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You’re about to discover how to make SERIOUS MONEY

in a secretive and totally overlooked marketplace.

In fact, by the time read every word of this letter, you will know MORE
than 95% of the “experts” in this business will ever know!

  • See for yourself exactly how my partner and I have turned a billion dollar industry completely on its head… and how you can take full advantage of our breakthroughs immediately!
  • Discover the trick for getting nearly anything your heart desires… at up to 85% offluxury vacations, high-end jewelry, sporting events, professional and personal services, cars, boats… you get them all
    for pennies on the dollar!
  • Leverage the most simple, proven strategy for generating easy consistent cash… without building websites… without setting up blogs… without creating autoresponders… or worrying about what Google is gonna do next. Google CAN’T SLAP THE BARTER INDUSTRY!
    Trade is truly EVERGREEN.
  • This has NOTHING to do with any of the typical Internet Marketing “formulas” – forget all the same old junk everybody pitches you everyday… this is DIFFERENT!
  • Experience for yourself how easy it is to get involved in a low-risk, high-profit cash-cow business – one that only gets bigger and better year after year…


Build Your Brand And Grow Your Business Faster, Easier & Less expensively With Barter

Here’s just a TASTE of what I have in store for you:

  • The Power of Reverse Barter Arbitrage – My simple but insanely profitable street-smart twist on the barter system for Buying HIGH, Selling LOW & pocketing HUGE profits… NO ONE has ever taught this before… anywhere!
  • How To REALLY Mine Gold Offline – Forget everything you think you know about offline consulting… While everyone else tries to sell autoresponders to mom and pop shops in their local community, you can walk in and turn their “trash into cash”. You become their hero, while you rake in the profits…
  • How You Can Legally “Print Your Own Currency” – Create trade dollars out of thin air that have REAL CASH VALUE… this one is always a complete mind-blower for our students – and it’s so simple you won’t believe it!
  • Why A Scary Sounding Word Like “Breakage” Is A GOOD Thing – So few people know about this… which is why you’ll be able to put it to work for a massive competitive advantage…
  • Cherry Pick Then Flip Offers From Popular Internet Forums – I show you how I transform other people’s hard work into FAST, EASY INCOME… This one stealth tactic alone is worth thousands toward your bottom line… especially if you’re lazy or low on cash!
  • How To Leverage The Difference Between Cash Dollars & Trade Dollars – it’s seller’s market in Barter… and with the economy the way it is, the cash market is definitely a buyer’s market. Discover how I exploit this difference… and flip the equation completely in my favor…
  • How You Can Effortlessly Obliterate Your Competition – Leave your competition in the dust by advertising for pennies on the dollar… With my secrets you can run 7 or more ads for what your competitor pays to run only ONE – talk about an unfair advantage!
  • How To “Play The Float” – With my system, you don’t ever have to pay a fee before you get cash in hand… Why come out of pocket when you don’t have to?
  • The Dirty Little Trade Secret Huge Fortune 500 Companies Don’t Want Anyone To Know – Discover how all major companies secretly use trade to get huge deals done and reap windfall profits – without anyone finding out… But you’ll know!
  • The True Secrets of Barter Revealed – why the oldest form of commerce on earth only has 2 dozen books ever published… and why only a few give you any truly useable information about how to actually do it properly!
  • Buy Entire Businesses On 100% Trade – A recent listing for a great franchise business went up for $45,000 straight trade dollars… that would cost you less than $5,000 cash dollars using my secrets!
  • Retain Expensive Legal Services With No Cash Out Of Pocket – Get access to a full range of legal services from highly-qualified and respected attorneys specializing in all forms of legal representation: Criminal, Civil Litigation, Patent Attorneys, and more…
  • Get Expensive Dental & Medical Procedures For Pennies On The Dollar – High-end dentistry… Orthodontics… Cosmetic enhancement procedures… Though they don’t advertise it… tons of medical professionals from across the country accept 100% trade dollars… if you know where to look and how to ask!
  • Vacation In Luxurious Multi-Million Dollar Homes & Resorts – Stay in the same “millionaire retreats” where Hollywood stars like Harrison Ford and sports legends like Tiger Woods spend upwards of $8,000 a WEEK… You stay there for 10¢ on the dollar!
  • Get Paid Today For Services You May Or May Not EVER Have To Fulfill In The Future – This may be the sweetest deal in the trade world…

The Most Complete, In-Depth Training For How To Profitably Exploit The World of Barter & Trade…


YOU GET IT ALL…BARTER ARBITRAGE 1.0 AND 2.0 FOR $47 BUCKS….THAT’S IT. No upsells, no fine print, no monthly fees, no BS. And that’s a hell of a lot less then the $294.00 this awesome course has always sold for. This is the last product I ever release….if u don’t see the value….that’s cool…..there’s plenty of dimesales around that will cost u far less. But they can’t touch this!

Special Thanks 2 the entire BARTER ARBITRAGE MONEY TEAM as well as my dear friend and marketing legend JF Jim Straw…who sadly is no longer with us. Jim actually USED this product.

To the owner of this site –Allen Says for endorsing the very product that became BARTER ARBITRAGE. He allowed me 2 weeks on his very forum to teach clueless internet marketers that Barter was a lot more then chicken for goats and it’s something he’s only done TWICE in the history the Warrior Forum.

To Rob The Genie Toth and Dr. Mani who both endorsed this product without making a dime as I have already pre-sold 214 copies just via word of mouth over a 48 hour period prior to this launch.

Special Thanks 2 Sylvia Rolfe who while we’ve had our ups and downs is forever branded with me and was a major reason this product became the biggest seller of all time. Thanks Syl……I appreciate your efforts.

1. Is there an OTO? Hell NO….this is my last product ever, it’s my legacy product….it’s the top selling product of all time in regards to exploiting the billion dollar trade industry and I wouldn’t insult u with an OTO.

2. Is there an Affiliate Program for Barter Arbitrage 2.0? NOPE. Every person who leaves a review on this thread actually bought the product….aint that a nice change! This product has NEVER once been sold for less than $294.00! Until now.

3. Any Review Copies? See Answer 2.

4. Is there really as much stuff here as I’ve heard? Actually there’s probably damn near double the amount of information contained in the course then what’s mentioned in the sales page.

5. Why are u quitting internet marketing? Because I don’t believe in the direction the industry has taken. I don’t believe in affiliate monsters and shill reviews from their “clique”. I don’t believe people should sell what they themselves don’t DO.

6. This product comes with a blog filled with a lot of free gold…

7. If u are a refund artist or are looking for a 4 dollar ticket to Xanadu…PLEASE DO NOT BUY.

8. U are getting the entire Barter Arbitrage product along with 13 updated 2.0 audios that really will explode your ability to do deals.

9. What about Google slaps? lol. Google can’t touch what I do. My methods worked 100 years ago, and they will work 100 years from now when I’m dead and buried. This is the ultimate EVERGREEN product.

And finally thanks to all the wonderful peeps who tune into my radio show and have supported my train wreck of a life from start to finish. I will leave IM knowing I was never the greatest marketer who ever lived and despite the betrayal of an individual I trusted…..I will continue to do my coaching, finish my book and continue my speaking gigs. My customers always had my back with those that should did NOT. I am eternally grateful.

Stay Legendary,
Vegas Vince

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