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Rank Review System2 wso

Originally Posted by techmug View Post


Thought to give an update here, One of the template you provided bought 10 sales and $360 in profit. in just one day!
Thanks a lot dude!

Ali Ahmed


Originally Posted by mellowd View Post
Wow I was lucky enough to get a review copy of this superb WSO
All I can say is it is pure genius. This is a 10 page NO FLUFF PDF with a great bonus which is really needed to help you get going.I will be totally honest its not for newbies but if you have a little html knowledge you should have no problem putting this to good use

I have no doubts that this will seriously work for you, with a little work and determination you will see results for sure.

The possibilities are endless with a little imagination and a few twists you can be scale this up and make a lot of money

I am thankful for this WSO coming out its a real eye opener to how easy it really is to make money online and Miles is giving you the solution

Should be awarded WSO of the year

Good on you Miles, great work

Originally Posted by Buzzin View Post

Miles has created a very unique twist on a proven model of selling almost any product, and it doesn’t involve any SEO. You will need a small budget to start with, to cover the domain, hosting, and ad spend.

The CPC on his example campaign was very cheap, and the opportunity to profit is only limited by the amount of products available, and the amount of search volume.

This can be monetized in a number of ways, including CPA, affiliate offers, or your own products. You can easily scale by adding more campaigns for more products.

Overall, I found it refreshing, and a creative way to monetize any type of offer.

Originally Posted by the french newbie View Post

I was happily surprised by the new approach he’s taking on an already proven model… This ”twist” will make the difference to get you more bruyers and make you stand out from the other marketers who are using the same model.

Excellent wso but newbies will have to find more informations on their own to be able to set up their sites as the technical aspects are not covered in détail.


Originally Posted by jaimegm View Post

He there

I had the luck to review this 10 pages PDF WSO and I can summarize the method as Simple and Elegant. This is a small PDF with bonus which is really part of the meat.

Some of the important features about is that this is No SEO, No Backlinks, No facebook, twitter or something else, No wasting time on a lot of other things, you have to put some work, but really is minimal, then just check results.

You can read the PDF in 20 minutes and start working on. (I said 20 minutes because I am a slow reader)

If you already know how to set up a web page this is going to be very very fast, if not you can look for that information on youtube or Google, and I can feel confident that this works, thank you Miles for this valuable information.



Originally Posted by Xfrazer View Post
This is one of the best WSOs currently available in the marketplace. Miles has done an amazing work in creating this product. Everything is explained in details and the whole concept is very clear and easy to understand. I totally loved it. A++ product.
Originally Posted by Krish2007 View Post

I received review copy of “Rank Review System” well written by Miles Sharma.

When I first read it, it did not impress me much. I read it again. Yes there is sense in what Miles Sharma has revealed in his E-Book/Guide “Rank Review System”. Although it speaks about generating sales through reviews, there is a TWIST brought out by Miles Sharma, which really makes the difference. Even though I have not tried it yet, it certainly looks like that this TWIST is capable of bringing reasonably converting traffic. Miles Sharma also gave a extremely useful BONUS which helps in implementing the method suggested with that TWIST. This a a very small GUIDE which certainly deserves a SECOND LOOK.

Disclaimer: What I wrote above is purely my opinion before testing the system. Results vary with persons and situations because results depend on many factors, including but not limited to ones own effort, focus, inclination to achieve and above all Firm Determination.


Originally Posted by SeoApprentice View Post

I received a review copy of 2R system.

It may not be the most creative system out there but I would say this is very practical. The system is suitable for newbies as well to kick start their internet business.

Affiliate business is ever lasting business and this system has shown one of the proven ways to promote it. Buy this WSO, stick to it and you will see some great results.


Originally Posted by raresmp View Post

Thank you Miles for the review copy you have passed to me. It was a nice and interesting report to review.

Now just to assure everyone that you are not receiving any hard to read or long PDF I must say that this is just 10 pages long but it contains a nice tweak to an old method.

This tweak is quite ingenious and it has the advantage to be very easy to implement thanks to the whole set of bonuses you will receive.

In the PDF you are presented with many niches and sub niches as examples, both paid and free ways of getting traffic, examples on what you can promote and from which networks.

If you are skeptical about the product itself I got to tell you that only the bonuses would sell for twice as that price so… Go ahead and buy it. You will receive lots of squeeze pages which normally sell for more than what you find there.

All the best,
Rares Michael

Originally Posted by Ged3 View Post
Hi Warriors,
I was fortunate enough to received a review copy of this gold nugget.The 2R system is straightforward and easy to set up as long as you can set up a simple website using Hostgator you will be able to do this – there is plenty of help from Hostgator available if you have not set your own site up yet.

The paid traffic would not cost much, just $5 to $10 per day if you would like to start with a small outlay.

The profits look really good from this as they are PPC campaigns, so no SEO.
This means you can make money each day with this one and no waiting for traffic to come to your site.

Miles also provides you with a generous number of templates that would cost you $100s to have produced.

The great thing about this is that you will own money making websites that you could later sell for good profits and your outlay would be very small.

If you decide to purchase this you will not be disappointed.

Best Regards

Originally Posted by elasticcat View Post
Miles was nice enough to provide me with a review copy of his WSO. As a CPA Marketing professional I am always looking for nontraditional ways to set my campaigns apart from the competition. This WSO brings a unique twist to CPA Marketing and will certain increase your ROI. Thanks Miles!
Originally Posted by MsDebra View Post

Miles sent me his WSO for my review.

This 10-page pdf gives powerful instructions on how to satisfy a particular question typed into search engines with a specific website that easily outranks the competition. Miles shows you how to build this specialized website within a few minutes for advanced website builders or within an hour for those less knowledgeable. He gives us not-so-knowledgeable website building instructions that are easy to understand but may take a little longer to implement.

Not only are you given precise instructions, but he gives you several templates in the bonus section to help you build as many of these special sites as you wish. Yes, you do need some working capital for this business model, but not enough to clean out your bank account or sacrifice feeding your kids. Miles shows you how to build your first site with the bare essentials of a domain name and web hosting for less than $10 the first month. You can use the profits from your first site to build more sites.

When I found his offer in the WSOs, I was shocked to see what he is charging. Miles could have easily charged for the 2 bonuses to make even more money but he decided to give back to the community by including them with the product. Thanks, Miles, for an awesome product.

Originally Posted by techmug View Post


I have purchased 2R System. This is an outstanding deal for what he’s offering.
Enough clarified. I did notice better covnersion rate and never thought traffic source he suggested
will work!

Ill recommend you guys to buy miles product, it’s a unique method to promote almost any product,
outrank your competitors and
earn decent commission.

Ali Ahmed

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