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WARNING: If you’re still struggling to make any meaningful income online then you need to read this…
Steal my Closely Guarded Info Product Formula that I have Been Quietly Using for over 2 Years to Bank $2000 – $5000+ per month Like Clock Work

Discover how to finally stop spinning your wheels and start making a job replacing income by creating and selling simple info products online starting today

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Paul Nicholls here and things were not always this dandy so let me share a little story with you…

It was around February 2008 when I first started this crazy Internet marketing stuff.

I quit a job that I hated a few months previous and the little money that I had saved was slowly dwindling away so I had to figure out this making money online stuff quickly.

I tried lots of these programs and business opportunities in the first few weeks but they just seemed like a waste of time (and money)

Some of the things I tried were:

Buying and selling on ebay
MLM programs
Business opportunities
Cash Gifting

What a complete load of rubbish…

They were just a complete waste of time and not to mention some were so damn unethical…

On I went for many more weeks trying desperately to make this IM stuff work.

Eventually after many more weeks of looking around I found something that actually started to work for me and make me a bit of money.


I was making money..not a lot but something.

So yeah I was actually making a bit of money online..Coool!

This went on for another couple of months until I woke up one morning to check some of my video accounts that I was using to send visitors to my pages where I made money from had been terminated and……….


I felt like crying…


I had spent 2 months of blood sweat and tears building things up.

But overnight it just STOPPED.

The next day nothing.

A BIG Fat zero in my commissions account.

The pain I went through at this stage was unbearable and I almost gave up before I even really begun.

Time and Money Was Running Out and FAST


I managed to pull myself back together and dust myself down and then looked for something else as it was clear that the last income method was about as stable as a 3 legged donkey!

The next thing I started to get into was:

Affiliate sites
Niche sites
Buying and selling domains

This went on for almost two years….

I mainly built small niche, adsense and affiliates sites.

You know….. the ones where they say if one adsense site makes you $2 per day then build 100 sites to make $200 per day.

Erm no….It’s not quite that easy not to mention maintaining that many sites is just almost impossible…

So Yeah I was finally making a bit of money again on amazon, adsense and some cpa but still…for the amount of hours I was putting in and the tools I had to keep buying it was a complete joke.

I purchased seo tool after keyword research tool after content creation tool and my bank balance was quickly dwindling away and getting fed up doing 15 – 18hr days online.

I knew that something had to change and quickly because there was no way I could keep buying all these tools and pieces of software while not making much, it was absolutely killing me.

I will be honest, after a couple of years of doing niche and affiliate sites I was about to throw in the towel because I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere.

It was time for a change.


It Was Time to Either Sink or Swim

Me being me I wasn’t going to give up without a fight so I made it my mission to really figure out what the big dogs were doing to make their money online.

I was convinced that they were not sat there building back links, creating articles and fighting over keywords at the top of google.

I hunted high and low for information around how to build a stable online income.

Most of the information I did find was very vague and didn’t really tell you a great deal at all.

Instead I did what I have been doing since I first came online in 2008 and that was to work it all out for myself.

Hundreds of hours of blood sweat and tears and an empty bank account later I FINALLY started seeing some progress.


I stumbled across a Powerful Info Product Formula that Changed Everything

I stumbled across a powerful formula for creating and releasing highly profitable yet simple information products online that you can rinse and repeat as many times as you want.

Check out some of the results that I have generated using my simple information product formula:


This info product did just over $12k and over 1200 sales the best part is I already had this information created I just decided to package it up and sell it.

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This little info product did almost $7k

Knockout Profit Blackbook pic2

 This info product was a really basic set of tutorials that made just $1159.67 Knockout Profit Blackbook pic3
This was my very first info product and did just over $5k

Knockout Profit Blackbook pic4

 Here is another account this one is in digi results. This one has over $10k in sales with x10 sales of one of my premium $500 products. Knockout Profit Blackbook pic7One thing to remember about these results is that all of the products I sell only take me around 2 – 5 days to create and I only create them once.

Over the last 3 years since I started selling my own information products I have made some shocking discoveries as to what it really takes to be successful and build a full time income online.



Knockout Profit BlackBook

Knockout Profit Blackbook + OTO

How to make $2000 – $5000+ per month by creating and selling simple information products online


This is unlike anything you have ever seen before

Many of the strategies, tips, tactics and methods that I reveal in Knockout Profit BlackBook I have not seen anyone else teach. It could be for any number of reasons. It could be that hardly no one thinks to use these powerful strategies or worse that they don’t want you to actually succeed online.

Everything I reveal in this course is the most up to date strategies and tactics that I am using right now to bank crazy profits when creating and selling simple information products online.

Just a few Things What You Will Learn in KnockOut Profit BlackBook

  • The 1 strategy I use to flood my products with fast sales (this alone is worth the price of this guide)
  • The exact pricing formula I used to make $10k in 7 days
  • The 3 phaze strategy that has generated multiple $500 – $1000+ days
  • The fail-proof system to use how to choose a niche or a product idea
  • The 4 super tools I use to create every info product (knowing these will cut your learning curve in half and save you a lot of money)
  • The 3 things you MUST focus on to increase your profits by as much as 1000%
  • How to get others to send you hoards of free buyer traffic
  • The 3 pricing secrets I use to attract tonnes of affiliates
  • The 1 question you need to ask yourself before creating any product
  • Why using ________ in your products will give them a higher perceived value
  • The 2 numbers you need to heavily focus on, forget these and your information product will be a flop
  • The 1 tweak to make to get tonnes of affiliates queuing up to promote
  • And lots more…

Anyone that is struggling to make an income online.

Anyone that has been down the ppc, cpa, seo, adsense and niche marketing road and has realized that it’s far to much work for little or no return.

Anyone that is fed up trying to game the search engines just to make a few lousy bucks by selling someone else’s product.

Anyone that wants to learn how to get other people to send you hoards of free traffic.

Anyone that wants to learn a business model that will build you a rock solid monthly online income and will continue to build for years to come.

Anyone that wants to build a real and profitable Internet business and wants to start making a full time income online.

Anyone that wants to save years of trial and error and find out right now what you need to know to make anywhere from $2k – $5k+ per month online.

In Case You’re Wondering Why I’m Running this WSO…

Because I have been reading the posts and discussions here on the forum for the last 5+ years and I’ve been getting emails from my own subscribers too and I’m fed up with the amount of dis-information that is being passed around about what it really takes to create a good income online and what you need to be focusing your efforts on.

This is my chance to grab your attention and explain exactly what you need to do and when to do it in order for you to start seeing results online.

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