makes the shipping automated, too? That’s the best of all worlds!)

I recommend this WSO to anyone who wants a more automated way to source products for Amazon FBA.

Dave Espino

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